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APRILI. In Dean-street, Fetter-lane, in support of the Female Charity School Wm. Preston," P.sq. ; a gentleman who may above mentioned; and the interest of properly be designated a pioneer in litera £300 to be paid to any well-skilled ture; having conducted through the press Mason, “ to deliver, annually, a Lecture of the house of Messrs. Strahap the most on the First, Second, or Third Degrees celebrated works of the last century. of the Order of Masonry, according to the Tutored under the classic Ruddiman, of System practised in the Lodge of AntiEdinburgh, he acquired an early taste for quity during my Mastership.” Mr. Preston composition; and, through the patronage suffered from illness four years and nine of the late Mr. Stralian, was introduced to months, and was nearly 76 years of age; many of the most eminent authors who 55 of which he had been actively engaged flourished in his day. His critical skill, as a as superintendant of (and for his latter corrector of the press, led literary men years as partner iu) the Printing-concera to submit to the correction of style; and • of Messrs. Strahan. such was the success of Mr. Presion in the

2. Mrs Castle, wife of Mr, S. Castle, of construction of language, that the most dis Oxford-street. tinguished among them honoured him with 3. At Moulton seas-end, aged 41, Me their friendship; as presentation copies George Spreckley, boot and shoe maker. now in his library, of the elegant and in At Bath, aged 92, Mrs. Lucy Rice. She structive Robertson, the acute and philo was sister of the late Right Hon. G. Rice, sophic Hume, the eloquent and lumivous and aunt to the present Lord Dyneros. Gibbon, the moral and philological John. 4. At Peckham, Jane, wife of Mr. Rob. son, and the pious and polished Blair, will M'Brair. bear testimony. The leisure hours of this At Southampton, in his 86th year, J. gentleman were devoted to the study of Ferguson, Esq. admiral of the white squaFreemasonry as a Science; and his “Illus. dron of his Majesty's fleet. trations" (a work well known to the fra At Camberwell, Thomas Plammer, Esq. ternity) will transmit his name with honour in the 19th year of his age. to posterity. His numerous friends will ln Burr-street, East Smithfield, Mr. have to contemplate the loss of an old Abraham S. Bargerbier, aged 34. and valuable companion; while the bre. 5. Mr. Sweetman. butcher, of Plymouththren of the craft will hear with plea- dock. sure, that the benevolence to which their At Kensington, aged 81, Mr. Thomas system gave birth has been again embo. Baxter. died for their example, in his liberal be. While on his way to church, G. Bowden, quests to several institutions connected of Poulshot, Wilts, aged 80. with the masonic society; by whom he was At Paris, in her 14th year, Louisa Maria, always esteemed one of its brightest orna. second daughter of Joseph Bullock, Esq. ments. And on Friday, April 10th, the re. Jate cominissary.general in the West mains of this distinguished Freemason were Indies. interred under St. Paul's Cathedral. The At Carrhead, Yorkshire, William Wajo. funeral was of the most handsome de.

man, Esq. aged 18. scription, consisting of a bearse and seven 6. Aged 57, William Pearce, Esq. of the mourning coaches and four, followed by house of A. M. Pedrae and Co. of Broadseven gentlemens' carriages. The Chief

street, Mourners were, Thomas Chapman, Stephen Mrs. Loyd, wife of $ A. Lloyd, Esq. of Jones, and John M Arthur, Exqrs. Among Newbury, Berkshire, the Mourness we observed, Sir Henry 7. Ai Dublin, Sir Richard Musgrave, Darell, Bart. Lucas Birch, Esq. (brother of Bart. Author of "The History of the Irish the Alderman), George E. Griffiths, Andrew Rebellion." and Robert Spotti soode, John Bayford, 8. At Horton, in his 69th year, James Wm. Meyrick, Thos. Cadell, A.J. Mouchet, Robertson, Esq, J. Asperne, and Thomas Harper, Esqrs. To George-street, Hanover-square, Sir

