The Parliamentary register: or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of commons of Ireland, Band 9


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Seite 322 - not pay fo ill a compliment to the lords and commons of Ireland as to fuppofe that they were miftaken in their reliance on the moderation of my views and the purity of my intentions; a manly confidence directing the manner of proceeding toward* thofe who entertain fentiments becoming the high fituation to which they are born, furnifhes the
Seite 116 - that his excellency the lord lieutenant having thought proper to decline to tranfmit to his royal highnefs George Prince of Wales, the addrefs of both houfes of parliament, a competent number of members be appointed by this houfe to prefent the faid addrefs to his royal highnefs.
Seite 322 - Though full of joy for the event which enables me to take leave of you in this manner perfonally, I cannot but regret your departure. I have had the opportunity of acquiring a knowledge of your private characters, and it has added to the high
Seite 385 - reported from the committee of the whole houfe, to whom it was referred to take into confideration the report of the committee on the petition of the
Seite 81 - and no longer, and under the ftile and title of prince regent of Ireland, in the name and on the behalf of his majefty to exercife and
Seite 322 - neceffity which gave rife to the arrangement propofed by the parliament of Ireland; but nothing can obliterate from my memory and my gratitude the principles upon which that arrangement was made, and the circumftances by which it
Seite 115 - Under the impreffions which I feel of my official duty, and of the oath which I have taken as chief governor of Ireland, I am obliged to decline tranfmitting this addrefs into Great Britain.
Seite 114 - to the clerk of the crown, to make out a new writ for electing a member,
Seite 174 - had directed him to report to the houfe, which he read in his place, and after delivered in at the table, where the fame
Seite 36 - and title of Prince Regent of Ireland, in the name of his Majefty to exercife and adminifter, according to the laws and conftitution of this kingdom, all regal powers,

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