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prooeedings in prison.

constant attendance at the prison, except when absent on some necessary duty, in which case his duties during his absence shall

be performed by the deputy; and in no case sball the warden and Bond. deputy warden be absent from the prison at the same time. Before

entering upon the duties of his office, the warden shall execute to the people of this State a bond with two or more sufficient sureties, in the penal sum of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned that he shall faithfully account for all money and property that may come into his hands by virtue of his oflice, and perform all the duties incumbent upon him as such warden, according to law; which bond shall be approved by the inspectors, and filed in the office of

the Auditor General. Dally Journal of SEC. 20. The warden shall also keep a daily journal of the pro

ceedings of the prison, in which he shall note every infraction of the rules and regulations of the prison by any officer or guard thereof, which shall come to his knowledge, and make a memorandum of every complaint made by any convict, of cruel or unjust treatment from his overseer or other officer of the prison, or a want of good and sufficient food or clothing; and also of every infraction of the rules and regulations of the prison by any prisoner, naming him and specifying the offense, and also what punishment, and the extent thereof, if any was awarded; which journal shall be laid before the inspectors at every stated meeting, and at every

special meeting when demanded. Datles of ward. SEC. 21. It shall be the duty of the warden, under the rules and

regulations adopted by the board of inspectors for the government of the prison:

First, To exercise a general superintendence over the government, discipline, and police of the prison, and to superintend all the business concerns thereof;

Second, To give necessary directions to all the inferior officers, keepers, and guards, and to examine whether they have been careful and vigilant in their respective duties;

Third, To examine daily into the state of the prison, and the health, conduct, and safe keeping of the prisoners;

Fourth, To use every proper means to furnish employment to the prisoners, most beneficial to the State and best suited to their several capacities;

Fifth, To superintend any manufacturing and mechanical business that may be carried on by the State, pursuant to law, within the prison; to receive the articles manufactured, and to sell and dispose of the same for the benefit of the State;

Sixth, To take charge of the real and personal estate attached to the prison;

Seventh, To inquire into the justice of any complaints made by any of the convicts relative to their provisions, clothing, or treatment;

Eighth, To read to the convicts at least once in each month, the rules and regulations of the prison so far as the same relate to such convicts, and to make such explanations of the same as he shall deem proper;

funds of prison.

Ninth, And generally to have charge of all the departments of the prison and its officers as its executive head.

SEC. 22. The said warden, under the direction of the inspectors, Custodian of shall be the custodian of all funds belonging to the said prison, fund whether arising from the avails of the labor of convicts, the sales of manufactured articles, or appropriations made by the legisla- . ture and drawn from the State treasury.

Sec. 23. The warden shall make a monthly report to the inspect- Monthly report ors, stating the names of all con ricts received into the prison dur-toi ing the preceding month, the counties in which they were tried, /8742 641 the crimes of which they were convicted, the nature and duration of their sentence, their former trade, employment, or occupation, their habits, color, age, place of nativity, degree of instruction, and a description of their persons; and also stating in such report the names of all convicts pardoned, discharged, escaped, or died during said month; and he shall also make out and render, for the same time, a full and accurate statement and account of all moneys received by him from every source by virtue of his office, including all moneys taken from convicts, or received as the proceeds of property taken from them, and of all sums paid and expended by him, with the vouchers therefor, and stating also the balance in his hands at the time of rendering such account.

Sec. 24. The warden shall on the thirtieth day of September or annual report within twenty days thereafter in every year, make and deliver to the to

and deliver to the to inspecton. se inspectors of the prison a report, exhibiting a complete and comprehensive view of the transactions of the prison during the preceding year, stating the number of convicts confined therein, the various kinds of business in which they are employed, the number employed in each branch, and the profit or loss, if any, arising to the State therefrom; also a full and true account of all moneys received on account of the prison under his charge, and all the moneys expended for the use thereof, together with an inventory of the goods, raw materials, and other property of the State then on hand, and with such other particulars in relation to the prison as the inspectors shall require.