In consequence of the rain, the Fe. Rich. Gamon, Bari, uncle to the Marchio. male Orphans belonging to the Free. ness of Buckingham, and many years M.P. masons' Charity in St. George's Fields for Winchester. were not able to follow in procession ; but At Penzance, in her 66th year, Emily, mustered at the Church, under the care of Countess of Bellamont danghter of James the Treasurer, William Forseteen, Esq. Duke of Leinster, and sister to the late A. S. Gordon, Esq. Captain Deans, &c. Duke and Lady Charloite Strutt, &c. and returned to the house of the de 8. At Milden-hill, aged 68, Mrs. Swale, ceased, where they partook of wine and wife of John Swale, Esq. cake. The deceased left £1300 consols. 9. At Chertsey, Mr. Jos. Elcock. to be distributed as follows:--£500 to the In her 66th year, Mr. Olivier, of Bell. Charity Fund of the Grand Lodge; £500 yard, Lincoln's inn.

James Lawson, Esq F.R.S. director of • For Portrait and Memoir vide volome the machinery of his Majesty's Mint, LIX. p. 323.

At the risidence of T. Cazons, Esq.

Limehouse, J. M'George, Esq. captain in 18. In the Kent-road, Mr. Samuel the royal nary.

Richardson, aged 63. 10. Aged 66, the Rev. Sir William Henry Anna Maria, younger daughter of Sir Clerke, Bart, rector of Bury, Lancashire. Robert Kingsmill, Bart, of Sidmonten,

In his 82d year, T. Weston, Esq. of Cam. Hants, aged 17. berwell.

19. At Cheltenbam, Henry Iles UnderAt Trafalgar-terrace, Stepney, Mrs. wood, Esq. of Gloucester place, PortmanCroft, wife of Mr. Croft, surveyor.

square. In Fulwood's-rents, Holborn, in his 20. At Wimpole, the Rev. Thos, Sheep55th year, Mr. Joseph Arden.

shank, A.M. rector of that place. At Brompton, Dudley, youngest son of 2). In Harp-lane, Tower-street, Joba Charles Beloe, Esq.

Smiton, Esq. The Rey Sir Wm Henry Clerke, Bart. In Park-street, Grosvenor-square, Jorector of Bury Lancasbire, aged 66. siah Dixon, Esq. late of File Foot, West

12. In Lincoln's-inn-fields, Jonathan moreland. Deanett, Esq.

At Bromley-lodge, Kent, Captain Peter 15. AC Walworth, John, eldest son of Rolland, of the Hon. East India Company's Mr. John Smith, and grandson of the late service. Mr. John Browne, associate engraver of 23. At Freeland, in Kent, in her 76th the Royal Academy.

year, Mrs. Moore, relict of the late Arcbe 16. At Swinden, Wilts, Mrs. Goddard, bishop of Canterbury. aged 69, relict of the late Ambrose God 22, At Windsor, Charles Morrice, M.A. dard, Esq.

in the 77th year of his age. He was 32 Mr. Johp Hatchett, sen. of the White vears private chaplain to their Majesties, at Horse Cellar, Piccadilly.

Windsor Castle, and chaplain to bis Royal 17. At Rhagatt, Merioneth. Charles Highness the Duke of York. Wyon Lloyd, the infant son of Edward 25. In Salisbury.street, at the house of Lloyd, Esq. high sheriff for the county of his nephew, Lieutenant-general Sir Albert Denbigh.


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THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pennani's
London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a
FEW proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this work, are struck off on
Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 45.; but EARLY application will be
necessary to secure tbem, as the number printed is very LIMITED.
EMOIRS of the late Gronville Sharp Derangements of the Constitution arising

