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HAWES, JOS. Ipswich, pawn-broker, March 6, 7,

and April 4, White Hart, Woodbridge, Suffolk. (Baxter, Furnival's-inn; and Moor, Woodbridge.]

Feb, 21. HILL, JOHN, Baldwin-st. Bristol, ironmonger, March 9, 10, and April 4, Commercial knom, Bristol." (Bigg, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-la.; and Bigg and Son, Bristol.) Feb. 21. JONÉS, THOS. Deritend Aston, Birmingham, victualler, March 14, Royal, Birmingham. [Meredithi, Birmingham; and Alexander aud Co. New

inn,] Jan. 31.
IRVING, WASHINGTON, Liverpool, merchant,

March 14, King's-Arms, Liverpool. [Orred and
Co. Liverpool; and Lowe and Co. Southanipton.

buildings, Chanccry-lane.] Jan. 91.
IRVING, PETER, Liverpool, merchant, March 14,

King's. Arms, Liverpool. [Orred and Co. Liver.
pool; and Lowe and Co. Southampton-buildings,

Chancery-lane.] Jan. 31.
JONES, JOHN, Bellingley, Hereford, corn-dealer,

March 17, Hertford. [Walkyns, Hereford ; and
Dax and Cn. Feb. 3.
JENDEN, CHARLES, Worthing, Sussex, saddler,

March 17. [Ridley, Clement’s-inn.). Feb. 3.
KNIGHT, BENJ. Stafford, baker, March 17, at

Messrs. Collins and Keenes, Stafford. (Flint,

Uttoxeter ; and Gaskill, Gray’s-inn.) Feb. 3. KEENE, TYREN, Fulham, Middlesex, victualler,

March 21. (Shuter, Milibank-st. Westminster.)

Feb. 7.
LOCK, JOHN, Woolwich, victualler, March 10.

[Parker, Greenwich.) Jan. 27.
LLOYD, WM. sen. and Co. Peckham, Surry, slop-

sellers, March 10. (James, Bucklersbury.] Jan. 27. LEGG, THOS. Cooper's-row, Tower-hill, dealer,

March 21. (Martin and Co. Vintner's-ball, Upper

Thames-st.) Feb. 10.

street, wine-merchants, March 3 and 31. (Sher.

wood and Co. Canterbury sq. Snuthwark.) Feb. 7. MASTERS, GEO. Langston, Monmouth, dealer, March 14, Bush, Bristol. (Frankis, Bristol ; and

King, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-st.)' Jan. 31.
MITCHELL, STEP. Dorking, Surry, linen.droper,

March 14. (West, New Lincoln's.
inn 1 Jan. 31.
MILLER, JAS. Chelsea, Middlesex, merchant,
March 31. [Knight and Co. Basinghall-street.]

Feb. 17.
NORTH, BENJ. Benton, Manchester, chapman,

Narch 14, Morley Arms, Manchester. (Buckley, .
Manchester ; and Harvey and Co. St. Helen' Jan. 31.
ODDY, GEO. silver-st. Golden sq. soap-maker,

March 14. (Hewitt and Co. Haydon-sq Mino

ries.) Jan. 31. PICKARD, DAVID, Liverpool, coach-maker, Mar.

2, 3, and 17, York, Liverpool. (Witley, Liverpool;

and Windle, John-bt. Bedford row.) Feb. 3. PROCTOR, WM. Sheffield, York, optician, March 21, Tontine, Shetfield. [Sherwood, Sheffield;

and Blaklock. Serjeant's-inn.) Feb. 7. PORTER, THOS. Longtown, Cumberland, inn

keeper, March 24, Rickergate. (Saul, Carlisle ;

and (lennell, Staples-inv.] Feb. io. POLLY, JOHN, ', Manchester-sq. linen

furniture dealer, March 28. (Richardson and Co.

New-inn.] Feb. 14.
PARSONS, JOIN, Manchester, cotton-manufac-

turer, March 9, and ys, Star, Manchester. (Wal

ker, Manchester.) Feb. 14.
PILSBURY, THOS, Lawrence-st. Chelsea, tailor,
March 3, and 28. [Heard, Hooper's.sq.

street, Goodman's.fields.) Feb. 14.
PRIVETT, PAUL, Bigliton, Southampton, maltster,
March *, George, Winchester. (Einly, E

.co Temple ; and Godwin, Winchester.) Feb. 14. POWELI. PETER, MALAPERT, Hastings. Sus. sux, lilira'ian and bookseller, March 31. (Lamb

and Co. Prince's-st. Bank.] Feh. 17.
PAGE, JOIN, Bermondsey-st. Soutlıwark, grocer,
March 3, 14, and April 4. (Buckle, Size-lane.]

