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elected, and annually thereafter three trustees shall be elected for the term of two years.

SEC. 6. All officers appointed by the president or council, ex- Term of office of cept officers appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices, sball Oficers hold their respective offices until the second Monday of April next after such appointment, and until their successors are quali. fied and enter upon the duties of their offices, unless a different term of office shall be prescribed in this act, or in the ordinance creating the office. Officers appointed to fill vacancies shall hold Term when the office for the residue of the term in which the vacancy oc- a

vacancy. curred. All persons elected or appointed to office shall enter upon when officers to the duties thereof upon taking the oath of office, and filing the gut requisite security, if any is required of them.

SEC. 7. No person shall be elected or appointed to any office un- Who eligible to less he shall be an elector of the village. All officers of the vil- oföce. lage, elected or appointed, shall take and subscribe the oath of Oath of office. ottice prescribed by the constitution of the State, and file the same with the clerk, and in case of failure to do so, within ten days after receiving notice of their election or appointment, shall be deemed to have declined the office.

SEC. 8. Every officer elected or appointed in the village, before Official bond. entering upon the duties of his office, and within the time prescribed for filing bis official oath, shall file with the village clerk such bond or security as may be required by law, or by any ordinance or requirement of the council, and with such snreties as shall be approved by the council, conditioned for the due performance of the duties of his office, except that the bond or security given by the clerk shall be deposited with the treasurer.

Sec. 9. The council, or president, or other officer whose duty Examination as it shall be to judge of the sufficiency of the proposed sureties of any officer or person of whom a bond or any security may be required by this act, or by any ordinance or direction of the council, shall inquire into the sufliciency of such sureties, and examine them on oath as to their property. Such oath may be administered by the president, or any trustee, or other person authorized to administer vatbs. Such examination shall be reduced to writing to be in writing and signed by the surety, and annexed to and filed with the instrument to which it relates, and no member of the common council shall sign any official bond relating to the village corporation, un- Signing of bond der penalty of vacating his office; but such bond, if so signed and canetin. filed, shall be legal and valid.

Sec. 10. The council may also at any time, require any officer Council may to execute and file with the clerk of the village additional or new bond. official bonds, with such new or further sureties as said council bhall deem requisite for the interest of the corporation. Any failare to comply with such requirement within a reasonable time, shall subject the officer to immediate removal from office by the council.

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and filed with bond,

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Liabilities of officers and bureties.

VACANCIES IN OFFICE. Resignations. SEC. 11. Resignations of officers shall be made to the council,

subject to their approval and acceptance.

Sec. 12. If any officer shall cease to be a resident of the village offices are

during his term of office, the office shall be thereby vacated. If any

officer shall be a defaulter, the office shall thereby be vacated. Idem,

Sec. 13. If any person elected or appointed to office shall fail to take and file the oath of office, or shall fail to give the bond or security required for the due performance of the duties of his office, within the time herein limited therefor, the council may declare the office vacant, unless previously thereto he shall file the oath

and give the requisite bond or security. Vacancies, how Sec. 14. A vacancy in the office of president, or of any trustee,

occurring more than six months before an annual election, shall be filled by a special election. A vacancy in the office of any trustee occurring within six months before an annual election, shall be filled by appointment of the council. Vacancies in any other office shall be filled by appointinent by the council, within twenty days after the vacancy occurs, or if the vacancy be an elective office it may be filled by an election or by appointment, in the discretion of the council.

Sec. 15. The resignation or removal of any officer shall not, nor shall the appointment or election of another to the office, exonerate such officer or his sureties from any liability incurred by him or them.

SEC. 16. Whenever any officer shall resign or be removed from oners: office, or the term for which he shall have been elected or appointed

shall expire, he shall, on demand, deliver over to his successor in office, all the books, papers, moneys, and effects in his custody as

such officer, and in any way appertaining to his office; and every Violation a mis- person violating this provision shall be deemed guilty of a misde

meanor, and may be proceeded against in the same manner as public officers generally for the like offense under the general laws of this State, now or hereafter in force and applicable thereto; and every officer appointed or elected shall be deemed an officer within the meaning and provisions of such general laws of the State.