from Hepatic Obstruction. The 3d edition, posed from his own MSS. and other anthen very considerably enlarged, by John Faithtic documents, in the possession of his family horn. and the African Institution; comprising a Night.mare Abbey, by the author of selection of his correspondence with many “ Headloog Hall." eminent contenporary characters in Enge An Historical and Biographieal Essay Jand, France, and America. With a por on the Magna Charta of King Jobo ; emtrait, taken from an original drawing, by bellished with an engraving of that soveGeorge Dance, Esq. in one volume, 41o. by reigo's great seal. The volume will also Prince Hoare, with Observations on Mr. contain an accurate translation of the above Sharp's Scriptural Criticisrbs and Litera celebrated instrument, with noles illustrature, hy the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of St. tive of the liberties it conveys, and the hisDavids. Price, not to exceed two guineas, torical eircumstances with wbich it was to be paid on delivery of the volume. The connected. whole profits to be given to the African Sonnets and other Poems, by Mrs. Dark, Institntion. Those who wish to subscribe of Caloe, to be published under the immetheir names to this work, are desired to send diate patronage of the Marchioness of thera (with their address) to eitber of the Landsdowne. following persons : Thomas Harrison, Esq. Aspin's Universal History, part IX. secretary to the African Institution, No.3, Green's Universal Herbal. part VIII. Fludyer-street, Westoninster; William Allen, Green's Memoirs of Princess Charlotte, Esq. Plough-court, Lombard--treet; and A Letter to the Hon. and Right Rev, Hen: Prince Hoare, Esq. No. 14, Buckingham. Ryder, D.D. Lord Bishop of Glocester, ou street, York-buildings.

the Admission into Holy Orders, of Young In the press,

Men, bolding (what are called) Evangelical Facts and observations on Liver Com- Principles. By the Rev. Rd. Warner, plaints, aod those various and extensive



PUBLISAED IN APRIL, Al the Prices they are advertised ot, in bourds, unless otherwise cxpressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is carnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. TIM BOBBIN'S Works and Life, by the Italian by Wm. Manden, Esq. 4to. Townley, 10 plates, 4s.

A. 12s. 6d. Beauties, or Select Extracts from the Fune Life of Bishop Watson, 2 vols. Bro. 11. 6s.

ral Sermons on the Princess Charlotte, An Account of the Life and Writiogs of Dr. 5s. 60.

John Erskine, 8vo. 14s. Treatise on Soils and Manure, 6s.

Hamilton on the National Debt, 3d edit. Memoirs and Correspondence of John 8vo, 10s. Evelyn, 2 vols. 4to. 51, 155. 6d.

Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History The Civil and Constitutional History of Society, Vol. II. Part 2, 16s.

Rome, by Henry Bankes, Esq. M.P. Grinfield's Natural and Revealed Theology, 2 vols, royal 8vo. II. 4s.

8vo. 12s. Cowper's Table Talk, Westall's Designs, Latrobe's (Rev. C. J.) Visit to Africa, 4to. * 12mo. 8s.

21. 2s. Cowper's Minor Poems, 12mo. 8s.

The Literary Character illustrated by the The Confession or Novice of St. Clare, and History of Men of Genius, by the Author other poems, 12mo. 43.

of Curiosities of Literature, 9s, 6d. The Bravo of Vepice, 12mno. 6s.

The Origin of the Pindarees, by an Officer, Onlton's History of the London Theatres, Svo. 78. 6d. 3 vols. 12mo. 12s.

Voyage of H.M.S. Rosamond, to New. History of St. Domingo, 8vo. 12s.

fonndland and the Southern Coast of Belgian Traveller, 3d edit. 8s.

Labrador, by Lieutenant Edw. ChapBloomfield Illustrated, 4to. 17 plates, 21s. pell, R.N. 8vo. 12s. Ditto, 8vo. 105, 6d.

Hobhouse's Historical Wastrations of the Smith's Horse Owner's Guide, 5s, 6d.

I Vth Capio of Cluild Harold, 14s. Women; or, Pour et Contre, a Tale, by - Child Harold, Cauto IV. Hvo. 12s.

The Author of Bertram, &c. 3 vols, 12mo. Encyclopædia Metropolitania, Part Il. 21s.