Frh. 21.
PALLISTER, THOS, York, corrier, March 4, 5, and
Avril 4, Mr. W. Baynes, Petrgale, York (Rus.
aril, York; and Cardalc and Co. Gray's-inn.]

Frh. 81.
KOSE, SUSAN, Swansca, Glamorgan, dealer and,

chapman, March 91, Bush, Swansea. (James

Swansea ; and Price, Lincoln's-inn.) Feb. 7. RONALDS, FRANCIS HEN. and Co. Foster-lane,

Cheapside, warehouseman, March 14, and Ap. 6,

[Phipps, Weaver's-hall, Basinghall-st.) Feb. 21. RIGBY, WM, Liverpool, corn-factor, March 10, 19,

and April 4, George, Liverpool. (Bulmer, Water
street, Liverpool; and Clarke and Co. Chancery-

Jane.) Feb. 21.
SCHMÅLING, FRED. WM. Fenchurch st, mer-

chant, March 10, [Crowder and Co. Frederick's

place, Old Jewry.] Jan. 27.
SEDGWICK, WM. Liverpool, merchant, Mar. 10,

George, Liverpool. (Gunning, Liverpool ; and
Chester, Staples inn.] Jan. 27:
SIMISTER, SAML. Manchester, dealer in cntton,
March 10, Star, Manchester. [Duckworth and Co.
Manchester ] Jan. 87.
SNUGGS, JOS. Henrietta-street, Covent-garden,
mercer, March 14. (Spottiswoode, Old City-ch.

Bishopsgate.] Jan. si.
STRACHÄN, WM, Liverpool, smalt. manufacturer,

March 17, George, Liverpool. (Murrow, Liver-
pool; and Blackstock and Co. King's-Bench-pan}

Feb. 3.
SMITH, WM. Stone, Stafford, grocer, March 17,

George, Stafford. (Dent and Co. Stone; and

Leigh and Co. New Feb. 3.
STEPHENS, SEPTIMUS, Dowgate hill, warehouse-

man, March 17. [Parton, Cheapside.) Feb. 3. SPENCER, THOS. Manchester, commission-bro

ker, March 21, Star, Manchester. (Lawler, Man. chester; and Hurd and Co. Temple.] Feb. 7. SHEERES, MICHL. victualles, Mar.

21. (Clutton and Co. High-st. Borough) Feb. 7. SMITH, JOHN, H.istrick, York, corn-dealer, Mar.

84. (Swan, Huddersfield; and Willes and Co. Throgmorion-st.) Feb. 10.
SMITH, WM. Oxford st. ironmonger, March 28.

(Richings, Frith-st. Soho.) Feb. 14.
SAINT, THOS. jun. Gloucester, flax spinner, Mar.

3, 4, and April 4, White Hart, Bristol. (King. Serjeant's-inn; and Frankis, Brisrol.] Feb. 21. TURNAR, WM. BURTON, Huddersfield, York, merchant, March 14, Tontine, Sheffield. (Rodges, Sheffield; and Bigg, Southampton-buildings.] Jan. 31 TYE, GEO, JOHN, Colchester, grocer, March 17.

(Noy and Co. Bell-co. Mincing Ja.) Frh, 3. TWOHY, JAS. Plymouth, master mariner, March

21, Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth-dock. (Bozon and Co. Plymouth dock; and Darke and Co. Chancery-lane.] Feb. 7. THOMAS, JOHN EVANS, Reading, dealer, March

94. (Bartlett, Nicholas la. Lombard st.) Feb. 10. UPSOM, JOHN. Park-street, Southwark, baker, March 14. (Chapman and Co. St. Thomas' Aposo

tle.) Jan. 91.
Wall., GREGORY, Bromyard. Hereford, farmer,

March 14, Union, Worcester. [Bray and Gn.
Droit wich, Worcester; and Price and Co. Lin.

coln's-inn.] Jan. 31.
WAGSTAFF, GEO. Dersting, Derby, cntton-spin.

ner, March 14, Star, Manchester. [Duckworth
and Co. Manchester; and Ellis, Chancery-lane. )

Jan. 31.
WARI), JOHN, Milton Abbott, Devon, cattle.job-

ber, March 21, King's Arms. 'Tavistock. (Bridge.
man, Taristock; and Alexander and Co. New.

inn.) Feb. 7. WALSH, JAS. Halifax, merchant, March 24, Coo.

per's Arms, Halifax. (Scatcherd, Halifax; and Beckett, Noble-st.) Feb. 10. WATKIN, JOHN. 'Newark-upon-Trent, Notting.

ham, painter, March 28, Rutland Arms, Newark.
upon-Trent. [Tallents and Co. Newark-lipon-
Trent; and Long, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.)

