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which threatened to attack the British can into confusion, or at least to prevent their tonment. I arrived at Ahinedougger on the forming to charge in any regularity. The 8th, and immediately took possession of the junction of these divisions was perfectly pettah (town), which had been ceded by the effected as designed. But the enemy having late treaty, but pot given up by the bonour. taken alarm in the course of the night at the able company:

fruitless though obstinale, opposition which My march from Serooi to Poona became he made to Lieutenant-Colonel Miloe's extremely difficult and harassing from the division in the passage of the river at Yelwant of cavalry. The enemy's horse con lera, and against which he appears to have stantly surrounding my line and camp, com thrown out all his infantry, as well as large pelled me to shorten my marches and to bodies of horse, precipitately drew off, preserve the closest order, and I could not leaving a great part of his camp standing, reach Poona in consequence, before the and considerable quantities of ammunition evening of the 13ih. In this situation I must on the field. His Highness the Prishwa, is not omit to report the gallant exertions of said to have fled about two o'clock in the Captain Spiller, with about 400 of the morning of the 17th. The enemy socceeded "auxiliary horse (8), who succeeded in at. in carrying off all his guns but one; and I tacking and defeating a more numerous fiad no means of pursuing him beyond the 'body of the enemy's horse, in which they lost fire of my artillery. The enemy having tbus a sirdar of rank, and about fifty men killed disappeared, I lost no time in recrossing the and wounded, with a very trifling loss river to occupy the most favourable ground among the auxiliaries. I made a disposi- for bombarding the city ; but every interest tion on the evening of the 11th to attack the and policy, as well as considerations of boenemy, who was encamped on the opposite maniiy, made me most anxious to unite my side of the Moottah Moolah, occupying the exertions with those of the Honourable Mr. ground of the old British cantonments, hav. Elphinstone, the resident, to avert the desing his right upon a mangree grove, wiili a truction which now threat-ned ii, either by decp nullah crossing the extremity, and his bombardment or storm, and the enemy har. left stretching along the inclosures of the ing luckily fled in an oppo ite direction, northern front of the officers, lines of houses, and left the defence of the city to only a few extending towards the suburbs of the town. hundred Arabs, these were, by Mr. ElphinHe had eleven guns in battery on his left, stone's in Quence, prevailed upon to withand a few others more scattered along his draw; and I have the pleasure to acquaint front and right. I was, however, disappoint your Excellency our guards took peaceable ed in the state of the Yellera Ford, which possession of the city in the cour-e of the proved extremely difficult, and by which I evening of the 17th, when the British flag bad hoped to pass my whole line over the was hoisted on his Higlioess's palace, under Moottah Moolah; this obliged me to relin a royal salute. Although the troops, both quish attempting its passage by night, and Nalive and European, were exasperated to the troops were then too much exhausted the olmost at the perfidious conduct of the from the harassing nature of their duties, to enemy, in burning the residency and their justify my attempting any more distant cantonments, and in the most barbarous ford.

execution of Captain Vaughan, of the On the evening of the 16th, all the dispos. Madras 1516 Nalive Infantry, and his bro. able corps, after providing for the camp ther, travelling inder the belief of the peaceand position of Kirky, were furined in able relations of the two Governmenis, sull divisions (9) of attack; the first, under my 00 excesses have been committed against personal command, was destined for the the city, the resourses of which are invaluenemy's left, and to cross the river at the able in the calculation of our future operaSuogum; and the second, under Lieutenant tions against his Bigliness the Peishwa. I Colonel Milnes, of liis Majesty's 66th regi- shall be unavoidably detained here aiding ment, was directed to act upon the enemy's in the establishment of order and military riglit, and to cross the river hy the Yellera security to the ciry, till the 228 iustant, Ford before sull-set. A battalion, with a when I propose marching again upon the company of Europeans and two field-pieces, enemy in his retreat to the southward. under Major Thatcher, of the 20 bairalion I cannot close this despatch withont assuring 9th regiment, was ordered to precede the Ist' your Excellency of the zeal and good disdivision by a diffrent route, to prevent the cipline of all the troops, and of the cheerful enemy opposing my passage. The 1st and aid I have received from all the statt. Tbe 2d divisions, lying in position after the eneiny confidently calculated he had sucpassage of the river, were appoinied to ceeded in seducing the sepoys, hy large march at a given time from equal distances, rewards to desert our ranks; and if any so as to join in allack at the dawn of day, thing can add to the reputation of the Bomby which I hoped to throw their cavalry bay ariny, it should be recorded, as a proof