11. Is. Sermons and Lectures, by Dr. Alexander Brokier's French and English Cambist, Brunton, 8vo. 128.

103.60. Humboldt's Personal Narrative, Vol. I. A Journey to Rome and Naples, performed and 11, 8vo, boards, 188.

in 1817, by Henry Sass, Esq. Svo. 125. The Travels of Marco Pole, translated from

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. "MR. THOMAS HIGGINS, of Plais- public importance of the deceased, we are

tom," was, we doubt mot, a very de comp:lled, however reluctantly, to refuse serving young man, but we have not room their insertion to insert his elegy.

R. d. D. and Robert Twogood, in our * Larga's Vale" has considerable merit, next. but is much too long for insertion, though W. D. A.-S. R.-N. H.-W. J.-and we hope to find a page in some future nur Nauticus, are received. ber for a few detached stanzas.,

T. King-J. C. P-let-and Clarissa, Our critical humour is too dogged to give are inadmissible. place to a spaniel's epitaph.

" Lines at the Tomb of my Mother,"'. ERRATUM.- Page 103, rol. 1, line 37, ***.-J. W. R.-A. C. L-and several insert, " never," before " unfold."---Page others, shall receive our earliest decision. 129, line 2, for “ immoral" read “immor

The oumerous elegiac tributes to the me tal."-Ibid, line 20, for " 'tis, read “its." mory of dear and valued friends," which - Page 201, col. 2, line 10, for " physio we are constantly receiving, render it neces.

phisiognomy."- Page 202, sary for us to observe, that they are gene col. 1, line 30, for “ should," read “ spould." Fally uninteresting, save to the parties more - Page 205, col. I, line 21, after " obserimmediately connected; and, except in vations" dele the foll stop. cases of very superior poetical merit, or

gomy," read



Ertracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at GuilduAll, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attornies' Names are between Brackels.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. HINSCLIFFE, JOHN, Halifax, dealer. April 18. SPYER, SAMUEL Great Alie-st. Goodman's-Gelde, PROCTOR, WILLIAM, Sheffield, oprician. Aprill. merchant. April 25. PROCTOR, GEORGE, Biriningham, optician. WALSH, JAS. Halifax, York, merchaut. April 18. April 14.

WALKER,CHAS. Brighthelmstone, stationer. Ap.7.

ATKINSON, JOAN, Aldgate, High-street, butcher, and June &. (Shepherd, Hyde st. Bloomsbury.]

May 16. (Baddeley, Lemon-st. Goodman's-fields.) Apri !!.
April 1.

DENNIS, RICHARD, Bardney, Lincoln, black. AGG, THOMAS, Water-la. Fleet-st. printer, May smith, May 2, 9, and Jane 6. (Spencer, Belvedere23. (Devey, Doreet-st. Fleet-st.) April 11.

place. Borough ro.). April 25. BISHOP, THOS. Throginorton-st. ELWELL, WILLIAM, Birmingham, chymist, May

merchant, May 9. (Holt, Threadneedle-st ) Mar 28. 9, Royal, Birmingham. (Willis, Biriningham; BULL, JAMES, Bristol, victualler, May 18, Bush, and Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.) March 28.

Bristol. (Cornish, Bristol ; and Poole and Co. FIRTH, JOHN, and Co. Dewsbury, York, clothiers. Gray's.inn-sq.) March 31,

May 26, White Lion, Dewsbury Fisher and Co. BOWDIGE, JOHN, Axminster, Devon, baker, May Holborn; and Hopkinson, Dewsbury.) April 14.

12, George, Axminster. (Knighi, Axminster; and FLETCHER, BERNARD, Deptford, Kent, linen. Alexander and Co. Newp-inn. ) March 31.

draper. May 2, and 26. (Concanon, Great Suf. BERRY, JOAN, Fleet st. tailor, May 10. (Deykes, folk-st. Southwark.) April 14. Tbavies inn.) April 4

FROST, JOHN, Grange-road, Berinondsey, victu. BELL, WM. Oxford-st. linen-draper, aller, May 2, and 30. (Woition, Great Jannes-st." May. 16. (Niblett, Che:ipside.) April 4.

