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seek me, let these go their Chap. xiii, 7. Awake, Sword, Way; that the Saying might the Man that is my Fellow, tàith

against my Shepherd, and againit be fulfilled which he spake, the Lord of Hoiis. Of them which thou gavest me, have I LOST

NONE. ************* [Mr.] And as soon as he (Judas) was come, (L.] he

The BLESSEDNES S redrew near unto Jefus to KISS him ; (M.] and [Mr.] he fulting to Mankind by goeth Atraightway to him,

the PASSION and and faith, [M.] Hail, Maf- Death of Christ Jeter, [Mr.] Mafter, and KIS- sus our Redeemer. SED him. [M.] And Jesus faid unto him, Friend, where, In, With respect to the fore art thou come ? [L.] ALMIGHTY: The DiJudas, BETR AYEST thou the

vine Justice is propitiated. Son of Man with a Kiss? [21.] Then came they,[Mr.] Ild, With respect to MANand laid their Hands on fe

RIND, Sus, and took him.

(L.) When they which 1. Pardon, Mercy, , and were about him, saw what

GRACE, is purchaied through would follow, they said un

the infinite Merits of bis jato him, Lord, Ihalí we fmite

cred Blood, which be offeria with the Sword ? [M]

as a SACRIFICE for the Sixs

of the WORLD. And cne of them that itood

2. A Deliverance from tbe Pow. by, [A1.] which were with

ER of Sin and SATAN, ari Fcf15, [7.] Simo? Peter, all the ALLUREMENTS of this having a Sword, [ M.] stretch- WORLD, thro' the fanétifying ed out his Hand, and took and enlightning Infuences of out his Sword, (Mr.] and

the HOLY SPIRIT. fmote a Servant of the High 3. A free Accejs to the THRONE

of GRACE, through tbe IsPriest, 17.) and cut off his right Ear. The Servant's

TERCESSION of Christ Jesus.

4. Peace of Conscience, and Joy Name was Malchus. [L.] in the Holy GHOST. And [M. j then (L.) Jesus. 5. A Deliverance from the Teranswered and faid, SUFFER rors of Death. ye thus far. (7.) Then said 6. The State of ENDLESS Rest, Stojus [M.] unto him, [7.]

Peace, and Joy, in the Kingunto Peter, [M.] Put up

dum of Celestial Glory. again thy Sword into his which are fully delineated in seFlace, [..] into the Shoaih; veral Parts of the Holy Scrip[M.] for all that take the

ture, as will appear by the ful suoid, thall perilh by the lowing References. Sword.

Ga. 16. For verily he took not on and


Gen. A

Sword. Thinkest thou that
I cannot now PRAY to my iii. 14.

ND the Lord God said FATHER, and he shall pre cause thou hast done this, thou art

unto the Serpent, Befently give me more than cursed above all Cattel, and above TWELVE LEGIONS of An- every Beast of the Field : Upon GELS? (7 ] The Cup which halt thưu eat all the Days of thy

thy Belly shalt thou go, and Dult my Father hath given me, Life. Shall I not drink it? [M.]

15 And I will put ENMITY beBut how then shall the tween thee and the Woman, and

between thy Seed and her Seed : SCRIPTURE BE FULFILLED, it shall bruise thy Head, and thou that thus it must be ? (L.] Thalt bruise his Heel And he touched his Ear, and from the Foundation of the

Rou. xiii. 8. The LAMB SLAIN healed him. [M.] In that World. fame Hour, [ Mr.] Jesus an- Chap. i. 5. And from Jesus Chrift, fwered and said unto (L.} Firit begotten of the Dead, and the

who is the faithful Witness, and the the CHIEF PRIESTS and Prince of the Kings of the Earth : Captains of the Temple, and Unto him that loved us, and washthe Elders, (Mr.] and unto ed us from our Sins in his own

BLOOD, them, [M.] the Multitude,

6. And hath made us Kings and [L.] which were come to Priests unto God and his father ; to him, [M] Are ye come out him be Glory and Dominion for as against a Thief, with ever and ever. Amen.

