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An Account of the Price of TBREF, Four, and Five per Cent. STOCK, on the 1st of

Jaguary and the 1st of September in each Year, from the Year 1786 to the Year 1818.

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694 784 744 734



793 Nothing don.

775 Suvday


894 903

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1786 January 2d....

September Ist., 1787 January 2d ...

September 1st... 1788 January 2d....

September Ist... 1789 January 2d

September Ist.... 1790 January 2d.....

September Ist.... 1791 January 2d

September 1st. 1792 January 2d....

September Ist... 1793 January 2d...

September Ist.. 1794 January 2d.

September Ist.. 1795 January 2d..

September Ist.. 1796 January 2d..

September Ist.. 1797 January 20..

September 1st.. 1798 January 2d..

Seprember Ist.. 1799 January 2d..

September Ist.. 1500 Janoary 2d..

September 1st.... 1801 January 2d..

September Ist 1802 January 2d.

September Ist. 1803 January 2d..

September Ist.. 1804 January 2d.

September 1st.. 1805 January 20...

September 1st.... 1806 January Ist....

September Ist.... 1807 January 2d.....

September 1st.. 1808 January 2d...

September Ist 1809 January 20...

September 1st. 1810 January 1st...

September Ist. 1811 January ed....

September Ist. 1812 Jannars 28....

September Ist.. 1813 January 2d..

September Ist. 1814 January 1st..

September 1st 1815 January 2d...

September Ist..

775 Sunday

73 673 644 69$ 683 56% 545 52 484 504

594 Sunday

625 664 613 61 676

68% Sunday Shut 547 Shut

584 Sunday

594 Shut 5.93 63 63 664

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66 Sunday

624 604 604 575 625 654


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The aforegoing prices are extracted from Wetenhall's (formerly Castaigo's) List, pub, Jished twice in the week: the National Debt Office not being in possession of any other documents from which those prices can be given.

When no prices bave been quoted on the first of January (in consequence of holidays), those of the second have been taken. National Debt Office, 13th February, 1818.



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SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1818. Highness Prince Leopold-George-Frede, WHIS Gazette notifies the appointment riek of Saxe Cobourg of Saaltield, late of

Consort of her Royal Highness the PrinMelville, Sir George Warrender, Bart. John

cess Charlotte. Augusta, deceased, shall Osborne, Esq. Sir Graham Moore, Henry henceforth, upon all occasions whatsoever, Somerset, Esq. Sir G. Cockburn, and Sir

be styled and called “ His Royal High

ness,” hefore his name and such titles as H. Hotham, as members of the Board of Agriculture,

row do, or hereafter may, belong to him ;

and to command that the said Royal cona Members returned to serve in Parliament. cession and declaration be registered in his Borough of Great Bedwin-John Jacob

Majesty's College of Arms. And has also Buxton, Esq. in the room of James Henry ordained, that he shall, for the future, use Leigh, Esq. who has accepted the Chiltern

and bear the Royal Arms (without the in

escocheon of Charlemagne's Crown, and Hundreds.

without the Hapoverian Royal Crown) Borough of Yarmouth-John Singleton

differenced with a label of five points are Copley, Esg. of the Temple, Middlesex, Serjeant:at-Law, in the room of Alexander gent, the eentre point charged with a rose Maconochie, Esq. who has accepted the gules, quarterly with the arms of his illusChiltern Hundreds.

trious House, the Royal Arins in the first City of Winchester James Henry Leigh, that the said Royal concession and declara

and fourth quarters; and also to command, I sq. in the room of Richard Meyler, Esq. tion be registered in his Majesty's College de ceased.

of Arms.

It also notifies, that, on the 6th instant, TUESDAY, MARCH 31.

the Baron de Stierneld, Envoy Extraordi.

nary and Minister Plenipotentiary from This Gazette notifies that the Prince Re

his Majesty the King of Sweden, and the gent has appointed Mr. Joel Hart as Consul

Baron of (ierning, Envoy Extraordinary at Leith for the United States of America; from his Serene Highness the Landgrave and has approved of the 69th regiment of of Hesse Hombourg, accompanied by the foot being permitted to bear on its colours

Baron de Krane, Marshal of the Court and appointments the word “ Waterloo," of his Serene Highness, bad their first priin commemoration of the gallantry dis

vate audiences of his Royal Highness the plaved by that regiment at the battle of Prince Regent at Carlton-house: also, that Waterloo

the Baron de Stiergeld, linvoy Extraordi.' nary and Minister Plenipotentiary from his

Majesty the King of Sweden, and the Ba. TCFSDAY, APRIL 7.

ron de Gesning, Envoy Extraordinary from This Gazette notifies that the Right Hon. the Landgrave of Hesse Hombourg, accom. George 11, Rose was, on the 6th instant, panied by the Baron de Krane, Marshal of by command of his Royal Highness the The Court of his Serene Highness, had audi. Prince Regent, sworn of his Majesty's Mostence of her Majesty, at the Queen's Palace, Honourable Privy Council, and took his It also contains the appointment of place at the Board accordingly.