Bedford-row.1 April 18.
BIGGS, GFORGE, Holborn bridge, silversmith, FOSTER, PETER, Liverpool, merchant, June 2,

April 19. (Tucker, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn.) (Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.) April 21.
April 7.

GARS!DE, ROBERT, Stockport, Cheshire, cottonBALL, GEORGE MIDDLETON, Spring-st. Shad. spinner, May 9, Warren Bulkeley Arms, Slock well, auctioneer, May 23. (West, Red Lion-st. port. (Paulden, Stockport; and Wilson, Greville. Waping.) April 11.

st. March 28. BUTLER, JAMES, Prescot, Lancaster, nurseryman, GILL, JOHN, Mill Pleasant, Stoke Domerell, De.

May 5, and 26. (Reardon and Co. Corbet co. von, tope inake, May 2.?, Cominercial, Old Town, Gracechurch st.) April 14.

Plymouth. (Alexander, Carey-st. Lincoln's-inn; BEAUCHAMP, ROBERT, Coventry-st. Haymarket, and Coryndon, Plymouth, Devon. April 11. lace-dealer, May 2, and so. (Wilde, Warwick sq. GOOCA, JOHN BURTON, ThrogNewgate st.) A til 18.

morton-st, merchant, May 2, 14, and June 6. BURNETT, ANDREW, Lisle-st. Westminster, (Mount, Tokenhouse yard.) April 25.

cabinet-maker, May 2, and 30. (Allen, Carlisle GREGORY, JOSEPH, Salford, Lancaster, victualst. Soho.) April 18.

ler, May 11, 12, and June 6, Prince's, Manchester. BATLEY, CHAS. Red Lion and Spread Eagle yard, (Creswell, Manchester; and Ellis, Chancery-la.) Whitechapel, stable.keeper, May 9, and June 6. April 25.

(Gray, Kingsland road.). April 25. HORRABIN, ROBERT, Bolton-le-Moors, haiter, BISHOP, CHAS. High st. Southwark. linen-draper, Mav 1, 2, and 19, Garrick's Head, Fountain-st.

May 2, 9, aud June 6. (Wright, Upper Thames Manchester- (Unwin, Manchester; and Milne st.) April 25.

and Co. Temple.1 April 7. CHARLDERS, ROBERT, George-st. Oxford-st. HARDWICK, THOMAS, Lutte worth, corn factor,

victualler, May 12. (Parnall, Church-st. Spital. May 19, Ram, Northampton. (Jryes, NorthampBe'ds.) March 31.

ton; and Jeyes April 7. COLES, CHARLES, Ditcham-grove, Southampton, HART, WIT Newport, Isle of Wiglit, schoolmas.

and of Fleet-st. stationer, May 14 (Beverley, ler, May 2, and 95. (Hindmarch, Jewin. st. CripGarden-co. Temple.) March 31.

plegate.) April 11. COLE, ROBERT, King st. Holborn, coach-ma. HAYES, FLETCHER, Waverton, Lancaster, inn.

ker, May 83. (Langley, Charlotie-st. Bedford . keeper, May 4, and 43, George, Liverpool. 89. April 11,

[Bulmer, Liverpool; and Clarkc and COLES, CHARLES, and co. Fleet-st. stationers, Co. Chancery-la.! April 11.

May 23. (Lowden, Clement's inn.) Aprilil. HENDERSON, JAMES,, St. Pan. CUTHBERT, ROBERT, Aldborough, Holderness, cras, merchant, May 23. (Atcheson, Great Wix.

York, miller, May 23, Cross Kers. Kingston upon chester-st. Broad st.) April 11. Hull. (Knowles, New.inn; and Johnson, Bever. HOWARD, ROBERT, Stockport, Chester, manu. ley.) April 11.

facturer, dealer and chapman, May 26, Whire CAVE, THOS. Hindley, Lancaster, dealer, May 11, Lion, Stockport. (Walters, Stockport; and Wright

19, and 30, Buck.i'th'- Vine, Wigan, Lancaster. and Co.Temple.] April 14. (Pitchfield, Wigan; and Ellis, Chancery-la.] HAKWICK, PHILIP, Westbary, Somerset, ing. April 8.