of their incorruptible fidelity, that not a (8) A body of troops raised in the Peish sepoy las left his colours since the Peishwa wa's dominions, and officered by Europeans. became our enemy. I inclose a list of (9) See the close of this letter,

killed and wounded in various skirmishes

with the enemy. But principally in the the eve of the action, to desire that he passage of the Mootta Moola, by Lieuten might not fire the first gun; but that the ant-Colonel Miloe's division on the evening message was too late, or rather that Goklah, of the 16th instant, which acquitted itself hearing of its approach, anticipated it by with great spirit and steadiness doring a beginning to caoponade: Moro Dicksbut long and severe fire, both of inusquetry and had been entrusted with the Zerree Puckah, cannon. From foriy to fifty guns, with a (the standard of the Mahratta empire), and considerable quantity of military stores, had five thousand horse attached to him, are reported to be taken in the city, returns besides his own two thousand; be is, howof which I shall have the honour of trans. ever, represented as having been very averse mitting hereafter. I have the honour to to the war, and as being accused by Goklah report, that the 2d regiment of cavalry, of intrigues with us; Rastia was one of under the cominand of Lieutenant-Colonel those attached to Moro Dickshut's partyColebrooke, joined my camp oo the morn being strongly suspected of disaffection, he ing of the 18th instant.

was compelled to charge first, but acquitted I have the honour to be, &c. bimself with courage and fidelity; Goklah

LIONEL SMITH, Brig. Gen. avowed to Appajee Lukman Appa Des. Names of Officers Wounded.

sayes Vackheel, inmediately before the

action, that his contidence of success, and 1st Batt. 3d Reg. Lientenant Spiller, impatience to engage, were fouuded in the attached to be auxiliary borse, slightly. - certainty that our sepoys would come over Bombay European Regiment: Captain by companies or battalions on the field, Preston, severely.

After the affair of the 5th, the Peishwa's Non-commissioned and Privates : 15

army was dismayed: his Highnese sent for killed; 76 wounded.

Hurruiseer, the banker, lamented the break

ing out of hostilities, and with his usual inEstract from a Despatch from the Governor sincerity, professed his wish to have rein Council of Bombay, to the Secret Com

mained at peace, and threw the wbole miltee, daled the 9ih of Dec. 1817. blame of the war, both plao and execution,

We hare the satisfaction of acquainting on his Sirdars; on this occasion he disavowed your honourable Committee, that the dis- the boroing of the residency, and said he trict of Oolpar (10) has been taken posses

would be very glad to build a new one, but sion of without npposition, and that the his whole discourse appears to me to be fort of Severudroog (11), after a slight re merely a specimen of his accustomed double sistance, has surrendered without a single dealing, and of his wish, even in tbe worst casualty on our part; about eighty or ninety of times, to keep open soine separate chanmen have been made prisoners, but the rest nel of intrigue for his own use. Some days of the troops which composed the garrison after the action, the Peishwa's officers effected their escape under cover of the picked up some spirit, and set about circanight. We congratulate your honourable lating the most absurd reports of their sucCommittee on this event, which will be of cesses and of the defection of our allies. considerable consequence, should we he They were joined by Dhermajee Hortub able, with the means at our command, to Row (the freebooter), and it is said, by the attempt an extension of our acquisitions in son of Row Rumbha; Chentamoo Row the Southern Coocan, although you may also joined before their fight from Poona : rest assured that our measures will be con. Goklah set up a while flag as an as; luin for fined at present to secure what we have all who should desert us before a certain acquired in tbat district. The enemy had

time ; after that ao pardon was to be given began to prepare their craft for the purpose to any man who had served us; all the serof attacking our trade which might repass

vânts of English gentlemen who happened the coasts.

to live at Poona, were hunted out by

Goklah, and many treated with great seveExtract from a Despatch from Mr. Elphin, rity: the houses of most of them were given

stone to the Governor General, dated Camp, Rajaxarree, Nov. 23, 1817.

up to plunder, but none of them were put

to death. On our obtaining possession of Poona, Sometime before the breaking out of the correct accounts were obtained of some war, the Peishwa had conceried with all particulars which were before imperfectly the Bheels and Ramoossees, and other preknown. It appeared that the attack on datory tribes in bis country, to shut up the our troops on the 5th, was chiefly brought roads and plunder effects belonging to us. about by the persuasion of Goklah, that the They have readily obeyed an order so much Peishwa took the alarm after he had given suited to their ioclination, and have not the order, aod even sent to Goklah, when on confined their depredations to British pro

perty. They have, however, shut up the (10) A valuable tract of territory in the roads; that to Bombay is further obstructed vicinity of Surat, belonging to the Vinchoor by the garrison of Logur, and by a detachJagheerdar.

