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tarded, of laté, hy accidental circumstances) the Clifford Family, in an octavo volume. will henceforth be prosecuted with vigor, Also, a Description of the Parish of Tixall, industry, and perseverance.- Livy and Sale in Staffordshire, in a quarto volume, with last are now in the press, uoder the Edi- five engravings. torial superintendance of Dr. J. Carey, to By the Rev. Stephen Weston, soide Aca whom the public are already indebted for count of an Excavation of a Roman Town, the Horace, Catullus, libullus, Propertius, in Champagne, discovered in 1772; with a Martial, Cæsar, l'acitus, and the second Journey by latsanne to Mont Simploa. edition of the Virgil, with the Opuscula, and through Geneva to Mont Blanc. recently published.

By Ms. Keits, Endymion a Poem. Dr. Carey has also in the press, the By Mr. Hazleti, Lectures on English “ Eton Latin Pro-ody Wustrated," with Poeiry, delivered at the Surrey Institution. English Explanations of the {oles, and By Mrs. l'aylor, of Ongar, Reciprocal copious Examples from the Latin Poets. Duties of Parents and Children.

Juvenilia, or Specimens of the early ef. By the young Authoress of Melancholy forts as a Preacher, of the late Rev. C. Hours, a Poem, entitled " Astarie" Buck;

to u bich are sabjoined, Miscella Antonia, a Tale, with other poems, chiefy neous Reinarks, and an Obituary of his written in Malta, during the period of the Danghter, edited by J. Styles, D. D). plague in that island.

Rogerson's Edition of the History of the By Mr. W. Hargrove, in two octato Wars from the Frenrh Revolution to the volumes, a History of York.comprising the Battle of Waterloo, with plates.

valuable part of Drakes Eboracuin, and A Poem, occasioned by the Cessation of much new matter. Public Mourning for her Royal Highness By Dr, Paris, at the request of the Geo. Princess Charlotte Augusta ; together with logical Society of Cornwall. a Menoir of Sonnets and other Productions by Mrs. B. the Life and Scientific Labours of the late Hooper.

Rer. Wm. Gregor. Mr. Jobo Britton is preparing a Chrono. By Mr. J. Gwylt, a Translation of Vilogical Illus ration of the Ancient Arclii. truvios. tecture of Great Britain, intended to form An English Translation of Voyage a a Supplement to the Architectural Antiqui- l'Embouchure de la Mer Noire, par Lieut." ties, but will constitute an independent General Comte Andreossy, in an octavo work.

volume, with maps and plates. By Mr. B. O'Reilly, who took a voyage By Dr. Spier, General Views relating to Davis' Siraits, as Surgeon of a whale to the Stomacb, its fabric, functions, &c. in sbip, io 1817, Observations on Greenland a small volume. and the adjacent Seas, in a quarto volume, By Mr. W. Pybus, the Amusing Comwith engravings.

panion, containing, philosophical amuseBy Dr. Pobert Anderson, an Edition of ments and entertaining recreations for the Sugar Cape and other Poems, by the young persons, Jate Dr. Granger, with some account of his A Treatise on Algebra, for the use of life and literary pursuits.

Schools, upon the plan of Walkingame's By Edward D Baynes, Esq. a complete Arithinetic, and intended as a sequel to that Translation of Ovid's Epistles.

popular work. Poems, Latin, Greek, and English, with By J. C. Tarver, Dictionnaire des Ver.' an account of the Administration of Go bes Francais, indiquant leurs differens revernment in England during the King's gimes. minority, by Nicholas Hardinge, Esq. col. Matheson's New System of Arithmetic. lected by his son George Hardinge, Esq. “ The Justice Law of the last five

By Dr.1, D. Clarke, with numerous years," intended as a Companion to his own engravings. Travels through Denmark, work, as well as those of Burn and Wil. Sweden, &c, with a description of Peters. liams, by M. Dickinson. burgh, during the tyranny of Emperor Sixty-five Sonnets, with prefatory rePaul; being the third and last part of the marks ou the accordance of the Sunnet, Author's Travels in Europe, Asia, and with the powers of the English language. Africa,

Proposals for publishing, By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, in two impe In two volumes, foolscap quarto, conrial octavo volumes, Ædes Althorpia æ, or taining nearly four hundred pages each, a Descriptive Catalogue of the Pictures, Bibliophilia. The work will be divided and a portion of the Library, of Earl Spen. into three portions, -1. Anaccount of those cer, at Ilthorpe.

publications of the earliest English PrinBy Mr. Richard-on, a Translation from which have either escaped the knowthe Frenci o wadame de Sousaz, the in- ledye of Biblio'raphers, or have been interesting Tale rifugenie el Matilde. accurately or inadequately described.-II.