Jolder, Jay Z, and 96, White Lion, Bath. [Welsh, CROUCHER, JOHN, H. Great Alie-st. Goodman's Weils, Somerset; and Dyne and Co. Lincoln's-inn

fields, spirit. merchani, May 2, and 30. (Graham, fields.) A;ril 14. Barnard's inn.) April 18.

HACK, THOS. Bear garden, St. Saviour's, South. DUCKWORTH, ELLIS, Manchester, liquor-mer. wark, anchor-smith, May 9 and 30. (Clutton and

chant, May 2, 4, and 23. Star, Manchester (Cun. Co. High at. Southwark.) April 18. liffe, Manchester; and Clarke and Co. Chancery. HOMPHREYS, JAMES, Talbrit co. Gracechurch. 13. April 11.

st. tailor, May 5 and June 9. (Lang, America-sq.). DOWGILL, BENJAMIN, Great Woodhouse Carr, April 21.

York, stonemason, May 6, 7, and 20, New Court. ILLINGWORTH, ABRAHAM, Philpot-la. winehouse, Leeds. (Ward. Leeds; and Robinson, merchant, May 26. (Blandford, Bruton-81, BerkeEssex st. Strand.) April 14.

ley sq.). April 14. DAULBY, DANIEL, and Co. Manchester, coal.' JACKSON, JOHN, Leeds, York, merchant, May,

merchants, May x6, Albion, Manchester. (Apple. 7, and June 6, Court House, Leeds. (Lamberts by and Co. Gray's-inn-sq. ; and Whitehead, Man and Co. Gray's-inn-sq. ; and Bloome, Leeds.) chester.] April 14.

April 25. DAVENPORT, SAMUEL, Egham, brewer, May 5, JAMES, JOHN, Bristol, grocer, May 6, 7, and June,

numene Way 9, and June 6. (Sudlow and Co. Mo.

6, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Lamberts and ROBINSON, JOHN, St. Mary's Hill, ship-insur. Co. Gray's-inn-sq.; and Cooke, Bristol.) April rance-broker, May 16. (Hellyer, Paper-buildings, 25.

Temple.). Apil 4. LAWRENCE, WILLIAM, Old-st.-road, victualler, ROBINSON, CAWOOD, Spalding, Lincoln, dealer,

May 16. (Vandercome and Co. Bush-la. Cannon. May 6, 7, and so, White Hart, Spalding. [Fuster 31.] April 4.

and Co. Spalding; and Grant and Co. Lamb's LIDDIARD, THOMAL, Chiswell-st. plumber, May Conduil-st.) April 18. 23. (Mawley, Adam's-place, High-st. Southwark.) RAINS, JOHN SOADY, Wapping-wall, merchant, April 11.

May 5, and June 2. (Sweet and Co. Basiagtullo LAND, EDWARD, Warwick row, Blackfriars-road, 8.) April 21.

baher, Way ?, and 26. (Child, King sl. Southa STUVOS, JOHN, Haxey, Lincoln, ir.n-holder, May wark.) April 14.

16, George, Kingston upon-Hull. (ala tua and Cia LOCKWOOD, JOHN, Stephen-st. St. Pancras, Huil; and Ellis, Chancery-la.] April 1.

chair maker, May 2, and 20. (Hamilton, Berwick. STEPHENS, HENKY, Penryn, Cornwall, ner. st. Soho.] April 14.

chant, May 16. (Crowder and Co. Old Jerry.)" LEACH, HUGH, and Co. Bristol, linen-merchants, Aprilt.

May 26, Comercial Rooins, Bristol (Lamberts SMITH, CHARLES, and Co. Bedford house, South. and Co. Gray'3-in-sq. ; and Cooke, Bristol.] ampton-row, grocers, May 19. (Draper and Co. April 14.

