Institutions of the Text

Jeffrey Masten, Wendy Wall
Northwestern University Press, 2001 - 184 páginas
Volume XXX of this award-winning publication examines texts in relationship to the institutions that shaped early modern culture - the printing industry, the market-place of both texts and fashions, theatrical companies - as well as manuscript circulation, authorship, and issues relating to the family and paternity. In essays that range across the terrain of early modern culture, the contributors use a wide variety of methodologies to explore their interests and tackle fundamental questions. Renaissance Drama, an annual publication, is devoted to drama as a central feature of Renaissance culture. Displaying an interdisciplinary orientation, the essays in each volume explore the Renaissance dramatic traditions in relation to their precursors and successors and examine the impact of new forms of interpretation on the study of Renaissance plays.

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RANDALL NAKAYAMA Redressing Wrongs
JAMES J MARINO William Shakespeares Sir John Oldcastle
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