By Dr. J. P. Esblin, Familiar Lectures An account of scarce and curious Books on Moral Philosophy.

Printed, with a few exceptions, before the By Arthur Clifford, Esq. Collectanea seventeenth century.-IN. No:ices of such Cliffordiana, containing Anecdotes, &c, of MSS. as fall under the Editor's inspection.


The Beauties of Sincerity, or Selections tion,” printed and edited by A. J. Yalpy, from various printed Sermons, by the Lord M. A. Bishop of Chester ; Doctors Kays, Chal.

Just published, mers, and Collyer ; Reverends, S. Crow. Remarks on the Medical Case of Parother, White, Alley, Bowerbank, Bartlett, chial Poor, with a few Observations on the Aspland, Cunningham, Fenwick, &c. &c. Improvement of Poor-houses, and on the upon the Death of her Royal Highness the necessity of establishing small infirmaries Princess Charlotte of Wales, by Robert in popular towns, by John C. Yeatman, 8vo. Huish, Esq.

Sketches of Curvilinear Hot-houses, with The Anoiversary Oration delivered be a Description of the various purposes in fore the Medical Society of London, on Horticultural and general Architecture, to Monday, the 9th of March, by Dr. U wins. wbich a solid iron sash bar (lately invent

A new and corrected Edition of the Del- ed) is applicable, by J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. phin Classics, with the Variorum Notes ap H. C. &c. 4to, pended, to be intitled " The Regent's Edi


PUBLISHED IN MARCH, Al the Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. TRAVELS in Germany, Poland, Mol- Goldsmith's Popular Geography, new edi. Tedavil, ana Curkey, by Dr.'Adam tion, bound, 15s. Neale, 4to, 21, 2s,

Jerram on the Poor Laws, 5s. A Review of the Domestic Fisheries in Hunt's Tasso, 2 vols. 8vo. 30s.

Great Britain and Ireland, 4to. 18s. Llewelyn ap Jorwerth, a Poem, in five Wood's Catalogue of Shells, crown 8vo. 9s. Cantos, by W. E. Meredith, 6s. Barrington and Beaufoy on the North Pole, Cotterill's Family Prayer, 3d edition, 6s. Svo, maps, 9s.

Scientific Tables, the Juvenile Student's The Annual Obituary and Biography, Classical Guide to the Science, 4to. 1816-17, vol. 2, 15s.

25s. A Walk through Switzerland, 8s.

Brighton, 3 vols. 12mo. 216, Letters on the West Indies, by James The Picture of London, 1818, 6s. Walker, Fsq. 8vo. 75.


...plates, 9s. Memoir of the War in India, from 1803 to Gisborne on Natural Theology, 5s,

1806, under Lord Lake and Sir A. Wel. Asiatic Researches, vol. 12, 8vo. 185. Jesley, 4to. 21. 12s, 6d.

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Friends, by the Rev. L. K. England, by Lucy Aikio, 2 vols. $vo. 25s.
Syo. 3s.

Correction, a Novel, in 3 vols. 12mo. 215. Epistolary Curiosities, Series the 1st, by Curwen's Letters, 2 vols. 8vo. 1l. Is. Rebecca Warner, 8vo, 8s,


A NONGMILihose comunithe a disariazione gration to per use these brainleseabourdities: Editors, we are peculiarly liable, one of and it may perhaps spare the writers of the most frequent is, that contemptible an. such ribaldry a very considerable degree of Doyance of vulgar scribbling, which visits unnecessary labour to be informed, that the us in the shape of anonymous scurrility, postage of such letters is invariably returnwhere the pert ignorance of a weak head, cd, upon returning them to the Post Office. or the undisguised malevoleuce of a base We are obliged, from unavoidable cirheart, is scattered through an onintelligible cumstances, to defer the continuation of jargon, guiltless of a meaning, and is trans. our Parliamentary Journal aud University milied in communications, whose sole wit Intelligence till our next. consists in leaving us to pay the postage! R. S. jun, inadmissable, Happily, however, though under some obli.



FROM TUESDAY, FEB. 24, 1818, TO TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 1818,

Extracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. Allsbe Meetings are at GuildHALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Altornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDE!. BRADFIELD, FISHER, Wymondham, Norfolk, KENDRICK, WM. Daventry, Northampton, grogrocer, Fet. 88.

Feb, 24. BUDGETT, JOHN BURGESS, Stoke Larne, Somer. MAHSDEN, WM. NORTON, Salford, Lancashire, set. common brever. March 11.

cor-dealer. March 11. CARTER, RICHARD, New Woodstock, Oxford, SCOTT, RICHARD), Liverpool, merchant, Marchel, ironmonger. March 21.