General his Grace the Duke of Richmond, Also, that the Prince Regent has or &c. K.G, to be Captain-General and (iv. dained, that Field-marshal his Serene vergor-in-Chief of the Provinces of Lover

and Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New was also attacked, wounded, and plundered," Brunswick, and the Islands of Prince Ed in open day, about two miles from Poona, ward and Cape Breton,

and as far from the residency; and the language of the Peishwa's Ministers was that of

perfect estrangement and disregard. His SATURDAY, APRIL 11.

Highness also continued to push bis troops This Gazette contains an Order in Coup- up towards ours, as if in defiance; it was cil dispensing with calling out the militia announced, that he intended to form a camp this year for the purpose of training; and

between our old cantonment and our new gives an account of the marriage of tbe position, and 1000 or 1500 horse moved Princess Elizabeth to the Prince of Hesse down for the purpose. I renewed my assuHombourg

rances of our wish for peace, and said, that if his Highness moved to his army I should

withdraw to camp; that if he remained JUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE OF quiet or receded, we should still consider

TUESDAY TgE 14TH OF APRIL, 1818. him as a friend, and should be careful not

Despatches have been received at the East to cross the river that separates our camp India House, addressed to the Secret Coin. from the town; but that if his troops ad. mittee by the Governor in Council at Bom. vanced towards ours we should be obliged bay, inclosing reports of the commencement

to attack them. The Peishwa left the town and progress of hostilities between the Bri- and withdrew to Pebutta, and within less tish Government and the Peishwa, of which

than an hour large bodies of troops began to reports and despatches the following are

move in the direction of our camp, and in copies and extracts:

such a manoer as to cut off the residency. I

had withdrawo a company that had been Extract from a Despatch from the Honour left in the old cantonments, and as soon as able Mountstuart Elphinstone, the Resi.

it reached the residency the detachment dent at the Court of the Peishwa, to the

there marched off to camp, keeping a river, Governor-General, dated, Camp at Kirky, between them and the Peishwa's troops, November 6, 1817.

who were moving in the same direction.' The pressure of business for these several The residency was immediately plundered days, and the ancertainty of the result, have and burot. prevented my hitherto reporting to your copy of a Report from Lieutenant-Colonel Excellency; but as we are now in a state of

Burr, of the Bombay Establishment, to war with the Peishwa, it is necessary to the Deputy Adjutant-General of the fourth acquaint you with the manner in which the

Division of the Army of the Deccan. rupture was brought on, leaving all detail for a subsequent despatch. The great mili

SIR, Camp, at Kirky, Nov. 6, 1817. tary preparations of bis Highness, the Peish My letter of yesterday's date will have wa, his distinct refusal to send any part of informed you of my having removed the the force be had collected away from Poona, whole ot the stores, treasure, and provisions the threatening position he had occupied in from our late cantonments to the village of the neighbourhood of our camp, and, above Kirky; and of their being lodged in secu. all, his goremitting endeavours to corrupt rity therein ; and of the brigade being in a the fidelity of our native troops, rendered it state of preparation to move as circunabsolutely necessary, in my judgment, to re stances may require. I have now the ho. move the brigade from the very bad position nour to report, for the information of the it occupied at the town to that selected for it general officer commanding this force, that by General Smith. This circumstance, and soon after I despatched it, I received an that of our cantonment being on the alert on intimation from the resident of the probabi. the 29th, the night before the arrival of the lity of an immediate rupture with the European regiment, removed the appear. Peishwa, followed by a requisition to move ance of confidence which had, in some out and attack the Mahratta force, which measure, been kept up between us and the was then visible and advancing to the attack Peishwa. This appearance had afforded no of our camp. I in consequence formed the advantage, except that of protracting an brigade, and leaving the head-quarters of open rupture; for his Highness proceeded, the 2d battalion 6th regiment, who were in all respects, as if be were at open war, previously weakened by several strong deand all his subjects spoke of his declaring tachments, in charge of the post of Kirky, war against us as an event in which nothing together with the drill, sick, unfits, and two was uncertain but the time. The effect of iron 12-pounders, under the command of our witbdrawing was to encourage the Major Roome, advanced to meet the enemy, Peishwa's people, who plundered our can a party of whose horse hovered near the tonment without any obstruction from their column, and preceded our mareh. Having owo Government, and who talked openly of chosen a situation in advance of our posithe impending destruction of our detach- tion, at the distance of about one mile, we ment. ' An officer on his road to Bombay, forised line, waiting the junction of the

