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Gillies, Dr. attacked on account Hulme, Dr. his experiments of

of his translation of Aristotle's light, &c. 298.
Metaphysics 229.

Hyacinthus, &c. See Leroux.
Godwin, Mr. his doctrine of ini.
versal philanthropy controvert.

ed, 249 Disingenuousness of James's Powder, experiments on.
. Dr. Parr in his attack on Mr. G. See Chenevix.

ibid. Mr. G's. defence, 255. Indigo, project for extracting it,
Greeks, the modern, described, from woad, 500. .

56. Their dreadful state of Interment, premature, of human
:subjection to the Ottoman bodies apparently dead, laud -
yoke, 58.

able institution for the preven.
Griggiry, account of an Africañ tion of, in Germany, 42.

MS. so called, 31. Dr. Rus- Joseph II. Emperor of Germany,
sel's account of the same curi. briefly characterized, 240.
osity, 32.

Ireland, the Roman Catholic fa.
Gum. See Leroux..

milies of, said to have not yet
Gun-flints, French Memoir on the lost sight of the forfeited
manufacture of, 517.

estates, 277. Strictures on
Guyton, M. on the two fixed alka Sir R. Musgrave's account of

lis, &c. 519. On a new stove the rebellions in Ireland, 275
· fire-place, 527.

-286. See also Littlehales. See

also Musgrave.

- Gordon's History of the
Hardy, Thomas, his trial for l ate rebellion in, 374. That

high treason, as recorded by work commended, 375.
Mr. Belsham, 77.

Irrigation, national advantages of,
Harris, James, Esq. his life and

works, 2-9,

Italy, travels in, 492. Extract
Hatchett, Mr. his discovery of a from Meyff's publication con-

new metal called Columbium, cerning, 493.

Hauy, Mr. his Lecture on phy-

sics in the French Normal sit. Kingston, on Hull, approved ma.
tings, 460.

nagement in the maintenance
Hay-stack, Maid of. See Louisa. of the poor of that place, 430
Herschel, Dr. his observations Knight, Thomas Andrew, Esgr.
- on the nature of the sun, 291. his curious experiment on the
- additional observations, ascent of sap in trees, 295.
: 295. See also Sun.
Homo, Mr. Everard, observations

on the grinding teeth of the Lacepède, M. on a new Table of
wild boar, 303

the classes of birds, 520.
Howard, Mr. his paper in the Ar. La Grange, M. his mathematical

chæologia, concerning his fruit. lecture in the Normal school,
less inquiry after the burial. 464, See also Series, and To
place of K. Alfred, whose re- legraph.
mains are said to have been La Harpe, M, de, his lecture on
built over, in the spot on which republican eloquence, 466. His
stands the county gaol, near observations on tragedy and on
Winchester, 34"

tragic writers,. 483. On writers

... of


of comedy, 488. On compo- Masks of the Furies, as used it

sitions for the opera, 491. the antient Greek Tragedies,
Lamballe, Princess of, her unhappy &c. observations on, 471.
destiny, 534.

Mercurials. See Small-pox.
Lampadius, M. on a new method Mesmer, Dr. • Medical Knight

of forming ammonia, 529. Errant', 38. 41.
La Place, M. on the duodecimal Michaelis, Professor, extracts

system of notation, 460. See from Mr. Marsh's translation

also pp. 464. 508. 514, 515. of his Introduction to the New
Lassus, M. on Umbilical rup Testament, 16. Dissertation on
tures, 520.

the origin and composition of
Lead, account of a mode of re. the first three canonical Go.

fining it on a large scale. See spels, 173.

Mines, military, mem. concerning,
Lecture, Croonlau, by Everard 517,

Home, Esq. 83. Bakerian, Miracles, that difficult subject
by Dr. Young, ibid.

freely discussed in the French
Leicester, the town library of de- Normal School, 465.
scribed, 506. account of an Monge, Professor, his lecture on
old MS. there, ascribed to descriptive geometry, 460.

Jesus Christ as the author, ib. See also p. 465.
Lemonnier, M. account of his life Monmouthshire, whimsical mix.
and works, 512.

ture of the different styles of
Leroux, M. on the gum in the bulb antient architecture in that

of the hyacinthusnon scriptus,524. county, 116. Remarkable ob-
Light, spontaneously emitted from j ects, &c. in Mr. Coxe's tour

various bodies. See Hulme. in Monmouthshire, 117.
Littlehales, Col. his official letter Moon, M. Coulomb's mem. on

to Sir R. Musgrave, on the the theory of, 514.
dedication of his memoirs of Motions, spontaneous, of different

the Irish Rebellion, 278. substances, when approaching
Loquacity of Women investigated, each other. See Prevost.

