The works of Alexander Pope. Containing the principal notes of drs. Warburton and Warton [&c.]. To which are added, some original letters, with additional observations, and memoirs, by W.L. Bowles, Volume 9


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Página 59 - I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Página 61 - Take care the bad poets do not out-wit you, as they have served the good ones in every age, whom they have provoked to transmit their names to posterity. Maevius is as well known as Virgil, and Gildon will be as well known as you, if his name gets into your verses : and as to the difference between good and bad fame, 'tis a perfect trifle.
Página 438 - To make an Episode. Take any remaining adventure of your former collection in which you could no way involve your hero, or any unfortunate accident that was too good to be thrown away, and it will be of use applied to any other person, who may be lost and evaporate in the course of the work without the least damage to the composition.
Página 475 - Vati noceat . But however this contention might be carried on by the Partizans on either side, I cannot help thinking these two great Poets were good friends, and lived on amicable terms and in offices of society with each other.
Página 69 - The politicians to a man agree, that it is free from particular reflections, but that the satire on general societies of men is too severe.
Página 76 - A Bishop here said that book was full of improbable lies, and for his part, he hardly believed a word of it; and so much for Gulliver.
Página 61 - But, however, he is not without fault. There is a passage in Bede, highly commending the piety and learning of the Irish in that age, where after abundance of praises he overthrows them all, by lamenting that, alas ! they kept Easter at a wrong time of the year.
Página 146 - I was forty-seven years old when I began to think of death ; * and the reflections upon it now begin when I wake in the morning, and end when I am going to sleep.
Página 70 - Lords and Commons, nemine contradicente; and the whole town, men, women, and children, are quite full of it. Perhaps I may all this time be talking to you of a book you have never seen, and which...
Página 205 - If your ramble," says Swift, in another letter, " was on horseback, I am glad of it, on account of your health ; but I know your arts of patching up a journey between stagecoaches and friends' coaches, for you are as arrant a cockney as any hosier in Cheapside.

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