Remarks on the Existence of Evil - Its Origin, Permission and Ultimate Benefit

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Contents Include -The Creator's Perfection and Essential Stability - The Creature's Inferiority and Essential Instbility - The Creator did not Originate Evil, Neither did he Prevent it - The Provention of Evil in Moral Creatures Impossible - The Permission of Evil Better than a Moral Desert - The Creation of Moral Intelligences Necessary for the Manifestation of God - Man Created in the ''Image of God, ''but Fell therefrom - Evil Originates in the Instability of the Creature - God did not Prevent Evil, but Overruled it for his own Wise Purposes - Man's fall through Adam made Redemption through Christ Possible - The Permission of Evil a Source of Instruction to Angels - The Permission of Evil a Source of Instruction to the Whole Universe - The Ultimate Benefit to the Whole Universe which God brings out of Evil - An-all Sufficient Remedy for Evil - God Overrules Evil to Counterwork Evil - Man's Cry- God's Answer

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