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Jost nothing by being seen again, as the bodily warmth from the mere agitation Joss in novelty' was made up in skill, for and hasle of the previous walk, the it certainly attracted po diminished eagerness to secure a seat, the mutual applause. The popularity into which excitements of mind and body in the Plays of this order are rising is not only progress of an interesting play, all coman evidence of the improved taste of bined, however separately trifling, make the people, but it is obviously an im- up a singularly dangerous disposition to provement of the stage. For the grous. contagious influence. Expedients to ness and rusticity of theatrical writing obviale the evil have been loog and at the beginning of the last century, variously tried, but on too cootracted a and for its common place and affecta. scale, and with a spirit tvo local to tion from that period to the beginning deserve the paine of remedy.. A man of the present, we are now indulging of science, and we believe of philanio manly description, natural feeling throphy, has at length come forward, and historical remembrance. This self. and we have to annouuce that the vegcongratulation must, it is true, not grow tilation of Theatres is about to be suddenly too ardent, for there still is established on priociples wbich will a great deal to be cleared away, and greatly diminish, if not totally destroy, a vast and formidable vacancy io be the infection of confined, exhausted, filled. But the first prognostic of a and polluted air. The process bas been salutary change in the theatrical con on trial, though partially, from the stitution has been exhibited, the lovers commencement of the season at Coventof the drama have shewu that they can Garden Theatre. This evening it was enjoy it more fully as it becomes more extended to the original wish of the natural, vigorous, and graceful, and we inventor, and so far as we could ascermay pot despair of seeing autborship tain from our own sensations, sucsolicit public savour in tbe same spirit ceeded. One of the objects is to make in wbich it bas tbus been already ob a total change in the atmosphere of the tained. A single novelist has palpably house io from every five to ten minutes; given a new life, form, and principle, the other is to keep this large and to novel writing : it would be an honour rapidly-changed body of air at equally rare and distinguished if the agreeable and uniform temperature; same mind were lo resuscitate the stage. the latter was of course more within Our attention was peculiarly led to an our observation. By thermometers in improvement of another species rather different parts of tbe Theatre, it was more mechanical, but not without its proved that the heat did not accumu. interest or value the ventilation of the late, though in a closely crowded house, bouse. We all know the importance beyond 70, scarcely more than the opea of air to respiration, but the impor. air temperature of a mild spriog day. tance of fresh air, a continually sup- In the bottest period of the night, plied recruitment of the volume which may generally be taken about breathed, has yet to be fully apprecia- nine o'clock, the thermomeler in the ted. The disappearance of disease is one shilling gaHery stood at 70, in the sometimes among the teachers of the two shilling at 64. It is difficult to Jook modes in which it has been habitually upon this invention without urging it imbibed, and if the fortunate period is into consequences and successes which to arrive when our places of public it is, at least, to be hoped it may altain. assemblage cease to assist in the pro. May it not yet give us the power of ex. verbial mortality of great cities, we pelling infection from all places where shall be closer to the discovery of the the disease is sustained or propagated dangers with which they were once im. by the most Auctuating, perhaps tho pregoated, of their retention of mias. most subtle and connected with life, of mata, of their propagation of fatal in. all the elements ;-may it not tako fluences by the air expired by one health into prisons and the depth of afflicted and broken frame, only to be mines ; may it not, as its humblest received by the next in full health, triumph, free us from the smoke ibat and lay the ground of decay. If those fills our lungs with sulphur and covers influences are likely to act, or act with our skies with black ness; or may it pot, fearful venom any where, it must be in in tbe progress of its greater discovery, theatres. The long period of remain. at length ameliorate our climate, or ing together, the close pressure, the provide us with some powerful ageot multitude of the audicace, the usual against its inclemency. Those spece

lations may be vain, but they may not that there was developed the secret of be extravagant. Jobnson says, " the guarding man against the thunderbolt ? master of mechanics laughs at strength." We live in an age of invention, and The man of science sees nothing im. peculiarly of invention directed to propossible to the vigorous application of moting the comforts of the human the human mind. The beginnings of This discovery seems to us to great discovery are feeble, but when coincide with the character of its age, once they have seen the light, they and to promise a large accession to the grow, like the children of the giants, security and well-being of the commuinto power and grandeur before the eye. nity. Is the tiine coming when man Who that had seen a straw clinging to a is again to have dominion over the piece of amber, would have thought earth!



Feb. 94. Zuma-Illustrious Traveller.