ment which has taken possession of, and (11) On the sea coast, south of Bombay. stockaded the Bore Ghaut: no dawks have

been received from Bombay since the 5th : voaring to send a consid (13) to Bancoote, General Smith, however, has sent a strong and I avail myself of this opportunity to detachment to open that road, and one of acquaint your Excellency with what has less strength to keep open the communica. passed since the force left Poona on the tion with Ahmednuggur. No more convoys 22d instant. We had a most difficult task have been cut off since the Grst few days in ascending the little Bhore Ghaut with the after the war; but I am greatly concerned heavy train, on the 23d, which was not to state that Lieutenant Ennis, of the Bom accomplished till late at night; luckily the bay Engineers, has been cut off vear Sakoor enemy did not attempt to defend the Ghant, Mandava, where he was employed on or it would have cost us many lives, and two survey. He had been recalled, but from or three days. I was obliged to halt on the an over confidence in the strength of his 24th. We saw nothing of the enemy till guard, he did not fall back on any station. we came to Jeejoory on the 25th; bere he He was attacked in the night by the inba. sbewed from four to five thousand borse on bitants of Sakoor Mandava, and next both flanks of our columu: we pursued and morning was surrounded by the Bheels and dispersed one body of about two thousand, other adherents of Trimbucjee, who is still with the second cavalry and the artillery in that neighbourhood. Lieutenant Enois gallopers, but with little effect, the cavalry was shot while engaged with the enemy, and being completely broken down and almost his detachment of a jemnedar and twenty. useless, from the incessant forced marches five, fought their way to a more friendly they have made for many months past. part of the country. Some coss on this side The second body of the enemy being of Anna Bootch they were received, fed, upon the rear, and the march being very and sent off in disguise by the Poltail (12) long (twenty-four miles), they took off from of a village, whom I shall not fail to dis fifteen to twenty bollocks. The road was cover and reward. Cornets Hunter and part of the way winding through bills, and Morrison were in Goklah's custody ; they it was impossible effectually to cover the were at first in charge of Major Pinto, who whole of the baggage. In the course of is said to bave treated them well, and re the day's skirmishing, the evenny, by reports sisted Goklab's orders to use them with seve. from their own cainp, lost above iwenty rity, but before the Peishwa's flight, they men, and sereral borses; we had no one huri. were put in chains, and sent to Goklah's I passed the Neerah, by the bridge the same fort of Kangoree, in the Concan,

evening. On the 26th, I marched to the Io consequence of the execution of bottom of the Salpee Pass. On the 271b, Captain and Mr. Vaughan, I bave ad. we balted to refresh before entering the dressed letters of remonstrance both to Pass, as the enemy threatened great opposithe Peishwa and to Goklah; to the former tion. The following morning (yesterday) I only threatened retaliation, in general we ascended the Gbaut, and perfectly unterms, for any repetition of such atroci. molested till we reached the top, where the ties; but to Goklah I declared explicitly, enemy shewed about 600 horse, and threw a that any individual, however exalted his few rockets. The advance soon drove thera rauk, who should order the death of a Bri- back with loss. They gathered strength as tish prisoner, should answer for the crime in they retired in our front, and towards the his own son. I omitted to state, that on the close of our march shewed from 3 to 4000 18th, General Smith sent out a detachment men in front, and about as many more being to take some guns, which, with a body of upon our rear. We opened our gallopers infantry, had got off to the neighbourhood upon them two or three times in the course of the fort of Singbur ; fifteen guns were of the march, and with great effect. The taken without any loss; besides these, forty- 2d battalion of the 9th regiment, under six were taken in Poona, and one in the Major Thatcher, had the rear guard, and Peishwa's camp ; large quantities of ammu took an opportunity of masking a galloper, nition have likewise been taken. The army under a division of auxiliaries, which the is pow in full march after the Peishwa, who, enemy were preparing to charge; it opened it is rumoured, intends to return to Poona, with grape, and did great executioo : and or holds that lavguage to encourage his the enemy through the day could not have troops. Trimback jee has not yet joined lost fewer than one hundred and twenty bim, whether from distrust on his owo men; we had one havildar and one sepoy part, or policy on the Peishwa's, is not slightly speared. koown.

in the 'march this morning he was conseExtract from a Repart from Brigadier. quently very sky; but at the close of it be General Smith, to Lieutenant-General Sir

shewed about five thousand horse out of Miles Nightingall, K. C. B. Commander.

range; as the piquet advanced they retired in-Chief at Bombay, dated Camp, Jul slowly; the nature of the ground enabled gaum, 29th Nov, 1817.

me, however, to push upon themn rapidly,

uuperceived, till we reached a rising ground, Mr. Elphinstone informs me be is endea. when we found them formed, and within *(12) Head inhabitant.