VENABLES, HUGH, Union-place, Greenwich, mera COHEN, JACOB, Whitechapel, hat-manufacturer. Criant. March 3. Feb. 84.

WALTON, BENJAMIN, Birmingham, merchant. DIAMOND, J. Bath, Perfumer. March 14.

Merch 17. DOVEY, THOS. Worcester, builder. Feb. 28.

BANKRUPTS. ALLEN, MATTHEW, Gale, York, dealer, April 14, April 18, George, Liverpool. (Bird, Liverpool; and

King's Head, Askrise: York. [Lodge, Aškrigg, Chester, Staple's inn.) March 7. and Willis and Co. Throgmorton DANCEY, NATHANIEL, Bristol, linen-draper, »t.! March s.

Aprilia, White Lion, Bristol. [Clarke, Bristol ALLÍORT, EDWARD, Birmingham, silver-plater, and Jenkyns and Co. New-inn.) March 7.

April 25, Swan, Rirminghamn. (Spurrier and Co. DAVIES, JO4N, Llanconway, Denbighs, spinat-dea. Birmingham ; and Egerton, Gray's-inn square.] ler, April 3, 4, and 21, George, Dale-street, Livere March 14.

pool. (Bird, Liverpool, and Williams, HolyALMOND, RICHARD, Dartmouth, grocer, April il, well, Flintshire.) March' ul.

and 85. ( White and son, Lincoln's-inn Old-sq.) EVANS, DAVID, Liverpool, grocer, April 11, George, March 14.

Liverpool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool ; and Taylos AGUILAR, ISAAC, Devonshire-sq. broker, April and Co. Temple. ) Feb. 28.

7, and May 2. [Scott and Co. si. Mildred'] ELES, THOMAS, Collisis-rents, Southwark, fell. March 91.

monger, April 4, aud 26. [Bull, Hollis-st. Caven. BASSET, MICHAEL, Church-street, Greenwich, boot dish.89.) March 17,

and Stoe-maker, April 7. [Parkin, Greenwich.] EARLE, JOHN, Winehester, Southampton, drug. Feb. 24.

gist, May 2, George, Winchester. [Gadwin, Win. BROUGHALL, RICHARD, Shrewsbury, Salop.gro. chester ; and Emby, Essex co. Temple.] March

cer, April 7, Turf, Shrewsbury. [Maddock and 21. and Co. Shrewsbury; and Philpot and Co. Hare FLEMING, THOS. Liverpool, linen-draper, April co. Temple.) Feb. 24.

21, 92, and May 5, Star, Dean's-gate, Manchesier. BROOKE, JAMES, and co. Nantwicb, Chester, (Law, Spring-gardens, Manchester, and Adling

common brewer, April 11, George Liverpool. ton and Co. Bedford row.) March 24. (Crump and Co. Liverpool; and Baltye, Chaucery GILKES, WILLIAM, jun. Aldersgate street, cooper, Ta.) Feb. 28.

April, 18. (Bourdillion and Co. ClcapBYRNE, GEO. HUGHES, Bush-lane. Cannnn. side ) March 7.

street, wine-merchant, April 1d. (Mahew and Co. GIFFORD, JAMES, Frome Sellwood, Somerset, Chancery la.) Feb. 28.

coal-merchant, April 21, Castle, Bath. [Little BATES, ELY, Greetland, York, Manufacturer, Baih; and Blake and Co. Couke' Carey-st. April 14, Cooper's Arms, Halifax.) [Scarchard,

March ll. Halifax ; and Becket, Foster-lane.j GWILLYM, ANNA LEY, Clerkenwell, tea-dealer, March 3.

April 4, and 25. [Amorg and Co. Lothbury. BRAINE, WM. Suedland, Kent, miller, April 14. Nurch 14. (Constable, Symond's-inn.] March 3.

G]BBS, GEORGE, Swanmore, Soutjampton, potter, BOYCATT, RICHARD, jun. Newport, Shropstıire, May 8, City Arms, Winchiester. (Duno, New Ales.

butcher, April 27, 24, 28, Red Lion, Newport. ford, Hants; and (ude, Gray's-inn.] March 91.

Baxter and co. Furnival's-inn.) March 17. GATES, SAMUEI, Steyning, Sussex, wine and spi* BROWN, HENRY, Ruddington, Nottingham, but. rit merchant, April 11, and May.2. (Lewis Crutch

cher, March 22, 23, and 24, Lion, Nottingham. ed-friars.) March %. (Hall, Nottingham; and Hurd and Co. Temple.] HARVEY, WM. lloundsditch, coppersmith, April March 21.

