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unto Caiaphas the High of the NEW COVENANT, and to

24. And to Jesus the Mediator Prieft. Mr.) And a Maid the Blood of Sprinkling, that faw him (Peter) again, and speakech better Things than that of began to say to them that Abel. food by, This is one of allo, that he miglit SANCTIFY

Chap. xiii. 12. Wherefore 7 Sus them. (M.) And when he the people with his own Blond, was gone out into the Porch, fuffered without the Gate, another Maid saw him, and

13. Let us go forth therefore unsaid unto them that were his Reproach.

to him without the Camp, bearing there, This Fellow was also 14. For here have we no contiwith Jefus of Nazareth. nuing City, but we seek one to (L.) And after a little while,

15. By him therefore let us offer another saw him, and said, the Sacrifice of Praise to God cunThou art also of them. (7.) tinually, that is, the Fruit of our And Simon Peter stood and

Lips, giving THANKS to his Name.

John vi. si. I am the LIVING warmed himself: They faid Bread, which came down from Hcatherefore unto him, Art not yen: If any Man eat of this Bread,

he shall live for ever : and the thou also one of his Difci

Bread that I will give is my Flesh, ples? (M.) And again he, which I will give for the Life (L.] Peter, [M.] denied of the WORLD. with an Oath, (L.) and said, eth me, even fo know I the Fa

Chap. X. 15. As the Father knowMan, I am not ; (M.] I do ther: And I LAY Down my Life not know the Man. Now for the Sheep. the Chief PRIESTS, and El

17. Therefore doth my Father

love me, because I LAY DOwn my ders, and all the Council, Life, that I might take it again. sought False Witness against 18. No Man takerh it from me ; Jefus, to put him to Death, but I lay it down of my self : i

have power to lay it down, and I [Mr.) and found none : have power to take it aga n. This [M.] Yea, though many COMMANDMENT have I received FALSE Witnesses came, yet

of found they none : (Mr.) for

Chap. xv. 13. Greater Love hath

no Man than this, that a Man LAY many bare false Witness a- Down his Life for his Friends. gainst him, but their wit. 14. Ye are my Friends, if ye do

whatsoever I command you. NESS AGREED not together.

Afts ini. 13. The God of our Fa. (M.] At the last, [Mr.) there thers hath glorified his Son Jefus ; arose certain, (M.] two false whom ye delivered up, and denied Witnesses, [Mr.) and (M.] he was determined to let him go.

him in ihe Presence of Pilate, when coming, (Mr.) bare false

14. But ye denied the Holy Witness against him, saying, One, and the Just, and desired a We heard him say, and (M.) Murderer to be granted unto you, this Fellow said, I am able Life, whom God hath raised from to destroy, and (Mr.) I will the Dead; whereof we are Witdestroy this Temple (M.] of neffes.

18. But those Things which God God, '[Mr.] that is made before had thewed by the Mouth




my Father.

with Hands, [M] and to of All his Prophets, that Chrif

should build it in three Days;[Mr.]

SUFFER, he hath fo fulfil.

led. I will build another made

19. Repent ye therefore and be without Hands. But nei- converted, that your Sins may be ther so did their Witness a

blotted out, when the Times of Regree together.

And the fence of the Lord.

freshing shall come from the PreHigh Priest stood up in the Chap. xiii. 27. For they that dwell midit , and asked Jefus, cause they knew him not, nor yet

at Jerusalem, and their Rulers, befiying (M.) unto him, An- the Voices of the PROPHETS

, fwereit thou nothing ? What which are read every SABBATHis it which these witness DAY; they have fulfilled them in against thce? But Fefus held condemning him.

28. And though they found no his Peace, (Mr.) and an- Çause of Death in him, yet de ired fwered nothing. 'Again the they Pilate that he should be fain. High Priest [M] answered, all that was written of him, they

29. And when they had tulilled and [ilir.) asked him, and took him down from the Tree, and faid unto him, Art thou the laid him in a Sepulchre. CHRIST, the Son of the 30. But God raifed him from the

DEAD. Bletid ? (M.) I ADJURE 38. Be it known unto you there. thee by the LIVING God, fore, Men and Brethren, that thra that thou tell us, whether

this Man is preached unto you the

Forgiveness of SINS: thou be the CERIST the Son

39. And by him all that believe of God? [Mr.) And Jesus are juttified' from all Things, faith unto him, Thou hast from which ye could not be justin

ed by the Law of Mofes. SAID, (Mr.] I am. [M.]