85. No performance.
86. Fazio-Harlequin Gulliver.
97. Oratorio.
3. Zuma-Russian Festival-Illustrious Tra.

March 2. Fazio-Harlequin Gulliver,
9. Zuma-Russian Festival Illustrious Tre.

4. No performance.
5. Fasio-The Libertine
1. Oratorio,

March 7. Zuma-Harlequin Gulliver.

9. Fazio-Ditto.
10. Zuma-Dinto.
11. No períormance.
12. Rob Roy Macgregor-Husband and Wife.
13. Oratorio,
14. Rob Roy--Harlequin Gulliver.
16-91.- Piscion Week.
23. Roblox - Harlequin Gulliver.
14. Rob kos wacgregor-Harlequin Gullivanha
3. Ditto-Ditto.

THE SURREY THEATRE. MARCH 2.-Since our last notice of meeting you again at Easter; I beg leave the entertainments at this popular Thea. most respectfuity to say, FAREWELL!” tre, the performances have been exclu. Marca 23 - Easter Mooday being sively devoted to benefits, and conse the annual period of re-opening the quently excluded by critical usage, from summer Theatres, the doors of this critical remark. On this evening the house were on this evening again thrown house closed, with the Proprietor's open to the public, and in the brief night, when after the fall of the curtain space of only nineteen days, during on the second piece, Mr. T. DIBDIN which they have been closed, an entirely came forward, and addressed the audi. nouvelle appeara:ce has been given to ence in the following appropriate terms the whole of the interior, where both of acknowledgment.

the taste and expedition of Aladdin's “ Ladies and Gentlemen,

genii of the lainp, seem to have been “ After a season of nine weeks, in in requisition. The box fronts are which we have produced eight success painted a marine blue, with silver net ful pieces, I have again to thank you work, relieved by classical groups of for continued and increased patronage; figures in fresco. The interiors of the the sincerity of my acknowledgments boxes are of a bright rose-colour,will be best proved by the use we sball new draperies are added to the proscemake of the short vacation between njum, &c. and the box cushions are this and Easter, for your future enter- newly stuffed and covered. The cxtetainment, and improved accommoda- rior of the Theatre has also been tion.

entirely re-painted, and the efforts thus “ Several additional performers of made to deserve the public patronage, celebrity are already engaged, and the will, we have no doubt, secure it. The scenery and embellishments of our open opening pieces were a new Ballet, ing novelties are in forward prepara and a new Burletta fouoded on Smol. tion.

let's celebrated novel of “Sir Launcelot “ Permit me in your presence once Greaves," in which the scenes of the more to thank all my friends behind the novellist have been successfully transscenes, for their valuable and upanimous ported to the stage, and have afforded support, which has enabled me to ren. new opportunities to the public favore der this house worthy your protection, ites at this Theatre, to display their and in the name of those performers varieties of talent, in characters well and ny own, till we bave the honour of suited to call them forth. The splendid

Milo-drame of The Three Talis nians," amyseinent of the crowded audience
also fully realised the expectations assembled to celebrate their Easter
which it had previously excited, and holidays.
contributed in no slighi degree to the

March 2, 1818.-Florio and Rose-Sir Launcelot Greaver-The Three Talismans.


ASTLEY'S AMPHITHEATRE. MARCR 23.—This established place over the foot lights is Apollo's head, of entertainment was opened for the with rays in gold. The pannels are a season this evening, when a number of Prince's blue; the styles a ligbl leinon beautiful hors“s which belonged to Mr. colour, with burnished gold ornaments, Daris's Stud were added to the cque's. The stage boxes are ornamented with trian departinent, with the accession of silver pilasters, gold trellis work and some new performers of considerable crimson drapery. The stage doors white note. Amongst the novellies of the and gold, and in centre of each a gold evening was a comic Pantomime, from Tyre. The stage doors and the boxes The Arabian Nights, called the The En. over thein (which are the boxes of the chanted Horse, written by Mr. W. Bar two proprietors) draw back at the same rymore. Young Jones, (from the Sans time with the frame of the Prosceniom, Pareil) was well received as Clown; and in order to give 60 feet opening loʻthe also Miss Burrell, as guardian of the stage! the audience part of the house Euchunted Horse. Several splendid is much widened, which has given

were successively exhibited, greater space to the riding school, the and great credit is due to Mr. Grieve's circle of which is painted as stone work, cxeriions for the improvements in the to form a base to the whole. The front of interior of this house, the appearance 'the two liers of boxes and the gallery of which called forth loud applauses the are chastely designed in a running ornadionient the curtain rose.