Feb. 14.
WALKER, THOS. Mochdale, Lancaster, corn-dea-

ler, March 98, White Swan, Halifax. (Wigles-
world and Co. Gray’s-inn; and Wiglesworth,

Halifax) Feb. 14.

and Clowe Court Mills, Bristol, colour-manufac.
turer, March 7, and si. (Leman, Bristol; and

Osbaldeston, London-st. Fenchurch-st.) Frh. 17 YOUNG, JOHN, and Co. Sheffield, button-mang.

facturers, March 3, 4, and April 4, Commercial Inn,

Shefficid. (Shearwood, Sheffield ; and Stocker and Co. Furnival's inn.) Feb. 21.

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FROM TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, TO SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1818. Aaderton, R. Birmingham, Feb.23. Graves, W. Sutton-street, Feb. 91. Martin, T. Chichester, March 7. Amberst, S. Market st, Feb. 28. Goudy, T. Clement-lane, Feb. 21. Miller, W. jun. Liverpool, March Appleton, J. Stockton-upon-Tees, Gibbons, I. and Co. Wolverhamp. March 7.

ton, Feb. 24.

Nicholls, T. and Co. Birmingham, Atkins, W. and Co. Chipping Nor. Gompertz, A. Great Winchester April 6. ton, March 16.

street, Feb. 88.

Peech, D. S. Barnsley, Feb. 83. Amis, d. Little Britain, March 1. Goring, T. Staines, March 21. Phillips, H. Carey-street, March 3. Butler, T. and Dewsbury. Feb. 20. Gardner, T. jun. Liverpool, Feb. Packer, J. Paipswick, Peb.81. Boardman, B. Norwich, Feb. 17.

Pugsley, C. Lower-road, Feb. 21. Bellairs, A. w. Stamford, Feb. 17. Greaves, J. P. and Co. Coleman. Potts, W. Liverpool, Feb. 24. Bellairs, J. Derby, Feb. 17.

street, March 17.

Payne, R. Liverpool, March 2. Boldero and Co. Cornhill, Feb. 94. Garth, W. Bailgrove, March 10. Peacock, S. Lincoln, March 2. Ballmer, J. City Chambers, Feb.21. Goodchild, J. and Co. Durham. Parry, J. Newgate-street, March 3. Birtles, R. Birmingham, Feb. 46. March 5.

Parker, S. South Lambeth, Feb. 2i. Bowler, G. sen. and Co. Haughton, Gower, T. Withenfield, March 18. Pritchard, J. Stratford-on.Avon, Feb. 85.

Geroon, W. Langbourn Chambers, March 25, Broadman, S. and Co. Liverpool, March 14.

Pugsley, C. Islington, April 11. March 7,

Howbridge, W. B. Cleveland, Feb. Pidgeon, P. and Co. Stock Ex. Booth, J. Websey, March 4. 22.

change Coffee House, March 14. Battur, J. R. and Co, Gould-square. Huxham, W. Exeter, Feb. 17. Peirson, T. and Co. Russia-row, Feb. 81. Hart, T. Bridport, March 9.

March 21. Booth, c. Bishop Wearmouth, biaigh, J. Marsden, Feb. 21.

Pfeil, A. L. and Co. Bishopsgate. March &

Hopps, T. Greenhommerton, Jan. stree: Within, March 21. Bailey, Z. Frome Selwood, March

Quarton, W. York, Feb. 18. Handbury, J. Shoreditch, Feb. 28. Hice, L. Leicestershire, Feb. 19. Barker, J. and Co. Blackmoore, Hislop, . and Co. Bus-lane, Feb. Kichards, W. Chatham, Feb. 94. March 4.

Haigli, w. Barneley, Feb. 23. Robertson, J. and Co Lawrence Bordler, G. Shrewsbury, March 3 Hodgson, R. and Co. Newcastle, Pountney-hill, March 24. Boteryle, T. Onslow, March 8. upon Tyne, Feb 26.

Reid, W. Fleet street, Feb. 24. Bedford, c. Manchester, March 9. Hodgson, J. jun. Coleman-street, Richardson, W. J. Nicholas-lane, Bertlion, B. Cross-st. March 7. April 7.