Fleb. ii. 9. But we see Jesus, who Swords and Staves, for to was made a little lower than the take me ? (Mr.] I was daily Angels, for the Suffering of Death,

crowned with GLORY and Howith you, and [M.] I fat

NOUR ; that he by the Grace of teaching in the God Mould taste Death for every Temple : (L.) When I was

Man. daily with you in the Tem- are all Things, and by whom are

10. For it became him, for whom ple, ye stretched forth no all Things, in bringing many Sons Hands against me, (Mr.] unto Glory, to make the Captain and ye took me not : (L.]

of their Salvation perfe& chroo

Sufferings. But this is your Hour, and 11. For both he that SANCTIthe Power of Darkness : ·PIETH, and they who are sanc[Mr.] Put the SCRIPTURES Tirien, are all of one: for which

cause he is not alhamed to call must be FULFILLED;, [M.] them Brethren. But all this was done, that the 14. Forafmuch then as the ChilScriptures of the PROPHETS

dren are Partakers of flesh and

Blood, he also himself likewise took might be fulfilled. [Mr.) part of the fame : that through And [M.] then all the Death he mighe destroy him that Disciples FORSOOK H'IM, and had the Power of Death, that is,

the DEVIL; FLED. (Mr.) And there

15. And deliver them, who thro' followed him acertain young Fear of Death, were all their LiteMan, having a linen Cloth time fibjež to Bondage. cait about his naked Body ; him the Nature of Angels; but he


with you

out IN

and the young Men laid hold took on him the Seed of Air son him: And he left the linen


17. Wherefore in all Things it Clath, and fled from them behoved him to be made like annaked.

to his Brethren ; that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest, in THINGS pertaining to GOD, to make RECONCILIATION for the Sins of the cople :

18. For in that he himself hath

suffered, being tempted, he is able CHRIST is brought bound to succ uk them that are tempted. before Caiaphas the High High Prielt which cannot be touch

. Priest. Peter's first De- ed with the Feeling of our Innial.

FIRMITIES; but was in all Points tempted like as we are, yet with.

16. Let us therefore come BOL D[Mr.]THEN the Band, wxunto the Throne of Grace, that and the Captain, Grace to help in time of need

we may , find and Officers of the Jews,

Chap. v. 6. As he faith also in TOOK Jefris, and BOUND another place, Thou art a Priett him. [L] Then took they for ever after the Order of Melcbihim, [M] Fesus, (7.) and Sedeck.

7. Who in the Days of his Flesh, led him away to Annas first, when he had offered up PRAYERS (for he was Father in Law and SUPPLICATIONS, with itrong to Caiaphas, which was the Crying and Tears

, unto him that

was able to save him from Death, High Priest that same Year) and was heard, in that he feared ; [M.] And they that had 8. Though he were a SON, yet laid hold on Fejus, led him learned he Obedience, by the away to Cajas has the High Things which he suffered :

9. And being made perfea, he Priest. [3.] Now Caiaphas became the Author of eternal SALwas he woich gave Counsel VATION unto all them that o

BEY him ; to the Jews, that it was ex- 19. Calied of God an High PEDIENT that one Man Prielt after the Order of Melcb.seshould die for the People. deck, [L] And they brought him

Chap. vii. 21. For those Priests

were made without an Oath : bu into the High Priell's Houfe; this with an Oath, by him that (M.) Where [Mr ] all the said unto him, The Lord sware, CHIEF PRIESTS, (M.] and

and will not repent. Thou art a

Priest for ever alter the Order or Scribes, and the ELDERS Melchifedeck.

Mr.] with him were af- 22. By so much was Jefus made fembled. [M. But [7.]

a Surety of a better Testament

23. And they truly were many Sim" 12 Peter followed Fluns Priests, because they were not les [M.) áfar off, uno the High fered to continue by reason of Priei's Palace ; [7.] and to Death. did another Disciple: that tinueth ever, hath an unchangeable

24. But this Man, because he corDifPriesthood.

27. Who



Disciple, was known unto

27. Who needtch not daily, as the High Priest, and went critice, tirit for his own Sins, and

those High Prieits, to offer up in with Jesus into the Pa- then for the Peoples : for this he lace of the High Prieit. did once, when he oifered up Bur Peter stood at the Door

Chap. ix. 11. But Christ being without.