11, and May 5. (Walton and Co. Girdlers'-hall, COTSFORD, WM. FRANCIS, Upper Clapton, Basinghall-si.) March 24.

plomber, April 11, [Oriel, Oxford-st.) HOPKINS, WM. Aldersgate-street, cooper, April 1. Feb. 28.

[Bourdillion and Co. Little Friday-st.) Feb. 24. COLLINS, JAMES, Gosport, grocer, April 11. HAWKINS, JOUN, and Co. Penny field, and of (Bourdillion and Co. Little Friday-st. Cheapside.) Blackwall, buildery, April 7. (Michall, Union-co. Feb. 98.

Broad-st.) Feb. 94. CUK ME, GEO, and Co. Brighthelmstone, linen. HOULDINE, JOHN, Liverpool, cotton-broker,

drapers. April 14. (Bourdillion and Co. Bread-st. April 11, George, Liverpool. (Bird, Castle ditch, Cheapside.) March 3.

Liverpool; ani Chester, Staple's.inn.) Feb. 2A. COWALL, BENJAMIN BITES, High-street Shore. HILL, ISAAC, Brodwell, Derby, baker, April 11,

diich, oilman, April 14. (Lindsay, St. Thomas's. Ram's Head, Derby. (Harrison, Tideswell, and si. Southwark.) March S.

Morgmett, Great Blackfriars.) Feb. 28. CRACKLOW, CHARLES THOMAS, White Lion. HOWIL, JOHN, Liverpool, grocer, April 6, and il, streel, Spitalfields, ma ble.merchant, April 21. George, Liverpoo!. (Radcliffe, Liverpool; and Ada

(Castle. Chancery-la.) March 11. lington and Co. Bedford-row.) Feb, 28. CONSTANTINE, JOSEPH, and co. of Creek Mill, HUGHES, HUGH, Liverpool, joiner, April 14.

Kendal, Westmorland, and Fewstone, York, flax Geoage, Dale-sireet, Liverpool. (Murrow, Liverspinners, April 7, 8, and 21, New Red Lion, Lan. pool, and Blackstock and Co. Kiny's Bench-walk, caster. [Tillotson, Colne, Lancashire; and Lowes Temple.) March 3. and Co. Temple.) Vurch u.

HAWKINS, JOHN, Huddersfeld, York. butcher, COHEN, JACOB, Nanchester, hat-manufacturer, April 13, 14, and 2!, Wellington, Huddersfield. April 17, 18, and 78, star, Manchester. (Cunlitfe (Crowne, Huddersfield ; Jacoinbe, Rasinghall-st.] and Co. Manchester.] March 17.

Merch it. COOK, JOHX, Liverpool, merchani, Anril 13, 14, HOLIIES, JOHN, Birmingham, dealer in earthen

and May 2. George, Liverpool. (Bulmer, Liver ware, April 1, Legs of Jan, Birslem, Stafford ; pool; and Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.] Murch and 21, Roe Buck, Newcastle-under-Lyne. (Ward, 1.

Birslam. Staffordshire; and Berridge, Hatton-garDAWSON, THOS. and CO. Rush, York. drapers, den.) March is. Apnl 7, White Bear, manchester. (Barlow, Roodes. HINDE, JOHN, Liverpool, money-scrivener, April bouse, Oldham; and Milne and Co. Temple.] 21. (Leece, Liverpool; and Chesier, Siaple's inn.] Feb. 24.

March il. DAVIES, THOMAS, jun, Chadton, Cheater, farmer,

HARVEY, ROBERT, Oxford-street, grocer, April95,

[Gatty and Co. Angel-co. Throgmorton-st.) March

14. HALL, ASHLEY, Drayton, Stafford, dealer, May 2,

Swan, Stafford. (Seckerson, Stafford ; and Anstice

and Co. King's Bench-walk ) March 21. JOHNSON, ALEX. Manchester, silk-mercer, April

17, 18, a'id May 5, Bridgewacer Arms, Manchester. (Wilson, Manchester ; and Willis and Co.

Wartord-co. Throginorton-st.) March 24. JAMES, ROBERT, Bristol, cabinet-maker, April 7,

Commercial Rooins, Bristol. [Hare and C. Bris

tol; and Bridges and Co. Red Lion-sq. ) Feb. 24. JOSEPH, SIMEON, and Co. Winchester-st. Broad. st. merchants, April 15. [Clarke and Co. Chancery.

la.] March 7. JENKINS, JOSEPH, Dudley, Worcester, mercer,

April 2, 3, and 21, Pachhorse, Worcester. [Wila son, Worcester ; and Buurfield, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street.] March 11. JOSEPH, JOSEPH, Ratcliffe-highway, slop-seller,