ELECTIONS. SECTION 1. After the first election an annual election of officers shall be held on the second Monday in March in each year, at such

place in the village as the council shall designate. Special elections. SEC. 2. Special elections may be appointed by resolution of the

council, and held at such times as they shall determine, the purpose and object of which shall be fully set forth in the resolution ap

pointing such election. Inspectors of Sec. 3. The president and clerk of the village and one of the

trustees, or any three of the trustees, to be appointed by the council, shall be the inspectors of election. The president, when pres

Delivery of

etc., to successors,


Annual electione.


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ent, shall be chairman, and the others shall be clerks of the board of inspectors.

SEC. 4. Notice of the time and place of holding any election, Election notice. and of the officers to be elected, and the questions to be voted upon shall, except as herein otherwise provided, be given by the clerk, at least eight days before such election, by posting such notices in three public places in the village, and by publishing a copy thereof in a newspaper in the village, if any is published therein, the same length of time before the election; and in case of a special election, the notice shall set forth the purpose and object of the election as fully as the same are required to be set forth in the resolution appointing such election.

Sec. 5. The council shall provide and cause to be kept by the Bellot boxes. clerk, for use at all elections, suitable ballot-boxes of the kind required by law to be kept and used in townships.

SEC. 6. On the day of elections, in accordance with law, the polls Opening and shall be opened at eight o'clock in the morning, and shall be kept pol open untii five o'clock in the afternoon, at which hour they shall be finally closed. The inspectors shall cause proclamation to be made of the opening and closing of the polls.

Sec. 7. All elections in said village shall be conducted, as nearly Manner of con. as may be, in the manner provided by law for holding general elec

ducting elections tions in the State, except as herein otherwise provided; and the powers of inspectors of such elections shall have the same powers and author." ity for the preservation of order, and for forcing obedience to their lawful commands during the time of holding the election and the canvass of the votes, as are conferred by law upon inspectors of general elections held in this State.

Sec. 8. Immediately after closing the polls, the inspectors of Canvass by election shall, without adjourning, publicly canvass the votes re- tospectors. ceived by them, and declare the result; and shall, on the same day, Statement of or on the next day, make a statement in writing, setting forth in time words at full length the whole number of votes given for each office, the names of the persons for whom such votes for each office were given, and the number of votes so given for each person; and the whole number of votes given upon each question voted apon, and the number of votes given for and against the same, which statement shall be certified under the hands of the inspectors to be correct; and they sball deposit such statement and cer- To be deposited

th with village tificate on the day of election, or on the next day, together with herk. said poll lists and the register of electors, and the boxes containing said ballots, in the office of the village clerk.

SEC. 9. The council shall convene on Thursday next succeeding Council to detereach election, at their usual place of meeting, and determine the min result of the election upon each question and proposition voted upon, and what persons were duly elected at the said election to the several offices respectively; and thereupon the clerk shall make duplicate certificates of such determination, showing the result of the election upon any question or proposition Vuted upon, and what persons are declared elected to the several offices respectively; one of which certificates he shall file in the office of the county

result, and cer

mine result of election.

mined by lot.

clerk of the county in which the village is located, and the other

shall be filed in the office of the village clerk. Tle to be deter- SEC. 10. If there shall be no choice for any office by reason of two

or more candidates having received an equal number of votes, the council shall, at the meeting mentioned in the preceding section, determine by lot between such persons which shall be considered

elected to such office. Notice to per. SEC. 11. It shall be the duty of the village clerk, within five days Bobs elected, etc. after the meeting and determination of the council, as provided in

this chapter, to notify each person elected, in writing, of his election; and he shall also, within five days after the council shall appoint any person to any office, in like manner notify such person

of the appointment. Clerk to report Sec. 12. Within one week after the expiration of the time in

which any official bond or oath of office is required to be filed, the oath and bond.

clerk shall report in writing to the council the names of all persons elected or appointed to any office, who shall have neglected to file such oath or bond.

neglect to Alle


the peace.