Dapore (1) battalion, under the command again immediately advanced near half a of Major Ford, with three field-pieces: at mile, the left of the line being thrown hack this period I was joined by the resident, who to check any attack of the enemy's horsey most gallanty exerted himself throughout who were in great force between them and the day, in setting a distinguished example the river, while the light companies of the of zeal and animation to the troops. On the Ist bat'alion 7ih regiment, which liad at first approach of Major Ford's division, and preceded the line, were sent to the rear to being reinforced by the resident's escort and keep io check u large body of borse, who troops which had been stationed at Sungum, had been watching Major Ford's movement, (2) under the command of Major Cleiland, to our support, and who now came down in who had handsomely offered his services to rear of our right dank, me; I ordered the line to advance, which Soon after the enemy withdrew the greater we continued doing for half a mile. The part of his force to a distance, retiring and Mahratta army, which was drawn up with drawing off his guns towards the city ; and, its left resting on the height of the front of as we advanced, the greater part of his Gunness Cuody, where a large body of the infantry also, computed at 8000 (part of Viochour Rajah's (3) horses were posted, whom had been posted in advance of his extended its right to the Mootah river, in guns and centre in the bed of a nullah (4): which direction the principal masses of their and in walled gardens, extending along the cavalry were formed, the total amount of front of our position, now sent out theit which is supposed to have been 15000; the skirmishers, which, with others on the right jntermediate undulating plain being occu of the line, and rockets from both front and pied by a long line of infantry and guns, rear, continued to occasion us a few casa. supported by successive lines of horse, as far alties. The light infantry of the line, how as the eye could see, who observing us ad. ever, under the command of Caplain Pres. vance, moved forward from their position, ton, easily drove them off and occupied and at the very moment we were unlimbere their ground; and it being nearly dark I ing for action, commenced a brisk cannon. submitted to the resident, as the enemy were ade from their centre, while the masses of ca- evidently in full retreat, the expediency of valry on both their flanksendeavoured to turn withdrawing the troops to camp as soon as ours, and succeeded in getting in our rear. it was dark, having fortunately succeeded

The action now became very interesting: in our principal object, meeting and driv, a body of Goklar's regular infantry made an ing the enemy from the position they had attack, in solid column, on the 1st battalion originally taken up; this was accordingly 7th regiment Native Infantry, which was on done, and the whole returned to camp soon the left of the line, and who had scarcely after eight o'clock. I am happy to say the succeeded in repelling it and a nunber of casualties during the action have been less horse, when a select body of the enemy's than could have been expected ; the greater cavalry seeing their infantry repulsed and part having fallen on the lot baltalion 7th pressed by the battalion, who could with regiment ; only one European officer, howdifficulty he restrained from pursuing them, ever, Lieutenaut Falconer, of the 2d balta: made a determined charge on the corps, lion 1st regiment, is among the wounded. some of the men wheeling round the flanks, Accompanying, I have the honour to for. repeatiog their attack in the rear; the bra. ward a return of the number. I have not very of the men, however, compensated for yet heard a correet statement of the loss the the disorder into which they had been thrown enemy suffered; I should imagine that it by the previous attacks, and enabled them, could not be less than 3 or 400 killed and under circumstances of great difficulty, and wounded. Native reports make it treble with the powerful co-operation they derived that number; amongst the latter are said to from the left brigade of guns, and a part of be the minister and some officers of distino. the Bombay regiment, to beat of the assail. tion.--[The despateh concludes with prais. ants, who left many men and horses on the ing the services rendered by Captain Thew ground, withdrawing to a distance, and and Lieutenant Lawrie, who commanded never after hazarding a repetition of their the Bombay and Dinapore artillery; Ma attack.

jor Wilson and Lieutevagt Coleman, who By this time Major Ford, with his bátta- were at the head of a detachment of the 65th lion and his field-pieces froin Dapore, joined regiment and Bombay European regimento us, and forined lipe on our right, when we Caplains Nutford, Dupolly, and Whitehall,

at the head of their respective battalions ; (1) Part of a brigade raised by the Major Cleiland, who commanded the 'resi. Pieshwa, but officered and disciplined by deot's escort; likewise Brigade-Major CapEuropeans.

tain Halifax; Lieutenant Inverarity, quar(2) The residency.

ter-master of brigade Lieutenant Ellis, (3) This person is one of the Peishwa's bazaar-master; Lieutenant Grant, of the principal officers, and on former occasions grenadier battalion ; Captain Gordon, Lieu. had been conspicuous for his attachment to the British interests.