April 7, and May 2. (Poule, Adams'.co: Old Broad. st.) March 21. KING, JOHN, Swaff ham, Norfolk, farmer, Aprilia,

Crown, Swarf ham. (Cooper, East Dereham; and Barbor, Fetter lane.] March 3. LLOYD, BALDWIN, Llanasa, Flint, clerk, April 7,

Ship, Flint. [Roberts, Caed-du Molds and Milne and Co. Temple.] Feb. 24. LATCHAM, CHARLES, Bristol, money-scrivener,

April 11, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Smith, Bristol ; and Heelis, Staple's inn.} Feb. 28. LORD, JAMES, Manchester, Tobacconist, april is,

21, and diay 2,, Manchester. (Buckley, Manchester; and Harvey and Co. St. Heleas'. place.) March 21. MERCER, JAMES, Graystoneby, Lancaster, lime

burner, April 14, Golden Cross, Preston, Lancas. ter. (Troughton and Co. Preston ; and Hurd and

Co. King's Bench.walk; leinpie.) March 3. AJOORE, GEORGE, Liverpool, inerchant, April 74

and !s, George, Liverpool. (Cruinp and Co. Liverpool; and Baltye Chancery-la.) March 7. MARSHALL, JOHN, Great Grimsby, Lincoln.corn.

merchant, April 21, Granby Grub, Grimsby. (Bur

ton, Weldon, Northampton.} March u. MOORE, JOSEPH, Stafford, corn-factor, April 25,

at toe Talbot, Kugely. [Platis, Puckridge, and Castle-st. Holborn.) March 14. MARSDEN, WILLIAM NESTOK, Manchester,

Brewer, April 4, 6, and 25, at Palace.inn, Manchester. (Hadheld, Manchester; and Hurd and

Johnson, Temple.] March 14. NUTT, THOMAS, Manchester, cotton-manufac.

turer, April 4, 6, and 25, at the Dog, at Man. chester. (Atkinson, Manchester ; and Makinson, "Temple.) March 14. PRATI, JOHN, Brook's place, Kennington, surgeon,

April 14, and May 5. (Edwards and io. Caslie st. Holborn.) March 24. PEACOCK, JOHN HENRY, Burwell, Cambridge.

sbire, merchant, April 8, 9, and May 5, Eagle, Cambridge [Evans and Co. Ely; and Pickering

and Co. Staple's.inn Murch di. PARR, JOHN AUGHTON, Liverpool, merchant,

April 7, George, Liverpool. [Swindon, Liverpool;

and Makinsoni, Middle Temple.) Feb. 2t. POWELL, JOIN, Presteigne, Radnor, farmer,

April 7, Radnorshire Arins, Presteigne. [Meredith, Knighton, Radnorshire. (Davis and Co. Kington, Hereford ; and Meredith, New.sq. Lincoln's-inn.j

Feb. 2. PROCTER, WILLIAM, Kettleshumee, Chester,

calic.)-printer, April 11, Palace, Manchester. (Hadfield, Manchester ; and Eliis, Chancery-la.) Feb. PULLET, CHARLES, Manchester, grocer, April 4,

6, aud 18, Star, Deans-gate, Manchester. I Law, Manchester; and Auliugion and Co. Bedford-row.) March 7, PARKER, H. Sheffield, York, merchant, April

18, Tontide, Sheffield. (Burbeary, Sheffield; and

Drake and Co. Chancery-la.) March 7. PITCHER, JOHN, Back-road, bricklayer, April 16.

(West, ked Lion street, Wapping) March 7. PROCTOR, GEORGE and WILLIAM, Birmingham

Sheffield, opticians, April 21, Royal, Temple.row, Birmingham. (Whately and Sons, Birmingham, and Swaine and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jury.]

March 11, PLIMMER, THOS, Brailaford, Derby, inn-kceper,

p.25, at Guildhall. (Hull. Finsbury-sq.) March14. PCGH, JOHN, Tyn-y-foch. Merioncih. farmer,

April 3, 14, una Way, George, Liverpool (Mur.

row, Liverpool, and Blackstuck and Co. King's March 21. PORTER, JOHN, Wrington, Somerset, Dursery.

man, May 2, White Lion, Bath. [Welsh, Wells, Somerset; and Dyne and Co. Lincoln's-inn. fields.]

March 21. PATTERSON, CHRILTOPHER, Great Sutton-št.

Clerkenwell, woollen-factor, April 7, and May !.