Then went outcome an High PRIEST ot good that other Disciple, which Things to come, by a greater and was known unto the High with hands that is to say, not of more potect Tabernacle, not made

다. Priest, and spake unto her this Buiding ; that kept the Door, and 12. Neither by the Blood of brought in Peter. [M.] And Goats and Calves, but by his own

Bloop he entred in once into the he went in. (L] And when HOLY PLACE, having obtained eterthe Servants had kindled a nal Redemption for us. Fire in the midst of the Hall, 13. For if the Blood of Bulls,

and of Goats, and the Ashes of an and were ser down toge- Heifer Iprinkling the Unclean, ther, Peter sat down among fanctifieth to the Purifying of the them, [Mr.) with the Ser. Fleth;

14. How much more thall the vants, and warmed himself

Ploon of Christ, who through the at the Fire, [W.] to fee Eternal Spirit offered himself the End. (Mr.) And as without Spot to God, purge your Peter was beneath in the Conscience from dead Wokks, to

serve the LIVING God? Palace, there cometh one of

15. And for this Cause he is the the Maids of the High Priest, Mediator of the New Testa(F) the Damsel that kept MENT, that by means of Death,

for the Redemption of the Transthe Door, (Mr.] and when grelfions that were under the first she saw Peter, (L.] as he Testament, they which are called, fat by the Fire, [ žir.] warm- might receive the Promise of Eter

nal Inheritance. ing himself, The looked on

24. För Christ is not entred into him, (L.) and earnestly look- the Holy Places made with Hands, ed upon him, and [M.] came which are the figure of the true;

but inro Heaven itself, now unto him, saying [7.] unto appear in the Presence of God for Peter, Art not thou also us. one of this Man's Disciples ?

25. Nor yet that he should offer [Mr.] And thou also waft entreth into the holy place every

himselt otten, as the High Priest with Jesus of Nazareth. [L.] Year with the Blood of others : . And this Man was also with

26. (For then must he often have him. And he DENIED him, World) but now once in the End

suffered since the Foundation of the [M.] before them all, saying, o'the World, hath he appeared to Ī L.]Woman, I know him not. put away Sin by the Sacrifice of

himself. (?.] I know not, neither

27. And as it is appointed unto understand I what thou sayft

. Men once to die, but after this the And he went out into the Judgment : Porch, and the Cock crew; the sins of many ; and unto them

28. S) Christ was ofered once to bear 17.) And the Servants and that look for him, shall be appear Off



ed me :

Officers stood there, who had the second time, without Sin, made a Fire of Coals, (for

unto SALVATION, it was cold) and they warm- cometh into the World, he faith,

Chap. x. s. Wherefore when he ed themselves ; and Peter Sacrifice and Offering thou wouidelt stood with them, and warm- not, but a Body halt thou prepared himself.

6. In Burnt-offerings and Sacrifices for Sin thou hast bad no Pleasure:

7. Then said I, LO, I come, (in the Volume of the Book it is writ

ten of me) to do thy WILL, O Tbe Examination of Christ, God.

8. Above, when he said, Sacriconcerning bis Doctrine fice. and Offering, and Burnt-offerand Disciples. Peter's ings, and offering for Sin thou second Denial. False fure therein, (which are offered by Witnesses accuse Christ the Law)

9. Then said he, Lo, I come to of Blasphemy. Peter's do thy WILL, O God. He takthird Denial, and Tears. eth away the first

, that he may etlablish the second.

10. By the which Will we are [3.] THE HIGH PRIEST AN OF THE Bo through the offering

then alked Jesus of ing of the Body of Jesus Chrift his Disciples, and of his once for all.

12. This Man, after he had offer. DOCTRINE ; Jesus answer- ed one Sacrifice for Sins, for ever ed him, I spake openly to

sat down on the right Hand of God. the World, I ever taught in pertected for ever them that are

14 For by one Offering he hath the Synagogue, and in the fanctified. Temple, whither the Jews

19. Having therefore, Brethren,

Bolincss to enter into the Holieit always resort, and in secret by the Blood of Jefu, have I said nothing. Why 20. By a new and 'LIVING WAY askest thou me ? Ask them which he hath consecrated for us, which heard

through the Vail, that is to say, what I me,

his FLESH ; have said unto them? Be- 21. And having an High Priest hold, they know what I said, over the House of God: And when he had thus fpo- Heart, in full Assurance of FAITH,

22. Let us draw near with a true ken, one of the OFFICERS having our Hearts sprinkled from which food by, STROOK Fe- an evil Conscience, and our Bofus with the Palm of his

dies washed with pure Water.

Chap. xii. 22. But ye are come Hand, saying, Answereft unto Mount Sion, and unto the thou the High Priest fo ? City of the LIVING God, the heaJesus answered him, If i venly Jersefalem, and to an innume.

Table Company of ANGELS, have spoken Evil, bear wit

23. To the General ASSEMBLY ness of the Evil; but if well, and CHÚRCH of the First born, why smitest thou me? Now which are written in Heaven, and Annas had sent bim bound Spirits of jult Men made perfe&.

to God the Judge of all, and to the unto

24. And

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