Muller, General, good character
Lycophron, his Cassandra criti. of, 543.
cized, 365.

Musgrave, Sir Richard, a zealous
1 M м

anti-revolutionist, in regard to
Man, nature of, philosophically the late disturbances in Ire.

considered and defined, 416. land, 275. His doctrines and
Observations on Cannibals, ibid. facts controverted, in a letter
Human sacrifices, 407.

to a noble Earl, 329, 330, 331.
Mann, Abbé, on religious esta. See also Littlehales,

blishments made by English
Catholics on the Continent of

Europe, 33.

Napion, M. on a new method of
Marescot, M. on an improvement separating the silver from the

in the art of Mining, in fortifi copper, in base coin, 528.
cation, &c. 517.

Nile," battle of, Mr. Fitzge.
Marten, Harry, the Regicide, a rald's poetical description of,

picture of him mistakenly 172.
placed among those of the fa. Noble, Rev. Mark, his extracts
mily of Lewis, at St. Pierre from the parish register of St.
in Monmouthshire, 117. Bennet, 33.



Nocturnal, or Journal of Dreams, tion of, 141. Situation and

accommdations for strangers,
Normul schools, in France, lec &c. 144. Public walks, gar:
tures, &c. in, 459.

dens, promenades, &c. 145.
Nottingham, its great antiquity, Phosphorus, observations on the

existence of in sugar, 525.
Nunnery, curious account of that See also Descroizelles.

founded by St. Cæsar, Bp. of Picturesque, idea of that term, as
Arles, 396.

used by painters, 257.
Pigafetta, Chevalier, his account

of his voyage round the world,
Oeconomy, political, seriously and in the squadron of Magellan,

profoundly investigated, 458. the first circumnavigator, 475.
Ogilvie, Dr. his choice of a sub- Poor, (or the lower orders of

ject for an epic poem, critic Society,) means of reforming
cized, 359.

their morals, &c. 166. In-
Orleans, Jate Duke of, anecdotes

quiry into the cause of their
of, favorable and unfavorable increasing numbers and dis-
· to his character, 535.

tresses, 167. Their miseries
Ovid, new translation of one of in hard times poetically dis-

his heroic epistles, 327. Ex played, 311-314. Improved
tract from, ibid.

management in the maintenance
Oxides of iron, use of in dying of the poor of Kingston, 428.
cotton, 518.

Strictures on the poor laws,432.
Porcelain, painting on, memoirs

on colours for, 509.
Parmentier, M. on a substitute Prevost, M. on the spontaneous

for rice, 522. On tinctures motions of substances ap-
made with diluted alcohol, to proaching each other, 522.
be used with medicated wines, Priestley. Dr. his laudable man-

ner of employing his learned
Parr, Dr. his strictures on Mr. leicure in America, 53.
Godwin's doctrine of universal Priests, Roman Catholic, apology
philanthropy, 249. His de- for their marriage, 109.
fence of the English Univer- Privateers, &c. laws and customs
sities, against Mr. Gray and of nations relative to, 149.
Mr. Gibbon, 253.

Prizes, mathemat. mem. on the
Paul I. Emp. of Russia, bis po d istribution of at Vienna, 509.
· litical conduct with respect to Proteus Anguinus, a doubtful ani.
the French war, 498.

mal, described, 302.
Peace, pamphlets relative to, pro Prussia, King of. See Frederic

and con, 213—216. Pro. William.
babie effects of, on our com- Pyramids. See Egypt. .

mercial interests, 429.
Pearson, Dr. his laudable atten.

tion to the Vaccine Inocula. Quack-Doctors, curious accounts
tion. See l'accina.

of some famous characters on
Pepin, K. of France, his great ta. · the Continent, 38—42.

lents and wise govcinment, 391. Quakers, or “ Society of Friends,"

His amiable characttř, 393. appeal to, relative to the
Petersburg, remarks on its climate, primitive simplicity of their
139. "Topographical descrip: Christian principles, &c. 426.


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Paick-silver. See Mercury. Scotland, observations on rural

scenery and manners in, 256.

The term picturesque explained,
Revelation defended against the 257. Fils of the Clyde de-
objections of a sober sceptic, scribet, 258. Glen Crue, its

savage Dagnificence, 260.
Rhinoceros, anatomy of one, 85. · View of the ruined tower of
Rice, substitute for. See Par Gilrockie, 263.