[Noy and Co. Mincing.a.) March 21. RENNISON, THOS. ST. PAUL, Gloucester, tavem

keeper, April ?, Bush, Bristol. . (Frankis, Bristol;

and King, Serjeant's.inn.) Feb. 21. RADCLIFFE, JOAN. Chesterfeld, Derby, surgeon, April

11, Lion, Nottingham. (Hall, Nottingham; and Hard and Co. Temple. ) Feb. 28. RIDLER, JOHN, Worcester, dealer, April 14, Star

and Garter, Worcester. (Hill, Worcester; and

Becke, Bream's buildings, Chancery-la.) Marcks. RYCROFT, JOHN, Idle, York. cloth-manusacturer, April 18, New Bradford, York. (Crosley, Brad.

ford : and Evans, Hation-garden.) March 7. READY, STOUR, Southampton, dealer, April 8, 9,

and 88, Star, Southamton. (Hicks and Co. Bart.

lett's buildings. March 17. ROUSE, WM. Woolwich, victualler, April 4, and

May 2. (Falkner, Dean-st. Southwark.] March

21. SUNDERLAND, SAMUEL, and Co. Barnoldswich,

York. corn-dealer, April 14, Black Horse, Skipton. (Alcock, Skipton ; and Stuker and Co. Fur. nival's-inn.) March 3. SANDERS, DANIEL, Stafford, law-stationer, April

14, at Messrs. Brookes and Co, Stafford. (Brookes and Co. Stafford ; and Bishop and Co. Toker.

house-yard.) Marth 3. STUBBS, JOHN, Long Acre, coach-plater, April 18.

(Hill, Fleet street.) Murch 7. SOUTTEN, EDWARD, Snow-hill, London, dealer

and clapman, April 21. [Deykes, Thavies.inn:}

March il. SMITH, WILLIAM, and Co. Merton Bridge, Sur.

rey, dyers, April 7, 11, and 28. (Barnes, Copthalle co.) March 17. SMITH, ROBERT, Gorton, Lancaster, warehouse

inan, April 4, 6, and My %, Dog, Deans.gale, Manchester. [Nadin, Manchester į and Milne

and Co. Temple.) March 21. SCOTT, RICHARD, Liverpool, merchant, April 7,

and May 2. [Crowder and Co., Old Jury. ) March 21. TENGAT, GEORGE, Manchester, currier, April 7,

Dog, Deans-gate, Manchester. (Smith, blanches

ter; and Clarke, and Co. Chancery-la. ) Feh, 24. TAPSCOTT, WILLIAM, Plymouth, Devon, vic

tualer, April 14. King's Arms, Plymouth, (Bozon and Co. Plymouth-dock; and Darke and Co, March 3. VOSE, JOUIN, Hardsham, Lancaster, ironmonger,

April 13, 14, and e5, York Hotel, Liverpool. (Leathe, Liverpool; and Leigh and Co. Bridgest) March 14. WALTHEW, MILLINGTON, Liverpnol, grocer.

April 7. (Young and Co. Si. Mildred's-co. Feb. WRIGHT, WILLIAM NICHLAS, Stapleford Ap

bett, Esex, fariner, April 11. [Evict and Co. Hardon-square, Minories.] Feb.28. WOOD, JONIN, Manchester, broker, April 6, 11,

and er. Star, Manchester. [Halstead and co.

Manchester; and Milne and Co. Temple.] Mar.11. WALTON, WILLIAM, Evesham, Worcester, barze.

owner, April 25, at the Angel, Pershore. (Dineby, Pershore; and Hurd and Johnson, Temple: /

March 14. WRIGHT, WILLIAM, Bristol, medicine-rendet,

April 25, Cominercial Rooms, Bristol. (Smith, Bristol ; and Heels, Staple's-inn.) March 14. WALKER, THOMAS, and Co. Bristol, ironmongers,

April 25, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Leman, Bristol; and Vizard and Blower, Lincula's-inn. fields.), March 14. WILSON, GLO. Ironmonger-lane, merchant, April 6, 7, and May), Dog. Dean's-gate, Manchester. (Hadfield, Exchange-st. Manchester; and Makinson, Temple.) March 24. WILSON, JOSEPH and JOHN, Shrewsbury, dra.

pers, April 7, 8, and os, Raven, Shrewsbury.

(Clarke and Co. Chancery la. Fleet-st.) March 17. WARE, WILLIAM HENRY, Bow-st. Corent-gar

den, music-seller, April 28. (Smith, Bedford-row.)

Niarck 17. WILKS, JAMES, Finsbury-square, merchant, April

7. and May to [Tomlinson, and Co. Copthall-co:] March tr.