ment ofdiamonds formed of laurelleaves, The whole of this extensive Estab. a rosolte in the centre, and tied togelishment has been materially altered 'ther with a lrue-lovers'-knot, all in gold, since last se:son, by making the inte on an azure:blue ground, light lemon. rior, particularly the stage part, con: colour and white styles, which are the siderably wider, higher and longer. The prevailing colours throughout the Theanew Prosceniurn, or frontispiece, forms tre. The ceiling represents a dome, a Picture I'rame, richly ornamented, supporled by pilasters of trellis work, with oak leaves, roselts, reeds, &c. in ihe centre of which the new and tastefully displayed in gold; over the superb chandelier, illuininated by gas, tablet are the Prince Regent and Duke descends. The new ventilators in the of York's arms, also in gold; the front cieling are kept in continual motion by drop scéne', a landscape, is 40 feet wide the accumulation of air in the Theatre. and 37 high; the above frame is con -We understand the above improve. Prived so as to extend or diminish the ments have cost Messrs Astley and Davis sta se lo any size the subject may re- upwards of 40001. quire ; in the centre of the Proscenjum

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MARCH 23.-The attractions of this pany is materially increased by the ac.
Theatre promise to become as power cession of Gibbon and the return of
sal as in any former season. The house Grimaldi, the talents of the former in
opered this evening with a new Music the vocal, and of the latter in the pao
cal Piece, a new Pantonime, and a new tomimic department, are justly allowed
Aqua-drama, which proved eminently to be of the first order.
successful. The strength of tbe coin.

Warel ti, 1513.-Cauglit at Lart-The Filmente; nr, Where is Varlequin ?-The Glicber; o

The l'ire Worshippers,




It once bad such unearthly wealth POUND ON THE COAST or MALTA.

As might have brav'd the bandit's stealth!

Still, like your saints' defrauded shrine, LEDGE of my own far-distant land, It boasts its pledge of life divine, Forgotten on this lonely strand,

But it has lost the gem, whose worth
In abject wretchedness how near

Gave beauty to its place on earth
Art thou to him who views thee here!
Like thee on Scotia's wilds he grew

Pledge of my native land, farewell !

Thou art not here, neglected stone!
A mass of dark and changeful hue,

The only exile left to dwell
Yet haply once by science wrought,
And once with forms of beauty fraught-

In baleful solitude unknown;

Nor bearest thou alone a trace
Now idly thrown to whet the glaives
Of felon Turks and christian slaves !

Of love's sweet fable, Psyche's face

Those cherub features that express Yet could those elves alert and bland, The soul all peace and loveliness: That hover in the purple west,

A heart as firm as thee shall keep Bring from one kind consenting hand The beauteous symbol gravd as deep, A gift like this, it would be blest

And it may break like thee, but never Beyond whatever fairy.wand

Lose the fair image stamp'd for ever. Raised from the gems of Samarcand:

V. But thus forgetting and forgot, To bear an unregarded lot, To waste among these rocks away

BENEFICENCE. As barren and as blank as they

An ADDRESS written by request, and recited This. this is wretchedness more base, Poor relic !--than thy resting place.

at the Anniversary Festival of the Queen's

Lying inn Hospital, celebrated at the City III- judgd the dreaming anchorite,

of London Tavern, Thursday, March 12, That man in Eden must be blest;

1818. The breath, the spirit of delight,

A,R.N.THE DUKE OF SUSSEX,K.@.PRESIDENT, Dwelt only in ihe garden's guest.

IN THE CHAIR, Else why these summer-bowers among. So rich in bloom, and sweets, and song ; To Canaan’s land, – to Israel's cærliest Or on yon land, where lingers all That time has sav'd from glory's fall. The Muse this night would wing her back. Thos fondly turns my soul to dwell On one grey roof-one misty dell? And ask your tears o'er that sad tomb to Why!—but that life's own Eden-tree,

flow, Love, social love! is there for me.