· Series, periodical, report concern.
Richard 1. his adventures the ing, by La Grange, &c. 507.

subject of an epic poem, 238. Sicard, M. his lectures on the
Rider, Mr. his account of reli. parts of speech, delivered in

gious antiquities found in a the sittings of the Normal

cave at St. Domingo, 30. School, 462.
Ridgway, Mrs. pardoned under Sight recovered at 7 years old, by

the Great Seal of England, for a child who had lost it when
the murder of her husband, on only a year old, 304.
the plca of her having lived Silver, new method of separating
40 days without sustenance, it from the adulteration in base

coin, 528.
Ripuary, curious account of that Small-pox, memoirs on the use

antient French constitution, of mercurials in, 519. See

also Variola.
Riiter, M. on some effects of the Sonnini, M. his comparison bea
clectric Auid, 529.

tween the people of modern
Rivers, in England, several de. Greece and those of Egypt

scribed. See Tamar, &c. 56. His dread of revolutions
Rue, M. de la, his account of the under any government, 59.

lives and works of an antient His account of Cyprus, 60; of
Norman poet, 32.

Rhodes, 67 ; of Delos, 68.
Ruptures, umbilical. See Lassus. Spartacus, character of that hero

discussed, 487.

Sun, observations on the nature
Sabatier, M. on changes which of, tending to a discovery of

sometimes take place in the the causes or symptoms of its
organs of the fetus, 520.

variable emissions of light and
Sacrifices, humani, their monstrous heat, 291-295. Memoir on
nature considered, and placed the passage of Mercury over
in a striking point of view, the sun, 518.

Swellings of the lower extremities,
Saint Pierre, Professor, his lecture (inlying-in women,) nature and
on morality, 461.

cause of, 422.
Salome, M. See Vegetubles. Swift, Dean, peculiar advantages
Sap in trees, experiments on the of Nichols's edition of his
ascent of, 295.

works, 194. Dr. S. Johnson's
Şaurin, M. his tragedy of Spar prejudices against Swift expos.
i tacus criticized, 486.

ed, 199, the note. Papers,
Schreibers, Dr. his description of not in former editions, 200.

a doubtful animal, 302.
Sceria, of bell-metal, method of

extracting the copper and tin Tamar, and other rivers, account
from, 528.

of, 412,




Teeth of wild animals, anatomical "cause of their formation, &c.

observations on, 303, See also 21. Of submarine volcanoes, Home.

22. Wonderful phænomena Telegraph, a new invented one, of, 23. Extinguished vol.

as reported to the National In caroes, liable to be re-kindied,

stitute, 508. Thomas, Mr. bis anatomical de Volney, M. his much approved

scription of a rhinoceros, 85. lecture on history, in the Thun, Count, a miraculous quack- French Normal School, 460,

doctor, some account of, 42. Voltaire, M. his excellence as a Tooke, Mr. John Horne, and tragic writer, 489. Fails in

other persons, tried for high comedy, 491. treason, Mr. Belsham's ac- Voyage made by a companion of count of, 76–79.

. Magellan, 475. See Piga. Toussaint, character of that ce fetta.

lebrated leader of the discou

tented Negroes, in St. Do. Ware, Mr. his case of a young · mingo, 334. ,.

gentleman who recovered his Townley, Mr. his account of sight when 7 years of age,

antiquities found at Ribchester, after having lost it by cataracts 31. Mr. Weston's opinion re when a year old, 304. specting the same curiosities, Water. See Irrigation. ibid.

Weston. See Townley. . Treason. See Hardy, Tooke, Wilkins, Mr. his account of Mel. &c.

bourne Church, in DerbyU and V .

shire, 34. Vandermonde, Professor, his Nor. Wollaston, Dr. his experiments on mal lecture on certain chemical the chemical production and principles, 464.

agency of electricity, 300. Variola vaccina, observations on Women. See Loquacity.

inoculating for, 440. 477. Wood, Col. his improvements of Varro, his book on agriculture, the romantic scenery of Pierce

a curious specimen of what was field, 127. known on that subject among Woodbouse, Mr. his paper in the the old Romans, 245.

Philosophical Transactions, on Vauquelin, M. on the hydro the necessary truth of certain

sulphurat of soda, 528. On conclusions obtained by ima. a native phosphate, 529.

ginary quantities, 85. Vegetables, the internal tempera n on portions of the soli.

ture of, compared with that of dity of a sphere, 88.

the atmosphere, 523. Universities, the English, de.

Y and Z fended by Dr. Parr against Yarmouth described, 505. Messrs. Gray and Gibbon, 253. Young, Dr. his Bakerian Lecture, Their system of education tot 83 faultless, 254.

Zoffre, memoir on the new comVolcanoes, mountainous, original bination discovered in, 527.


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