CLERK. SEC. 25. The clerk of the prison, before entering on the duties of Bund. his office, shall execute a bond to the people of this State, with sufficient soreties, to be approved by the inspectors, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned that he will keep a true, hon. est, and faithful record of the accounts of the prison, and pay over all moneys belonging to the prison that may come into his hands as such clerk, and will faithfully discharge all the duties of such office as prescribed by law and the rules and regulations of the prison, which bond shall be filed in the office of the Auditor General.

SEC. 26. It shall be the duty of the clerk of the prison :

First, To attend at the prison daily during the proper business Daten. hours, unless by the direction of an inspector or of the warden he is otherwise engaged in transacting business on account of the prison;



Second, To keep the books and accounts of the prison in such a manner as to exhibit clearly all the financial transactions relating to it; to also keep a register of convicts, in which shall be entered in alphabetical order the name of each convict, the crime of which he is convicted, the date of his conviction, term of sentence, from what county, and by what court sentenced, his place of nativity, age, occupation, complexion, stature, number of previous convictions, and whether previously confined in a prison in this or any other State, together with when and how he was discharged. The inspectors may require such additional facts to be stated on the register as they may deem proper;

Third, To do all such writing as may be required of him by the inspectors and warden relating to the affairs of the prison.

AGENT. SEC. 27. The agent before entering upon the duties of his office shall execute a bond to the people of this State, with sufficient sureties to be approved by the inspectors, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned that he will discharge all the duties devolved upon him by virtue of said office faithfully, and with direct reference to the best interests of the State, said bond to be deposited with the Auditor General.

SEC. 28. The agent shall purchase all the forage, fuel, and lights, and all supplies for the kitchen and hospital, and all articles for manufacturing and repairs in the State shops, and make all sales for the prison under the direction of the warden, and subject to such rules and regulations as the inspectors may prescribe. He shall take bills for all supplies and materials purchased by him, at the time of such purchase ; and the persons to whom any bill shall be paid sball in all cases make an affidavit, stating that the articles specified in the account were actually furnished, and that the same was paid in cash by the warden. The agent shall keep a regular and correct account of all purchases and sales made by him in books to be furnished for that purpose, and which shall be open at all times to the inspection of the warden or any member of the board of inspectors. All other articles and supplies shall be purchased as directed by the inspectors.

Sec. 29. It shall be the duty of the chaplain of said prison:

First, To perform religious services in the prison, under such regulations as the inspectors may prescribe, and to attend to the spiritual wants of the convicts;

Second, To visit the convicts in their cells, for the purpose of giving them moral and religious instruction ;

Third, To furnish at the expense of the State a bible of such version as the convict may choose, and also a prayer book of such kind as the convict may choose, to each convict, and such other reading matter as the inspectors may consider for the best interests of such convicts;

Fourth, To take charge of the library;



Fifth, To visit daily the sick in the hospital;

Sixth, To make an annual report to the inspectors for each year ending the thirtieth day of September, relative to the religious and moral conduct of the convicts during such year, stating therein what services he has performed, and the results of his instruction, together with any other facts relative to said convicts he may deem proper to report;

Seventh, When required by the inspectors, to give instruction in the common branches of an English education, and at such time and in such manner as the board of inspectors shall prescribe ;

Eighth, To conduct funeral services at the burial of each convict who shall die in the prison ; and the warden shall, as soon as practicable after the death of a convict, fix a time for such services, and immediately notify the chaplain thereof, that he may be prepared to officiate thereat.