Where Jacob mourn'd, and Rachel slept

belowTo watch beneath this dark blue tide The thousand lamps of ocean glide;

Moment of grief,-of horror, and of dread, Pillow'd on starry flowers to bear

His infant living, but its parent dead ! The coral-seeker warbling near

Cut off in child-birth's hour, and beauty's These are but pageants that beguile


The sainted victim to an early tomb!
Sick fancy back to Albine's isle ;
To her blue eyes of swifter light,

While her fond husband, wrapt in mute And lips with living coral bright

surprise, Cap these soffice to soothe a fate

With breast convulsed, and wildly gazing Thus gaudy, yet thus desolate ?

eyes, 0!- dark and fruitless as yon pile

Seem'd listening still for that departed Of coralline that weeds defile,

breath, Is the rich spirit left alone,

And fain would ask, if this indeed be

deathTill crush'd and harden'd into stone !

But not in ancient years, and tribes alone Ye bigot islanders !-ye mourn'd

Such woes have smitten, and such griefs Your eross by felon Franks profan'd,

were known. But faithful hearts the plunder scornd Death's sable banner yet remains unfurld,

While yet the glorious cross remained ; And pity bleeds, where'er bis shaft is And mine could well your treasures spare

burl'd: If hope-one holy hope was there:

Who theo, with feeling mind, and friendly

heart, • The Cairngorn diamond, or Scotch Such tears can view, and not their aid pebble, is sometimes distinguished by this impart? vane, being supposed to enchant tbe perxon at whom it is thrown,

Psyche's head was engraved on it. Europ. Mag. F'ol. LXXIII. Mar. 1818.


ward way,

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Shall creed, or nation, check the generous Scarce are the tears yet dry which Briglow,

tajn shed That fain would pity and relieve such O'er the dark pall, that wrapt her Princely woe?

dead, That bliss be your's, to whom all gracious When a whole nation flung its pleasures by, Heaven,

In speechless tribute to her memory. The loveliest emblems of its power hath O ye! who loved our Royal CHARLOTTE given.

here, In that dread moment of o'erwhelming Whose bitter agony bedew'd her bierstrife,

Think on the hour of woe that seal'd her When nature struggles with the pangs of


Think on the cause that snatch'd her to the When want's pale sufferer, shrinking from

tomb. the blast,

Now let her fate its last sad lesson give, Fears every breath she draws, may be her Still from the grave let her example live. last.

SNE soothed the grief which misery bade to Then helpless, houseless, friendless, doom'd

flowto roam,

The widow's sorrows, and the orpbao's Bereft of succour, and without a home!Your pity soothes the heart with anguish Prove then your charity, like her's sincere, wild,

And give the destitute a refuge here ! And saves at once the mother, and her


Private Secretary for Charities to Ye friends of human kind! whose boun.

II.R.H. the Duke of Kent and ties flow

To dry the tears of wretchedness and woe;
This is a cause, that asks your warmest

Where each must pity, and where all must

ULL many a moment of anguish and This is a cause where Princes join your

pain train,

I prove, dear Christina, for thee ; Life's pulse to quicken, and Life's fires And ah! does thy bosom no longer retain sustain.

One feeling of pity for me. The cry of sorrow strikes on every ear,

Long! long have we parted, and since that And differing creeds know no distinction

sad hour, here.

The tear-drop has moistened this eye; Hebrews and Christians, give alike their

And Pleasure and Friendship possess pot aid,

the pow'r And trust alike in Heaven to be repaid;

That emblem of sorrow to dry.
Proud to unité, where varying faiths agree,
In one bright galaxy of Charity!

Alas! shall I never, oh! never review Here soft compassion's flame hath ever That form / so truly adore?

Will Fate ne'er permit me again to reThe purest glory of our Monarch's throne ; And the same course a long-loved Sire be

The vows I so ardently swore ! gun,

Hope's beautiful visions are fading away, Is nobly follow'd by his duteons Son :

And Fancy no longer is kind : Here Love's own roses strew the glowing My garland of love has now suffer'd decay, scene,

Though its thorns are all left me behind. To hail the patronage of England's Queen;

S. W. S. To grace that altar, where with light be.

nign, Streams ihe bright radiance of a Royal

ON THE DEATH OF AN INFANT. Where Pity's offerings with our incense

I SEEthy little we goed soul rise,

Mount thro' the bosom of the air ; And Mercy's angel wafts the sacrifice. I see it reach yon heav'nly goal, Ob! then, concentrate here with star-like And seek a blissful mansion there,

blaze, O'er this asylum shed your guardian rays, O take it, Father, to thy breast, And when on earth life's latest ties

'Tis harmless as the gentle dove, riven,

Fair as yon orbs in splendour drest, They will but fade in death, to shine in And pure as everlasting love.





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