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FROM TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, "ro TOESDAY, MARCH 24, 1818. ARKWRIGHT, J. Liverpool, Mar. Fardon, J. New Woodstock, April 3 Nias, T. Old Broad-st. March 1

Foster, W. Leicester, April 17 Noble, G. Ely-pl. March 2 Abrahams, M. Duke st. April 7 Foster, S. Leicester, April 17 Parker, T. Hristol, March 21 Ansell, T. Little Wild-st. April 4 Puller, J. Hanover sq. April 14 Patience. J. T. Bury-s: March 23 Allwriglit, s. High-st. April 4 Ferneley, A. Manchester, April 20 Penn, J. Chepstow, April 10 Allen, R. Bedford, April 6

Gritfio, J. Little Ryder-st. March 24 Pugh, E. Lewes, March 31 Allen, B. Bedford, April 6 Gay, J. Gislinkliam, March 26 Pritchard, J. H. Caerleon, April ! Adams, W. and Co. ('umberland-Core, S. P. Bishopsgate-sl, April 14 Phillips, T. Norwich, April 15 st. March 21

Gumdry, W. Lower Shadwell, Api. Pidgeon, P. and W. Stuck-exchan. Anneit, R. Northumberland, April

Coffee-house, March 24 21

Grafton, J. and Co. Allerton st. Parsons, J. Harwich, April 1! Aufield, J. Guildford, April 5 April

Philip, D. April 25 Booth, W. Hull Bridge, March 21 Goodchild, J. and Co. Durham, Phillips, A. and Co. Salters-hallBigland, G. Lancushire, April 4 April 15

co. April 21 Baylis, G. Stapleton, March 27 Garner, J. sen. Chester, April 16 Roads, W. Oxford, March 18 Brown, J. Glamford Briggs, Marci Sienrych, C. Bristol, April 16 Rodd, E. London-st. April 7

Herbert, J. George-st. March 17 Rainsford, W. High-st. April 4 Bryant, W. Temple, May 2 Hayne, J. Excier, March 26 Richardson, E. Great Russell-st. Binion, J. Edward st. March 28 Hesse, G. Cominercial Sale Rooms, April 4 Bland, J. April 4

March 31

Raper, J. Middleham, April 11 Bimson, T. and D. Lancaster, April Hester, J. Rochester-road, Mar. 91 Richards, J. S. Montague. place,

Humphrys, T. Cheitenhum, March April 7 Brown, T. Chorley, April s


Ruff, H. Cheltenham, April 13 Barchard, E. Fenchurch-st. March Herring, T. Huddersfield, April 6 Rodd, E. London-st. April 5

Hudson, J. H. and J. Newcastle- Rowlands, R. Worcester, April 84 Browell, W. and Cn. Newcastle. uvon Tyne, March 28

Stewardson, J. Southwark, Mar. 17 upon Tyne, March 88 Horn, W. April 14

Seaton, J. Pontefract, March 31 Bull, J. and Co. Red lion-court, Hamilton and Co. Riches-co. April Shaw, R. S. Rochdale, April 4 april 4

Smith, D. jun. and Co. KirkBell, N. Boreham Park, April 11 Hall, T. jun. Evesham, April 11 burton, March 14 Booth, W. Hanley, April 7 Hancock, J.and Co. Burslem, Apr.7 Shelley, J. Canterbury, March 30, Bishop, s. Colchester, April 4 Hayward, R. D. Plymouth Dock, Smith, R. A. Belper, March 30 Bradley. M. Auddersfield, April 14 April 6 Branscomb, W. Plymouth, April 1 Hearn, T. Clement's-la. April 21 Spear, w. Upper Apr.Berthon, P. Cross-st. April 18 Hoole, S. Sheffield, April 6

Sinith, J. Eversholt, April il Rattersby, J. Lower Shadwell, Apr. Hammond, G. Maanby, April 7 Sedgwick, T. Clement's-la. Apr. 81 Barket, 8. Norwich, April 15 Hiscock, E. Abingdon. April Smith, W. Piccadilly, Aprilli Brewer, w. Cirencester, April 16 Hopkinson, M. Nottingham, April Stammers, W. Liston, April 4 Bennett, T. Leddington, April

Sinnot, w. Bowling-green-lane, Brodie, H. and Co. Liverpool, April Hall, R. and Co, Nottingham, Apr. April 4 15


Silver, R. N. Orford-st. April 21 Beale, J. Newport, April 17 Howden, G. and Co. Oxford-st. Samuel, A. Middlesex-st. April 7 Board man, s. Liverpool, April 13 April 18

Seaton, J. and Co. Pontefract, Brame, T. Lowestolt, April 7 Jameson, J. and Co. Little Queen April 9 Beare, J. Cheapside, April 7

st. March 24

Sizer, u. Holborn, April 28 Bolam, J. Northumberland, April James, E. Bristol, March 28 Smith, R. Richmond, April u

Jackson, T. Wath-upon-Dearne, Scager, s P. Maidstone, April 7 Coles, A. Portland st. April 4 March 27

