Rustic Sketches: Being Rhymes on Angling and Other Subjects Illustrative of Rural Life, &c., in the Dialect of the West of England ; with Notes and a Glossary

J.G. Bell, 1853 - 78 páginas

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Página 45 - His horse, who never in that sort Had handled been before, What thing upon his back had got Did wonder more and more.
Página 49 - SEE, Winter comes, to rule the varied year, Sullen and sad, with all his rising train ; Vapours, and Clouds, and Storms. Be these my Theme, These ! that exalt the soul to solemn thought, And heavenly musing. Welcome, kindred glooms...
Página 9 - No life, my honest scholar, no life so happy and so pleasant as the life of a well-governed angler; for when the lawyer is swallowed up with business, and the statesman is preventing or contriving plots, then we sit on cowslip banks, hear the birds sing, and possess ourselves in as much quietness as these silent silver streams, which we now see glide so quietly by us.
Página 1 - Fled now the sullen murmurs of the North, The splendid raiment of the Spring peeps forth ; Her universal green, and the clear sky, Delight still more and more the gazing eye.
Página 58 - ... privilege but that of his meditative pastime, and runs not headlong among the meshes of care, in which are so intricately entangled the wealthy, the ambitious, and the powerful. He is happier in the nook of his choice, than the usher of sovereign mandates on the throne of his inheritance. " And when he quits his humble heritage It is with no wild strain — no violence ; But, wafted by a comely angel's breath, He glides from Time, and on immortal sails Weareth the rich dawn of Eternity.
Página 45 - For why? — his owner had a house Full ten miles off, at Ware. So like an arrow swift he flew, Shot by an archer strong ; So did he fly — which brings me to The middle of my song. Away went Gilpin out of breath, And sore against his will, Till at his friend the calender's His horse at last stood still.
Página 20 - To ev'ry shepherd I would mine proclaim ; Since fair Aminta is my softest theme : A stranger to the loose delights of love, My thoughts the nobler warmth of friendship prove: And, while its pure and sacred...
Página 43 - ... that makyth him hungry ; he hereth the melodyous armony of fowles ; he seeth the yonge swannes, heerons, duckes, cotes, and many other fowles, wyth theyr brodes ; whyche me semyth better than alle the noyse of houndys, the blastes of hornys, and the scrye of foulis, that hunters, fawkeners, and fowlers can make. And if the angler take fysshe ; surely, thenne, is there noo man merier than he is in his spyryte.

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