Exchange.bu. Cornill.] April 7. LOWE, ALEXANDER CHRISTIE, Tukenhouse. SCHOLES, RICHARD, Auddersfieid, York, corn. yard, merchant, May 86. (Brough, South-Molton meichalt, May 03, Sessions House, Wakeficid. st.) April 14.

[Brown. Huddersfield : -and Walker, Lincoln's. LE PLAISTRIER, ISAAC, Minories, watch-maker, inn fields.] -pril !!.

May 2, 16, and Juge 6. (Mayhew and Co. Chan, SHEPPARD), WILLIAM, Bristol, bookseller, May cery la.). April 25.

93, Cominercial Rooms, Bristol. (Evans, HallouLACHLAŃ, jos. Great Goodınan's-fields, garden : and Coulson, Bristol.) April ii.

ship-broker, May 10, and June 6. (Denneits and SANDWELL, ROBERT BAKER, Deal, grocer, May Co. king's Arms.ya Coleman si.) April 25.

[Willmet, Ram sate; and Beli and Co. Bow MILES, JOHN, Uxbridge, truss-maker, May 9. Churci-yard ) April 11. [Rudalls, Barnard's inn.) March 28.

SANDUACH, JOHN, Woolwich, currier, May 26. MABSON, ROUSB, High-road, Knightsbridge, ba. (Sandom, Deptford.) April 14.

ker, May 18. (Shuter, tillbank-st. Westminster.) SOUTHER, GEORGE, Canterbury, Kent, groces, April +.

May 26. (Lindsay, St. Thomas's si. Southwaik.) MARTIN, THOMAS, and Co. Bristol, linen-dra. April it.

pers, May 23, White Lion, Bristol. (Clarke and STILL, JOHN, otherwise WARRINER, JOGN, Co. Chancery-la. ; and Stephens, or Clarke, Bris Bristol, brass-founder, May 20, Commercial col.) Aprilir.

kooms, Bristol. (Vizard and Co. Lincolu's inn. MACKAVOY. EDWARD, King's-st. Greenwich, fields; and Wintour and Co. Bristol.) April 14.

victualler, May 8. (Suter, Greenwich.) Aprilik. SAGE, JOHN, and Co. Maidstone, inilleis, May MILES, JOHN, High Hoiborn, linen-draper, May 4, and so. (Bentun, Union-st. Southwark.) April

2, and 30. (Mayhew and Co. Chancery-la.) April 18. 18.

SOUTHAN, JOHN, Birmingham, baker, Jane 2. NICOLL, EDW. Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Castle, Birminghain. Clarke and Co. Chancery.

wine-merchant, May 6, and June 6. (Martindale, 18.] April 21. Gray's-in-eq.). April 2!.

SNALL, JAMES, Bristol, coach-proprietor, May 1, OSBOURNE, CHARLES, Biliter-sq. merchant, May, 5, an June 6, White Hart, Bristol. (King, Sero 16. [Holl. Threadneedle-st.) April 4.

jeant's-tun, Fleet-st.; and Frankis, Bristol.4) OSBOURNE, WILLIAM, Sculcoales, York, mer. April 25. chant, June 2,

George, Kingston upon Hull. SARGENT, GEO. Hastings, Sussex, ship-owner, (Longdill and Co. Gray's.in1-89.) dpril 91. May 2, 9, and June 6. [Clark, Circas, Minories.] OLDACRES, WILLIAM, Lea Grange, Twycrass, April 25.

Leicester, farmer, May 15, 16, and June 6, Woni. SIEPI, LINGI, Haymarket, jeweller, May 5, and pack, Birmingham. | Alexander and Co. New June 6. (Mayhew and Co. Chancery-la. April inn: and Parker, Biriningham.) April 25.