Smith, J. London, April 18 Cooke, H. and Co. Coleman-sl. Jenkins, T. Judd-st. March 14 Tetley, M. Leeds, March 29 March 88

Jarman, A. Southampton, April o Trotman, D. Gloucester, April 1 Clarke, R. St. Mary Hill, Mar.21 Jolinson, J.Wittlesey, April 3 Thomson, J. Broad-st.-bo. Mar. 24 Clough, R and Co. Denbigh, April Johnson, S. Wood-st. April 4, Tuesley, W. H. High-st. April 4 10

Jones, J. and Co. Bucklersbury, Tolkein, J. B.,St. Paul's-church-ya. Cuff, A. Barking, April ?

March 21

March 31 Coles, J. West Smithfield, April 4 Jones, T. Liverpool, April 14 Turley, P. Grinstead, April 11 Chamberlain, W. Watling st. Apr. Johnson, C. South Shields, April 7 Turnbridge, G. and Co. Lower

Jones, T. Abergavenny, April 17 Shadwell, April 11 Cooper, T. Wormwood-st. April 4 Knott, J. and Co. Duke-st. Apr. 18 Tucket, P. D. and Co. Bristol, Chambers, J. Sheftield, April 10 Kennion, J. and Co. Nicholas-la. April 4 Chesney, H. High Holborn, April. April 7

Tucker, T. Newton Abbott, April Lane, J. H, Fenchurch-st. March Taylor, J. Walsall, April 16 Collitt, J. Bishopsgate-st. April 18 17

Varyer, J. Oxford, March 28 Cowen, G. Great Prescott-st. Mar. Lane, W. Hitchin, March 31 Vincent, W. and Co. Newbury, Lacy, J. Whitby, March 31

April 3 Coulson, W. Helstone, April 25 Love, c. Old Bond-st. April 7 Vaughan, W. Pall-mall, April 7 Carter, J. jun. Liverpool, April 16 Levock, J. and Co. Lowestoff, Apr.2 Weston, J. Pall-mall, March 91 Dunn, w. Oxford, March 17 Lansdell, J. jun. Bexhill, April 14 Williams, J. Lower Coleman-st. Davis, D. P. Bloomsbury-sq. Mar. Leaney, T. Maidstone, April 7 March 21 17

Lloyd, R. and W. Chester, April 14 Wilson, F. Durham, March 21 Dickenson, R. and Co. St. John's. Laycock, T. and J. Bradford, May 9 Whitehead, J. and Co. Caleaton. st. March 41

Leaven, A. J. G. and Co. Minories, st. March 21 Du Bois, G. London-wall, March 211 April 7

Warren, J. Fore st. April 14 Darwin, J. and Co. Clement's-co. Latham, J. Birmingham, April 14 Warren, E, and Co. Austin-friars, March 31

Livesey, J. Blackburn, April 25 March 28 Dawson, A. Bath, March 26 Matthews, J. Harefield, March 14 Wheeler, T. St. Andrew's-hill, Dwyer, G. Change-alley, March 28 Middleton, E. and Co. Beverley, April 1 Daniel, H. Greek st. April 21

March 1

Wells, W. Malden, April 14 Dent, T. Carlisle, April 9

Matthews, J. Harefield, April Whitehead, J. and Co. Cateaton. Davies, J. Canterbury, April 18 Morley, J. Liverpool, March 24 st. April 21 Dowthwaite, J. Maidstone, April 4 Mackintosh, E. Haymarket, March Wilson, E. Hull, April 14 Davies, J. Sboreditch, May 19 31

Welchman, J. Brauford, April it Demery, N. Harticy Wintney, Moorsome, G. Westoe, April 11 West, C. Bucklersbury, April 7 April 14

Munton, J. Red-cross st. April 11 Walton, J. Broad-st. March 23 Dodman, M. Thornham, April 8 Macbean, W. Mitie co. April 4 Williams, R. H. F. and Co. Drewer, W. Cirencester, April 16 Mayne, E. G. High-st. April 7 Liverpool, April 11 Elmir, w. Peterborough, Mar. 21 Mocket, J. Thanel, April 9 Wells, J. Poland st. April 14 Elgar, R. Maidstone, April 7 Morville, G. Lancaster, April 14 West, T. Gracechurch-st. April 11 Friich, G. Chelmsford, April 7 Morgan, D. Neath, May 2 Woodward, J. Aylesbury, April 20 Featherstonehaugh, J. St. M'Cougar, J. Apr. 14 Williams, R. Coppice-row, Apr. 18 Hill, Mays

M‘Vicar, J. Liverpool, April 16 Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. Mar. 1818.


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