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Sweet as a rose her breath and lips,

Round as the globe her breast

Full as an egg was I with glee,

And happy as a king : Good Lord ! how all men envied me!

She lov'd like any thing.

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Being a new Ballad, showing how Mr. Jonathan Wilds

Throat was cut from Ear to Ear, with a Penkuife, by Mr. Blake, alias Blueskin, the bold Highwayman, as he stood at his Trial in the Old Bailey, 1725.



YE gallants of Newgate, whose fingers are nice
In diving in pockets, or cogging of dice;
Ye sharper's so rich, who can buy off the noose,.
Ye bonester poor rogues, who die in your shoes,

Attend and draw near,

Good news ye shall hear, How Jonathan's throat was cut from ear to ear, How Blueskiu's sharp penkpise hath set you at ease; And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.


When to the Old Bailey this Blueskin was led,
He held up his hand; his indictment was read;
Loud rattled his chains: near him Jonathan stood;
For full forty pounds was the price of his blood.

Then, hopeless of life,

He drew his penknife,
Apd made a sad widow of Jonathan's wife.
But forty pounds paid her, her grief shall appease,
And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please,


Some say there are courtiers of highest renown,
Who steal the king's gold, and leave him but a crown:

there are

peers and parliament men, Who meet once a year to rob courtiers again.

Let them all take their sving,

To pillage the king,
And get a blue riband instead of a string.
Now Blueskin's sharp penknife hath set you at ease,
And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.


Knaves, of old, to hide guilt by their cupping inventions
Call'd briberies grants, and plain robberies pensions :
Physicians and lawyers (who take their degrees
To be learned rogues) call'd their pilfering fees.

Since this happy day

Now ev'ry man may
Rob (as safe as in office upon the highway.
For Blueskin's sharp penkuife hath set you at ease,
And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.

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Some cheat in the Customs, some rob the Excise:
But he who robs both is esteemed most wise.
Churchwardens too prudent to hazard the halter,
As yet only venture to steal from the altar.

But now, to get gold,

They may be more bold,
And rob on the highway since Jonathan's cold:
For Blueskin's sharp penknife hath set you at ease,
And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.

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Some by public revenues, which pass'd thro' their

hands, Have purchas'd clean houses, and bought dirty lands: Some to steal from a charity think it no sin, Which at home (says the proverb) does always begin.

But if ever you be

Assigo'd a trustee,
Treat not orphans like masters of the Chancery ;
But take the highway, and more honestly seize;
For ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.


What a pother has here been with Wood and his brass,
Who would modestly make a few halfpepnies pass !
The patent is good, and the precedent's old,
For Diomede changed his copper for gold:

But, if Ireland despise

The new halfpennies, With more safety to rob on the road I advise: For Blueskin's sharp penknife hath set. you at ease, And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please.


With ev'ry lady in the land

Soft Strephon kept a pother :
One year he languish'd for one hand,

And next year for the other.

Yet; when bis-love the shepherd told

To Flavia fair and coy,
Reserv'd, demure, than snow more cold,

She scorn'd the gentle

Late at a ball he own'd his pain:

She blush?d, and frown'd, and swore,
With all the marks of high disdain,

She'd never hear him more.

The swain persisted still to pray,

The nymph still to deny ;
At last she vow'd she would not stay;

He swore she should not fly..

Enrag'd, she call'd her footman straight,

And rush'd from out the room,
Drove to her lodging, lock'd the gate,

And lay with Ralph at home.





How vain are mortal man's endeavours !
(Said, at dame Elleot's * master Travers)
Good Orleaps dead; in truth 'tis hard :
O! may all statesmen die prepar'd!
I do foresec (and for foreseeing
He equals any man in being)

ne'er can be disbanded.
- I wish the king were safely landed.
Ah friends! great changes threat the land !
All France and England at a stand !
There's Meroweis-mark! strange work !
And there's the czar, and there's the Turk

* Coffeehouse, near St. James's. H.

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