Rom, i. 16. For lam not ashamNeverthelefs, I say unto you, ed of the Gospel of Christ : for Hereafter fall ye see the it is the Power of God unto SALSon of MAN SITTING on eth, to the Jeno firit, and also to the

VATION, to every one that belierthe RIGHT HAND of Power, Greek. and Coming in the CLOUDS 17. For therein is the RIGHTEof HE A V EN. Then the

OUSNESS of God revealed tron

Faith to Faith: As it is written, High Priest rent his Clothes, The Just shall LIVE by FAITH: saying, He hath spoken Blaf- 18. For the Wrath of God is priemy: What turther need revealed from Heaven againit all

UNGODLINESS, and l'nrighted ħare we of Witnesses ? Be- nefs of Men, who hold the Tica hold, now ye have heard his in Unrighteousness. BLASPHEMY. What think freely by his Grace, through the

Chap. iii. 24. Being JUSTIFIED ye? 1Mr.) And they all REDEMPTION that is in Tofu CONDEMNED him to be Chrift:

25. Whom God hach ser forth t3 GUILTY of DEATH : and

be a PROPITIATION, through face [ 11.] They' answered and in his Bloop, to declare his Riga faid, He is guilty of Death. teousness for the Remition of Siss M.] And a little after, (L.) that are past, through the Forbea

ance of God. about the Space

one Hour



Chor to die.


after, another confidently af- Chap. v. 6. For when we were firmed, saying to Peter, of year without STRENGTH, in due

Time Chrifti died for the UNGO). a Truth this Fellow also was LY. with him, for he is a Gali- 7. For scarcely for a Righteous lean. [Mr.) Again, [M.] for a good Man some will even dare

Man will one die : yer peradventure they that stood by came unto him, and said to Peter, 8. But God comniendeth his Love Surely thou also art one of towards us, in that while we were

yet SINNERS, Christ died for us. them; [M.] for thou art a 9. Much more then being now Galilean, and thy Speech JUSTIFIED by his Blood, we shall agreeth thereto, and [M.] him.

be saved from Wratu through? be wrayeth thee. (7.) One

10. For if when we were Encof the Servants of the High mies, we were reconciled to God Priest (being his Kinsman by the Death of his son: much whose Ear Peter cut off) Saved by his Life.

more being reconciled, we shall be faith, Did not I fee thee in

11. And not only so, but we also the Garden with him ? Pe Joy in God, through our Lord 76ter then DENIED again, [L.] received the Atonement.

sus Christ, by whom we have now and said, Man, I know not 12. Wherefore as by one MAN what thou sayst. [M.] Then Sin entred into the World, and began he to curse and to fed upon All Men, for that all

Death by SIN; and so Death pare, SWEAR, saying, (Mr.] I have linned. know not this Man of whom 15. But not as the Offence, so alye fpeak. (L.) And imme- fo is the free Gilt. For if through

the Offence of one many be dead ; diately while he yet fpake, much more the Grace of Gol the Cock crew [Mr.) the and the Gift by Grace, which is second time. [L.) And the by one Man, Jesus Christ, hath a

bounded unto many: Lord turned, and LOOKED 16. 'And not as it was by one

And Peter that SINNED, so is the Gift: for remembred the Word of the the JUDGMENT was by one to ConLord, [Mr.] the Word that many Offences unto Juftification.

demnation; but the free Gifs is of Fesus said unto him, Before 17. For if by one Man's Offence, the Cock crow TWICE, thou Death reigned by one ; much more thalt DENY

they which receive Abundance of THRICE.

Grace, and of the Gift of RIGH[M.] And he went out, TEOUSNESS Mall reign in Lite by [Mr.] and wept, [11.) and one, 56sus Chrift.

18. Thercture as by the Offence of one, Judgment came upon all Men to CONDEMNATION: even so

by the Righteousness of one, the 66666666666

free Girs came upon all Men unto

Justification, Christ is mocked, Spit 19. For as by one Man's Dicobeupon, smitten, and his dience many were made Sinners ; to

upon Peter.



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by the Obedience of one, shall maCondemnation repeated. ny be made righteous. [Mr.) AND

U & 2

21. That

[Mr.) AND

21. That as Sin hach reigned ND some began reign through Righteoutness unto

unto DEATH, even so might Grae to spit on him, Eternal Life, by Jefu Chrif our and [M.} then did they spit LORD. in his Face, and buffered

Chap. vi. 1. What shall we fay

then ? Shall we continue in Sin, him : (L} And the Men that Grace may abound? that held Jesus, mocked 2. God forbid : How mall we him, and smote him: [Mr.] that are dead to Sin, live any loss

ger and they began to cover his 3. Know ye not, that so many of Face, and to buffet him. us as were baptized into jesu (L.) And when they had Chrif, were baptized into his Dern? blind-folded him, they stroke him by BAPTISM into DEATH:

4. Therefore we are buried with him on the Face, and asked that like as Christ was raifed up him, saying, Prophesy, Who from the Dead by the GLORY OF is it that smote thee? [M.) walk-in Newness of LIFE.

the Father, even lo we also shoold And others fmote him with

6. Knowing this, thac our OLD the Palm's of their Hands : Man is crucified with him, that the [Mr.] And the Servants did that henceforth we shouid not ferve

Body of Sin might be destroyed, Atrike him with the Palms of Sın. their Hands, [M.] saying,

7. For he that is DEAD, is freed

from SIN. Prophesy unto usthou Chrift,

8. Now if we be DEAD with who is he that smote thee ? Christ, we believe that we shall also And

many other Things LIVE with him : fpake they blasphemously a, raised from the Dead; dieth no more ;

Knowing that Chrif being gainst him.

EMr.) And Death hath no more DOMIN10X straightway in the Morning, over him. [M.] when the Morning was

10. For in that he died, he died

unto Sın once : but in chat he live come, (L.) and as soon as ech, he liveth unto God. it was Day, the Elders of 11. Likewise reckon ye also your the People came together, but alive unto God through Jefus

selves to be dead indced unto SIN; and the Chief Priests [Mr.] Chrif our Lord. held a Consultation with the 12. Let not Sin therefore reigo Elders and Scribes, and the in your MORTAL KODY, that whole Council, (M.] against

sinuld obey it in the Luit thereot.

22. But now being made free Fests, to put him to Death, from Sin, and become Servants [L.] and led him into their to God, ye have your Fruit unta Council, saying, Art thou Holiness, and the End everlasting the CHRIST? Tell us. And

23: For the Wages of Sin is he said unto them, If I tell Death : but the GIFT of God is you, you will not believe ;

Eternal Lite, through Iefus Cbriß

Our Lord. and if I also ask you, you Chap. viii. 1. There is therefore will not answer me, nor let now no CONDEMNATION to them me go. Hereafter snall the which are in Chrift Feftus, who Son of Man sit on the right after the Spirit.

WALK nut after the Flesh, buc Hand

Hand of the Power of God. 2. For the Law of the SPÍRIT Then said they all, Art thou of Life in Chrift Fefu, hath made

me free from the Law of Sin and the Son of God? And he Death. said unto them, Ye say that 3. For what the Law could not I am. And they said, 'What do in that it was weak through

the FLESH, God fending his owa need we any further Witnes- Son, in the likeness of tinful Flella, ses ? for we our felves have and for Sin condemned Sin in the heard of his own Mouth,


31. What shall we then fay to

these Things ? If God be for us, ************(* who can be againft us ?

32. He chat SPARED got his own

Son, but delivered him up for us CHRIST is brought into all, how shall he not with him allo

freely give us all Things? the Judgment-Hal. The 33. Who shall lay any Thing to Desperation of Judas.

the Charge of God's Elect ? It is God that JUSTIFIETH :

34. Who is he that condemneth? ND the wholeMul- It is Chrif that died, yea, rather (Mr.] is

again, who is even

at the right Hand of God, who al. rose, and (M.] when they so maketh INTERCESSION for us. had' bound (Mr.) Jesus,

35. Who shall separate us from they led him away, [7.] from lation, or Distrets, or Persecution,

the Love of Chrift? Shall TribuCaiaphas unto the Hall of or Famine, or Nakedness, or Peril, Judgment, (M.) and deliv. or Sword ? ered him to Pontius Pilate

37. Nay, in all these Things we

are more than Conquerors, through the Governour, (7.) and it him that LOVED us. was early. (M.] Then Fu- 38. For I am perswaded, that neidas which had betrayed bim, ther Death, nor Life, nor Angels,

nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor when he saw that he was Things present, norThings to come, condemned, repented him- 39. Nor Height, nor Depth, nor felf, and brought again the any other crcature, shall be able to

feparate us from the Love of God, thirty Pieces of Silver to the which is in Chrif Jefus our Lord. Chief Priests and Elders, Chap. xv. 3: For even Chrift saying, I have finned, in pleased not himself; but as it is

written, The REPROACHES of that I have betrayed the in- them that reproached thec fell on nocent Blood. And

And they me faid, What is that to us?

Chap. xvi. 23. Now to him that see thou to that. And he

is of Power to stablish you accord

ing to my Gospel, and the Preachcaft down the pieces of Sil- ing of sefus Christ (according to ver in the Temple, and de- the Revelation of the MYSTERY, parted, and went and hanged which was kept secret fince the himself. And the Chief

26. But now is made manifest, Priests took the filver Pieces, and by the Scriptures of the PROand said, It is not lawful to ment of the everlasting God, made

PHETS, according to the Commandput them into the Treasury, known to all Nations for che Obc

because dicase of Faith)

27. To

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