Women in World History

Sarah Shaver Hughes, Brady Hughes
M. E. Sharpe Incorporated, 28 de mai de 1997
Volume 2 of this primary and secondary source reader is organized regionally and is divided into two major parts. Individual selections are preceded by introductory explanatory paragraphs that provide historical context for the reading. Part I (1500-1800 C.E.) features Qing China and Tokugawa Japan; The Middle East; India; Women in European States and Society; Gender in the European colonization of the Americas; and African Women from 1500 to 1800. Part II (1800 to the present) features women in Eastern and Western Europe; Africa; Southeast Asia; the Middle East; China and Japan; India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; the Americas; and a concluding overview chapter. Women in World History, Volume 1: Readings from Prehistory to 1500 was published in 1995.

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