SEC. 30. It shall be the duty of the physician of the prison;

First, To attend at all times to the wants of the sick convicts, whether in the hospital or in their cells, and to bestow upon them all necessary medical service;

Second, In company with the ball master, to examine weekly the cells of the convicts, for the purpose of ascertaining whether they are kept in a proper state of cleanliness and ventilation, and if they are not so kept to point out to said ball master the deficiencies, and report the same monthly to the inspectors;

Third, To prescribe the diet of sick convicts, and his directions in relation thereto shall be strictly followed ; and to be present at and superintend all corporeal punishments which may be inflicted in the prison;

Fourth, To keep a daily record of all admissions to the hospital, and of cases treated in the cells or elsewhere, indicating the sex, color, nativity, age, occupation, habits of life, crime, period of entrance and discharge from the hospital, and disease;

Fifth, To make a yearly report to the inspectors of the sanitary condition of the prison during the year, which report shall also contain a condensed statement of the information contained in his daily record;

Sixth, To make all such other reports as the inspectors may from time to time require.

SEC. 31. It shall be the duty of such physician, in case of any Duty to convieta convict claiming to be unable to labor by means of sickness, to ex- claiming to be amine such convict; and if it is his opinion upon such examination that such convict is unable to labor, he shall immediately certify the same to the warden, and such convict shall thereupon be relieved from labor and admitted to the hospital, or placed in his cell or elsewhere for medical treatment, as said physician shall direct, having a due regard for the safe keeping of such convict; and such convict shall not be required to labor so long as in the opinion of said physician such disability shall continue; and whenever said physician shall certify to the warden that such convict is

certifyieved from labofor medical tres cafe keeping

medicines and

sufficiently recovered to be able to labor, said convict shall be re

quired to labor, but not before. Purchase of Sec. 32. The necessary medicines and other hospital stores for

the use of the prison shall be purchased from time to time by the hospital stores.

agent of the prison, with the advice of the physician, and under the direction of the inspectors.

SALARIES. Anggal salaries. SEC. 33. There shall be paid monthly at the office of the State

Prison to the officers thereof the following annual salaries, to wit: To the warden, fifteen hundred dollars, but the board of inspectors may increase the same to a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars, if in their judgment they shall deem it for the best interests of the prison to do so; to the deputy warden, one thousand dollars, with discretion in the board of inspectors to increase the same to a eum not exceeding twelve hundred dollars ; to the clerk, twelve hundred dollars, with power in the board of inspectors to increase the same to a sum not exceeding fifteen hundred dollars; to each of the keepers, seven hundred dollars, with authority in the board of inspectors to increase the same to a sum not exceeding eight hundred dollars; to the physician, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars; and to the chaplain, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, as the inspectors in their discretion may deem for the best interests of the prison; and the agent, keepers, guards, and all other employes of the prison shall be paid such compensation as

the inspectors shall deem just and reasonable, and shall direct. Not to be in. None of the salaries fixed at the sums aforesaid shall be increased

errence of within the limit above authorized without the knowledge and conGovernor. currence of the Governor. The warden shall, in addition to his Warden allowed salary, be allowed the use of house, fire-wood and lights, and pro

· visions for his family, and for guests who visit him on business connected with the prison, from the stock provided for the use of

the prison; and the deputy warden shall be allowed the use of the Oficers not al. house known as the deputy's house, free of rent. And po officer or lowed perquis.

other person employed in or about the prison shall be permitted to receive in any way perquisites, emoluments, or supplies for them

selves or their families from the prison, other than the compensaInspectors may tion allowed by law. The inspectors may, if they shall deem it employes bourd. for the interest of the prison, require the keepers, guards, and

such of the employes as they may designate, to be lodged and messed or boarded in the prison, and for that purpose may furnish lodging rooms in a plain and substantial manner, and supply pro-. visions from the prison stock, which shall be cooked and prepared by the labor of convicts, and served at such times and in such place as the inspectors may direct.

DISCIPLINE_GOOD TIME. Convicts to be Sec. 34. All convicts in the State Prison other than such as are

confined in solitude for misconduct in the prison, shall be kept constantly employed at hard labor at an average of not less than ten hours a day (Sundays excepted), unless incapable of laboring by reason of sickness or other infirmity.

creased without

180 of house, etc


ed in prison.

Convicts to be kept at hard labor.

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