95. PROCTOR, JOHN, and Co. 'teyning-la. cloth. fac. TOWSE, WY, Wokingham, Berkshire, merchant,

tors, May 9. (Tayinr, Clement's.inn. ) March 28. Nax: {Faithful. Woningbaan; and faithiul PADGETT, WM. Vauxhall, grocer, May 14. (Edis, Lamb's Conduit-st.) Murth ed. Broad-st. bu. March si.

TETT, PALMER, Seaton, Rutlandshire, sheep." PENFOLD, ROBERT, Lower road, Deptford, vic. jobber, June 4, Hotel, Stamford. [O'Brien, rig. tualler, May 19. (Pearson, Elm co. Temple.) tree co, Temple.) April 8. April 7.

THACKRAY, 'THOS and co. Greenwich, linen PAYNE, HENRY HERBERT, Strood, Kent, brewer, drapers, May 19. (Bowman, Everiti-st. Russel-sq.) April

dpril 25. 7.

WATSON, MARY-ANN, Fareham, Southampton, PAGE, GEORGE, Cranbourn-st. silk-inercer, May mercer, Mav 19, Red Lion, Faicham. Paddith, 23. (Adams, Old Jew:y.) April '1.

Farelain; and Alexander and Co. New.jan.), PARISÀ, JOSEPH, East Teignmouth, Devon, dealer March 31.

in musical instruments, May 5, and so. Globe, WEST, JOHN COLLEY, Bristol, baker, Mar 1, Exeter. (Turner, Exeter; and Collett and Co. Coinmercial Rionis, Bristul. irry, siruge, Chance ) April 18.

Somerset; and Alleti, Clifford's.inn.) March 31. PEAK, JOSEPH, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Slatford, WII,COCKS, EDW. Aldersgate-si. iron miunger,

mercer, May 1, at Mr. Sparrow's ottier, N:wcastle. May 16. [Toinuson and Co. Copiniliacul under-Lymé, May 2, and 30, Roe Buck, Newcastle. under Lyme. (Sparrow, Newcastle under-Lyme; WILMOT, SAM. REYNOLDS, Bristol, biawer, and Wiison, Temple.} April 18.

May 19, Commercial Ronins, Bristika (tok, POWELL, THOS. Leominster, butcher, May 30, Bristol; and innbart and Cu. Gray's-in.] prid.

Falcon, Bromyard. (Biarris, Leonilisier; Darke 7 and Co.! April 14.

WALTON, PENJAMIN, Birmingham, mercbant, POWELL, JAMES Bristol, baker, May 5, 6, and Mai' 25. Wonipack. Birinin diam. (Edmunus,

June 2. Bush, Bristol. (Poole and Co. Gray's. Line In's-inn: and Mole, Birmingham.] Ailin. inn.99.1 April 2!.

WALTER, SAMUEL ELLIOTI, Marleley, alop, PRITCHARD. JOHN. Battle Bridge, varnish inanu printer, Nays, and 23. [hussen and Co. Crown

facturer, May y, and June. Toulmill, Carinar., cm. Aldersgalr-st.) Aprili!. theo.s! Tottenham.enwil ro.) April 25.

WEST, JO-EPH, Abbey-green, Stafford, corn. POOI MAN, JOHN HENKY, Precinct of st. Ca.

dra er,

(Cock, Woudbriuke. house, therine's, merchant, M:, and jure u. (Temp Clerhenwell.). April 11.

lar and Co. Burr-st. East Siniliguld) April 25. WILLIE. JO:IN, Kingston upon. Hull, brewer, Nay, RUSSELL, JAMES, Horusey-road, Islington, sta. 23. (hearsky and Co. Bishopsgate-si.-Wirtuin.)

tioner, May 16. (Russell and Co. Ciowti co. duril 11. April 4.

WELCH, JOHN, Great Yormouth, Norfolk, haberRL D, ELI, and Co. Great Hossell-st Bloomsbury, dasher, May 21, Ship, Great Yarmouth. (Cry!

Por drapers, May 16. (Willis and Co. Wann. jun. Great Yarmouth; and Nelson, Barnard's.inn.]

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