Waverley; or, 'Tis sixty years since, Volume 1

James Ballantyne and Company, 1815

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Página 339 - peaks are illumed with the rays, And the streams of Glenfinnan leap bright in the blaze. 0 high-minded Moray !—the exiled—the dear!— In the blush of the dawning the STANDARD uprear! Wide, wide on the winds of the north let it fly, Like the sun's latest flash when the tempest is
Página 339 - and Sleat! Combine like three streams from one mountain of snow, And resistless in union rush down on the foe ! True son of Sir Evan, undaunted Lochiel, Place thy targe on thy shoulder and burnish thy steel! Rough Keppoch, give breath to thy bugle's bold swell, Till far
Página 187 - Whether the wind sing lowly or loud, Sailing through moonshine or swath'd in the cloud. The Lady she .sate in St Swithin's Chair, The dew of the night has damp'd her hair : Her cheek was pale—but resolved and high Was the w.ord of her lip and the glance of her eye* • She mutter'd the spell of
Página 39 - our earlier dramatic authors, of many, picturesque and interesting passages from our old historical chronicles, and particularly of Spenser, Drayton, and other poets who have exercised themselves on romantic fiction, of all themes the most fascinating to a youthful imagination, before the passions have roused themselves, and demand poetry of a more sentimental description. In this respect his acquaintance with
Página 68 - the loud trumpet-call of Truth, Bids each fair vision pass away, Like landscape on the lake that lay, As fair, as flitting, and as frail, As that which fled the Autumn gale— For ever dead to fancy's eye, Be each gay form that glided by, While dreams of love and lady's charms
Página 187 - siege; News are there none of his weal or his woe, And fain the Lady bis fate. would know. She shudders and stops as the charm she speaks ;Is it the moody owl that shrieks ? Or is that sound, betwixt laughter and scream, The voice of the Demon who haunts the stream
Página 238 - mountains which Edward had hitherto only seen at a distance. It was towards evening as they entered one of the tremendous passes which afford communication between the high and low country ; the path, which was extremely steep and rugged, winded up a chasm between two tremendous rocks, following the passage which a foaming
Página 116 - again ; As you with other maidens rove, I'll smile on other men. Here lifting up his eyes, which had hitherto been fixed in observing how his feet kept time to the tune, he beheld Waverley, and instantly doff'd his cap, with many grotesque signals of surprise, respect, and salutation.
Página 336 - it without its own wild and appropriate accompaniments. To speak in the poetical language of my country, the seat of the Celtic Muse is in the mist of the secret and solitary hill, and her voice in the murmur of the mountain stream. He who woos her must love the barren
Página 220 - you have only to send him word, and he will recover them; or it may be, he will drive away cows from some distant place, where he has a quarrel, and give them to you to make up your loss." - " And is this sort of Highland Jonathan "Wild admitted into society, and called a gentleman

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