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It Pays to Read L A W

THE READING OF LAW has brought swift, sure success to thousands of men who without the benefit of this specialized knowledge would probably never have progressed beyond ordinary achievement. A practi. cal working knowledge of LAW is a short cut to personal power in

every walk of life.

L is a factor of prime importance

in, every business. To-day's con

ditions, involving a mass of statutes, decisions, rulings — changes from old precedent—new interpretations of commercial law—all make the legal expert of vital importance, a positive necessity in every large business house. Never before were prospects so bright for men who can answer the puzzling legal questions which come up daily in business. Important positions carrying executive responsibilities with large salaries are always seeking

legal experts. LAW executive position, because it enables a man to dictate policies that are legally sound—to make quick, correct decisions on intricate points, puzzling to the untrained man. Every large corporation has a well equipped legal department, and smaller concerns have their retained legal advisers. The presidents of many corporations (for example: Purllman Co., American Sugar Refining Co., National Biscuit Co., etc.) are law-trained men. LAW prestige and social standing. The successful practicing lawyer or law-equipped business man has open to him a prosperous career in a dignified, influential profession. No other profession opens up ater opportunities for rapid and profitable advancement. And never before has it been so easy to acquire a thorough law training of university grade as now.

training often leads to a big

is a stepping stone to personal

University Course by Mail

LaSalle Extension University's faculty of legal experts will train you thoroughly in every phase of law. You will get instruction in the same subjects taught at leading resident universities. You will have textbooks, lectures, quizzes, illustrative cases. examinations, etc., prep by leading law professors. You will be directed at every step, with every point clearly explained. Graduate with a degree of LL.B. Complete Law Library without additional cost. All this training can be had at home—in spare time only. No need to leave your present position. Membership also includes general consulting privileges with all departments of the university—a service not offered by any other institution.

Convenient Tuition Terms

The LaSalle course and this direct personal instruction and business consulting service is offered at a cost within reaoh of even the man of small income. Decide now to be a law-trained man. Get above the ranks where the pay is small and com

tition intense—increase your income by increasing your mental capacity.

WR ust mail the coupon and we will send full information about the La Salle Home Study Course in Law and about our Free Consulting Service. We will also food You a copy of our famous, booklet. Ten Years' Promotion in one.” which tells how men with the aid of LaSalle training have gained in one year promotion which men without this, training have not realized in ten. Send for your copy now.

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T^lease send me catalog and full information regarding the course and service I have

marked with an X below.

Also a copy of your book, “

ears' Promotion in One,”

and full particulars regarding your easy payment plan-all without obligation to me. [] LAW-DEGREE LL.B.

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