(13) A messenger.

range ; all the gallopers, and a light five it up. We have no difficulties whatever, and half ioch howitzer, icomediately opened bot want of grain for the followers ; but upon them with great effect ; and, as usual, the distress has not yet been of a nature to they fled in confusion; they lost many mcu oblige them to leave us; aod, I hope, by and horses, but I have no reports yer of the protecting the couotry, and paying liberally amount from their own camp.

for all I lake, that we shall coutique to find On the whole, I think, I can assure your supplies enough to prevent extreme want, Excellency, that every thing is going on Toe troops have to endure great fatigue ; prosperously. It is to be lamenied, cer. we seldoin reach our ground before two or iainly, that the enemy will not fight, or that three o'clock in the evening, from the neces. I have not cavalry to drive him to a dijo sity of keeping the whole line in the most tance; but I think every day's experiment cuinpact order, but I am happy to assure of his present system is alarining and dis your Excellency of general good health and persiog his meo, aod that he will soon give the highest spirits in all ranks.

ABSTRACT OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. THE Secretary for the PROTECTION VHB Secretary to the SOCIETY of ported to this Society as improper to be

proposed to be ballotted for as members of TRADE against SWINDLERS and thereof. Also, SHARPERS, held at No. 36, Essex-street, That several Bills similar to those mentionStraod, by a Circular has informed the ed in our last have lately been negociated Members thereof, that the persons under with the following additioos and variations.. damed; viz.

Some of them, daled London, are drawn by John BERRY, Tailor, 112, Fleet-street, William Epwards, upon and accepted by and lodging at Mr. Hughes's, Duke-street, ROBERT GUMBLETON, (the drawer of some part of the Surrey-side of Waterloo bridge ; of ihe others,) No. 5, Ebenezer-place,

THOMAS SUTTON, of Henley-on-Twames, Chiswell-streel, and they have the indorseOxfordshire, who refers to

ments of the said William EDWARDS and Smity, VICKRIDGE and Co. Grocers, of JOSEPL T18611TS, WILLIAM HATHAWAY, Bedford House, Southampton-row, Blooms- and Richard PORTER, whose names likebury, lately mentioned, since which they wise appear on the Bills. have gone away ;

Several tradesmen bave lately been deGEORGE GILBERT, EDWARD BARTHO- ceived by a middle aged man, rather shabLOMEW, and Co. 31. Seerling-lane,-the bily dressed in black, and wearing a greasy former living at 6, Wellington-place, Mof- hat, who has applied to them under the prefatt, alias Trafalgar.street, Ciry-road, aod tence of coming from some person (whom the latter at No. 16, (late at No. 20,) New be names) in temporary misfortune, who bas. Union-street, Little Moorfields;

sent to them some Pawnbroker's duplicates HENRY Jones, their Clerk (lately with for woollen cloth, with a request that they W. Maltby and Co, noticed lately);

would redeem it, and lend a few pounds WILLIAM Lawson, Biscuit-baker, 97, upon them to enable him to settle an acUpper Last Smithfield, and

count in a Spunging-house, where he then JOAN BLACK, Clerk 1o Thomas Gray, The tale turns out to be false, aod the (now in the Fleet Prison,) noticed in duplicates are forged. Japoary last, residing at 22, Lower Smiin. Several persons have lately been defraud. street, Northamptop-square, the residence ed of goods by a person improperly repreof Richard Coster, also acting as Clerk to senting himself to be Mr. HENDERSON, the the said Thomas Gray, and frequently neo respectable proprietor of the King's Arms tioned ;

tavern, Old Palace-yard, Westminster, Thomas Lovell, Glove Cleaner, No. 9, And that the man lately mentioned as Russell-court, Drury-lane ;

calling himself JAMES WILLIANs, and as WILLIAM LOVELACE Hunt, Carpenter, borrowing a few shillings under pretence Miot-street, Borough ;

of giving an order to Wine and Porter Mer. JOHN SANSUM, Victualler, Creechurch- chants, sometimes assuines the name of Tuo

MAS SIMPSON, WILLIAM JAMESON, and RICHARD WESTON, No.3, Oat-lane, No JAMES. ble-street (mentioned in 1314);