DUTIES OF OFFICERS. Daties of preot SECTION 1. The president shall be the chief executive officer of

the village. He shall preside at the meetings of the council, and shall from time to time give the council information concerning the affairs of the corporation, and recommend such measures as he may deem expedient. It shall be his duty to exercise supervision over the affairs of the village, and over the public property belonging thereto, see that the laws relating to the village, and the ordi

nances and regulations of the council are enforced. Conservator of SEC. 2. The president shall be a conservator of the peace, and

may exercise within the village the powers conferred upon sheriffs to suppress disorder; and shall bave authority to command the assistance of all able-bodied citizens to aid in the enforcement of the ordinances of the council, ard to suppress riot and disorderly

conduct. May remove or Sec. 3. The president may remove any officer appointed by him

at any time, and may suspend any policeman for neglect of duty. May examine

He shall have' authority at all times to examine and inspect the books, etc.

books, records, and papers of any agent, employe, or officer of the corporation, and shall perform generally all such duties as are or

may be prescribed by the ordinances of the village. President pro SEC. 4. In the absence or disability of the president, or of any tempore.

vacancy in his office, the president pro tempore of the council shall

perform the duties of the president. Duties of village SEC. 5. The village clerk shall keep the corporate seal, and all

the documents, official bonds, papers, files, and records of the village, not by this act or the ordinances of the village entrusted to some other officer: he shall be clerk of the council, shall attend its meetings, record all its proceedings, ordinances, and resolutions, and shall countersign and register all licenses granted; he shall,





when reqnired, make and certify under the seal of the village, copies of the papers and records filed and kept in his office; and such copies shall be evidence in all places of the matters therein contained, to the same extent as the originals would be; he shall possess and exercise the powers of township clerk so far as the saine are required to be performed within the village, except as to filing chattel mortgages; and he shall have authority to administer oaths and affirmations.

SEC. 6. The village elerk shall be the general accountant of the Further duties of village; and all claims against the corporation shall be filed with cler him for adjustment; alter esamination thereof, he shall report the same, with all accompanying vouchers and counter-claims of the village and the true balance as found by him, to the council for allowance, and when allowed shall draw bis warrant upon the treasurer for the payment thereof, designatiug thereon the fund from which payment is to be made, and take proper receipts therefor; but no warrant sball be drawn upon any fund after the same has been exhausted. When any tax or money shall be levied, raised, or appropriated, the clerk shall report the amount thereof to the village treasurer, stating the objects and funds for which it is levied, raised, or appropriated, and the amounts thereof to be credited to each fund.

Sec. 7. The village clerk shall have charge of all the books, vouch- Idex. ers, and documents relating to the accounts, contracts, debts, and revenues of the corporation ; he shall countersign and register all bonds isened, and keep a list of all property and effects belonging to the village, and of all its debts and liabilities; he shall keep a complete set of books, exhibiting the financial condition of the corporation in all its departments, funds, resources, and liabilities, with a proper classification thereof, and showing the purpose for which each fund was raised; he shall record all official bonds of the village, in a book prepared for the purpose ; he shall also keep an account with the treasurer, in which he shall charge him with all the moneys received for each of the several funds of the village, and credit him with all warrants drawn thereon, keeping an account with each fund.

SEC. 8. The clerk shall report to the council, whenever required, Financial report, & detailed statement of the receipts, expenditures, and financial etc. condition of the village, of the debts to be paid, and moneys necessary to meet the estimated expenses of the corporation, and sball perform such other duties pertaining to his office as the council may require.

Sec. 9. The village treasurer sball have the custody of all Duties of treasmoneys, bonds other than official, mortgages, notes, leases, and evidences of value, belonging to the village. He shall receive all moneys belonging to and receivable by the corporation, and keep an account of all receipts and expenditures thereof. He shall pay no money out of the treasury, except in pursuance of and [by] authority of law, and upon warrants signed by the clerk and president, which sball specily the purpose for which the amounis thereof are to be paid. He shall keep an account of, and be charged


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