Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Youth

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 - 252 páginas

Though it may seem hard to believe, it took America's lawmakers some 110 years before they crafted legislation aimed at protecting the welfare of children. Eventually, laws were passed to aid and protect children. This ideal student reference examines and explains in detail 20 such laws that have affected America's youth in various ways. A discussion of the history and impact of each law is followed by a carefully edited version of the law itself. Examples include the National School Lunch Act, which provided free or reduced-cost meals to young students; the Uniform Drinking Age Act, which set the national drinking age at 21; the Fair Labor Standard Act, the first successful federal attempt to regulate child labor; and the Selective Service Act, which required young men to register for the draft.

The landmark laws are divided into three parts: Health and Welfare Laws, Citizenship and Democratic Participation Laws, and Education Laws. The laws are organized chronologically within each section. An introductory overview examines the history of children's issues in federal legislation and explores reform movements and the advocacy of children's concerns. The introduction also makes manifestly clear that students are not an unempowered constituency, and have ample opportunities to make their voices heard. A timeline and appendix will also aid student research, making this volume an indispensable guide to America's laws concerning its young people.


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Social Security Act 1935
National School Lunch Act 1946 and Child Nutrition
Residential LeadBased Paint Hazard Reduction Act 1992
Citizenship and Democratic Participation Laws
Twentysixth Amendment 1971
Uniform Drinking Age Act 1984 and Federal Zero
Fair Housing Act Amendments 1988
Head Start 1965
Elementary and Secondary Education Act ESEA 1965
Higher Education Act HEA 1965
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 1973
Americans with Disabilities Act ADA 1990
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KATHLEEN URADNIK is Assistant Professor of Political Science at St.Cloud State University. She specializes in public law and American government.

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