(4) A rivalet.

their way

tenant Duosterville, Major Ford, and Dr. dred horse and some Arabs, and after a Meek. On returning to camp Lieutenant fruitless resistance, were compelled to lay Colonel Burr states Ibat he delivered charge down their arms: the sepoys were not de. of the brigade to Colonel Osborne).

tained, and one of them has arrived in camp, I have the honour to be,

but the officers were made prisoners, and (Signed) C. Burr, Lieut.. Col. are stated, by one report, to have been [The total loss was 16 privates killed ;

murdered in cold blood, but more authentic and 55 wounded, including among the latter

accounts represent them to have been carLieutenant Falcoder, severely in the shoul

ried into Poona. Captain Vaughan and der, and of whose recovery very slight his brother were scized at Tullygong, on hopes were entertained).

from Bombay, and although they

offered no resistance, they are stated, by a Extract from a Despatch from Mr. Elphin- negro servant who brought the account of

stune to the Governor-General, dated Camp, their capture, to have been put to death in Kirky, Nov. Jl, 1817.

the most ignominious manner: the negro is Since the brigade has been in this position,

so distinct in his relation of their execution we have experienced the good effects of the that there is no reason to doubt the fact, exforward movement made by Colonel Burr cept what arises from the atrocity of the ou the 5th, and of the impression be then action. The Peishwa’s conduct has in some struck, in the timidity and inertness of the instances borne more of the character of enemy, and the tranquillity which we have civilized war. A conducter and a paik's in consequence enjoyed, The Peishwa's (a corporal) party belonging to the Peisharmy appears to have been in great confo wa's battalion, that were in charge of some sion : on the 6th Moro Dickshut (5) was

stores in a suburb near the residency, were certainly killed, as was Sirdar Khan, a induced by assurances of safety to quit a Patan cbiel, who had been discharged from

defensible house which they occupied, and the Nizam's reformped horse, and whom the tie promises made to them were faithfully Peishwa ordered to raise 2000 men for

observed. Mahommed Horriff, the moon. his service; Bulwunt Row Rastia Nasa shee (native secretary) of the residency, Kookera, a relation of Goklal's (6), and who had also defended his house with Arabs, Narraen Dickshui, ile brother of Moro was invited to quit it, and sent out of the Dickshut, were sounded, and Abba Poo. city unmolested. He had an interview rundery had a horse kiled under him; the with Goklah before he came, which was Viochoor Kur was suspected of treachery : interesting in many respects, especially from the Peishwa himself set off for Poorunder, Goklali's producing a paper under the and was with great difficulty persuad.d to Peishwa's seal, investing him with all the remain in camp by Goklah, who declared powers of the Government, and from the that his flight would be followed by the avowal of Wittojee Naick, that the resithe dispersion of his army. In the course of dency and cantonments were burned by the the succeeding days the Mabralta aring was

Peishwa's own orders. I had before supe concentrated on the side of Poona most posed this wanton outrage to be the work removed from our camp ; and his Highness of some of the rabble that composed his encouraged the Sirdars (7), paid for the Highness's army. On the other hand, Gok: horses ihat had been kiiled in action, and Jab had shewn ihe utmost activity in seizing bestowed presents and distinctions on such and plundering all persons who are theme med as had been wounded. Yesterday even selves or have relations in our service. ing the whole army moved out from behind

Copy of a Report from Brigadier General the town, and encamped to the east of our

Lionel Smith, C.B. commanding the Poona old cantonment, io open view of this camp,

Subsidiary Force, to Lieutenant-General at the distance of about four miles. The

Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart. Commander-inonly signs of activity which the enemy has

Chief of the Army of Deccan. displayed, have appeared in bis attempts to cut off supplies, and to shut the roads: in

Camp before Poona, this he has in some measure succeeded, as


Nov. 20, 1817. some oficers and some convoys were ad My letter to your Excellency, under date vancing on the faitb of our alliance with of the Ist instant, will have explained the Jiale or no escort. Cornets Hunter and circumstances under which I had determined Morrison, escorted by a havildar (a native tu conceptrate the 4th division of the ariny serjeaot) and twelve sepoys, had arrived at on the south bank of the Godavery, and Woorlee, within twenty miles of Poop:1, which was effected on the morning of the 3d wben they were surrounded hy some bun. instant. I shall now, as briefly as iutera

vening circumstances permit, report to your (5) One of the Peishwa's ministers, who Excellency my further proceedinga. generally transacted business with the Bri. On the morning of the 51h instant, I tish resident.

received a despatch from the resident at (6) One of the Peishwa's officers, who Poona, recalling the troops in that direction bas obtained an ascendancy in his Councils. with all possible haste, his Highness the (7) Military chiefs.

Peishwa having assembled a large army Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. April 1818.

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