Despatches have arrived overland from WILLIAM MALTBY, (several times men Bombily, brought by Captain Moore, and tioped,) and

dated 24th Novenber, which are of mure William Hinton USSELL, Timber-mer. striking and important interest than any that chant, late of No. 3, Suffolk place, Hack we have received from India for a consi. ney-road, and now of No. 9, Gloucester derable period. The accounts state, that street, Vauxhall-walk, Lambetb, are the Britisů Govervinent, having ascertained




that the Peishwa was preparing for hostili. strict rigour of our Colonial System is, onder ties, marched a force of 4,000 men from the ordinary circumstances, relaxed with regard Bombay army, to oppose bin. The Peishwa to other friendly nations. It appears that met us with 40,000 men, and fought two our Ministers were oot iodisposed towards battles, in both of which he was defeated. an arrangement which would, per se, have The first engagement took place on the 5th proved satisfactory to the Americans ; but of November, but could noi have been of a their overtures were rejected on account of decisive character, as the Mahratta chieftain being coupled with the demand of a come. was agaio in a condition to cope with the wercial intercourse with the ludians resident British troops on the 17th of the same inonth, within the American boundaries, which was when, notwithstanding the disparity of num- deemed to be inadmissible on the score of bers, he was totally routed, Ayiog to one of policy. his strong forts, and leaving Poonah to its Another Rill is also before Congress, fate. The English accordingly entered bis which affects our maoufacturing interest, by capital in triumph. Lord Hastings had con- increasing the duties on iron in pigs, castcluded a treaty with Scindiah, by which it ivgs, nails, and alum. was provided that the British troops might The French Papers state that an embargo pass through his territories, to punish the is said to have been laid in the ports of Pindarrees. It is not, however, supposed Spain on all the vessels of the United States that a subsidiary force will be fixed upon of America. Scindiah, who seems anxious to maintain an A letter from Valeociennes states, in a amicable understanding with the company, positive manner, that the Ariny of Occapaand willing to assist in suppressing the roh. tion is soon to quit France. The continbers, Holkar subunits in every thing to gents of the minor powers are, it is said, to Lord Hastings. The troops of the Peishwa march Homewards in the month of May; hung two Britislı officers whom they had the British and Russians remain until Sepmade captive--an outrage for which we tember; and the latter have agreed to transmay presume that our countrymen were not fer to France, by virtue of an arrangement slow to enforce a rigorous retaliation, pot vet made publie, the whole of the horses

One of the expedients adopted by the of their cavalry, artillery, &e, which saves Government of Spain to enable it to fit out effectually the risk and expense of carrying the Russian sqnadron, is to allow the mer. them round by sea. chants permission to ship on board 2000 tons The new produce of coffee at St, Dominó of merchandize at low duties, the receipts of go is reckoned at upwards of 33,000,000 lbs. which, it was expected, would afford con. This is pot quite half of what was produced siderable aid. Th exact destination is not by the Revolution, although it is consides. told to the merchants, but they are given to ably greater than the island has produced of understand that ihe force will be so over. lale years. The increase, therefore, may be whelming, ihat to whatever point of the fairly attributed to the improved state of ultramarine dominions it is hound, resist. cultivation, arising no doubt from the in. ance on the part of the Patriots must be creased security which property bas of late vain,

met with in the country. It seems that the From the Report of the Committee of consumption of coffee has very materially Congress, on the part of the President's Meso increased in Kurope. sage which related to the Cominercial loter. The Lord Advocate of Scotland has, at course of the United States with the British length, made a return to the Order of the West India and North American Colonies, House of Cominons for a list of all persoas it appears that the measure does not extend, arrested in Scotland upon charges of treaas some have supposed, to the total probibi. sonable practices, and of adminisiering and tion of the Commercial Intercourse with the taking unlawful onths. From this return it British Cologies, but to subject it to heavy appears, that of 37 persons arrested and duties wbilst carried on in British vessels committed to the Castle of Edinburgh, only exclusively. The operation of this system, one was tried, and he was acquitted ; ano. they expect, will ultimately induce the Bri- ther was held by the Court of Justiciary tish Government to place the intercourse in without trial, and the remainder were requestion upon a footing of reciprocity. – leased, after being imprisoned for several The Coinmittee coinplains that American monthe. vessels are carriers of less than a 6fth of the

THE KING'S HEALTH, exports from the United States to our Colo

Windsor Castle, April 4. dies, and that inore than four fifthy are conveyed in British vessels, though one-half of

“ His Majesty has been aniformly trag. the articles of commerce are the growth, quil througlioui the last month, and cons : production, or manufacture of the United

tinues to enjoy good bodily health ; but bis States. . Another topic of complaint is, that Majesty's disorder is undiminished. even this portion of the traffic arises only.

H. Halford, from the temporary suspensioó of our Navi.

M. Baillie, gation Laws in favour of the Americans,

“ W. Heberden, under the pressure of necessity; whilst the

"R, IYitlis."

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