Feb, 24. Blachford. D. Leadenhall-street, Hondon, W. Cannon-treet, Feb.7. Read, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Feb. March 7.

Huxham, W. Exeter, March 10. Biss, J. Bristol, March 10. Howard, M. Cateaton-street, Mar.7. Routh, J. and Co. Austin.friars, Barnes, W. New Sarum, March 18. Holmes, T. and Co. Long Acre. March 14. Bradford, W. Stone-end, High-st.

Feb. 14.

Ross, T', and Co, Liverpool, March March 14.

Hodgson, W. Whitecross-street, Colen, B. Broad-street, March 17. Feb. 28.

Ramsbottom, R. and Co. Norwich, Curlewis, S. L. King-street, Niarch Haines, R. Islington, Feb. 14.

March 5. 17.

Hurry, J. and Co. Gracechurch-st. Reilly, J. Hart.street, March 28. Collis, R. Romford, March 94. Feb. 28.

Small, w. Tauriton, Feb. 01. Carter, W. Bragbury-house, Steven- Holt, W. Marsden, March 10. Siffkin, H. Bush-lane, leb. 21. age, March 28.

Hopps, T. Green Hammerton, Scotland, R. Soitt: Shields, Feb. 96. Children, G. Tunbridge, March 14. Feb. 28.

Speice:, J. B. and Co. Bread-street. Cleugh, R. North Shields, Feb. 23. Hayward, R. D. Plymouth-Dock,

Feb. 28. Garry, T. North Shields, Feb. 23. April 7.

Sherwood, W. Liverpool, Feb. 28. Cotterell, E. S. Manchester, Feb. Ingleby, J. and Co. Soughton, Feb. stock ham, W. Bristol, March 10. 13. 23.

Shepłreid, J Moorton, Mar. 4. Craike, E. and Co. Borough Mar. Jones, R. Northumberland-street, Schroder, J. F. jun. Crutched-friars. ket, Feb 94. Feb. 28.

March 10. Charles, R. St. Alban-street, Feb. Johnson, R. S. Great Yarmouth, Smith, T. and Co. Lawrence PountMarch 7.

ney-lane, March 10, Cheamer, H. Sittingbourne, March Jupe, R. jun. Castle-street, March Smith, J. Tabernacle-walk, March

3. Chandler, W. Birmingham, March Jessurun, A. Houford-buildings, Mar. Scholefield, N. and Co. Greenwich, 7.

March 5, Caner, G. Wheathampstead, March Jones, e. D. Chester, Mar. 19. Swallow, J. Bix, Oxford, March 17.

Knowlton, C Bristol, Feb. 21. Strombom, I. Austin-Iriars, Feb.18. Cowen, G. Great Prescott: street, Knight, J. and Co. Gougla-square. Tomlinson, J.Tooley.street, Feb.8). March 1.

March 91.

Taylor, W. Clifton, Feb. 91. Cullen, R. and Co. Cheapside, Knight, W. Bagshot, Peb. 28. Thompson, B. Fetter lane, Feb. 7. March 7.

Kershaw, T. W. Southwark, MarchTrevor, J. and Co. Whitchurch, Champion, J. Great St. Helen's,. 7.

March S. March 14.

King, J. Yeovil, March 14, Tomlinson, J. Northwich, March 8. Card, S. sen. Mere, Wilts, March Latham, T. D. and Co. Devonshire. Thompson, J. and J. Newcastle-up10. sq. Feb. 7.

on.Tyne, March 4. Denman, G. Aldgate, Feb. 81. Long, C. High Hoyland, Feb. es. Tomlinson, W. Liverpool, Marche. Dafty, J. Hurst, March 5. Lowe, W. Fields, March 4. Thompson, J. P. Great NewportDyer, w. Northleach, March 16. Leech, T. Salisbury, March 3. street, March 14. Basiman, T. Clement's-lane, Feb. Lucas, A. Liverpool, March 4. Turver, M. Basinghall-street, Mar,

Lax, J. Sunderland, March 3. Elgar, R. jun. Burnham Westgale, Love, C. Old Bond-street, Feb. 28. Thurkle, G. M. New-street-square, Peb. 9.

Leuven, A. J. G. and Co. Circus, March 14. Earl, A. Carlisle, Feb. 26.

Minories, March 17.

Wigglesworth, T. Heylandswaine, Bonneti, J. and Co. Jerrard street, Lander, P. Cardiffe, March 17. Feb. 23. Feb. 98.

Lawton, W. Wilmslow, March Wilson, W. Portland-place, Feb.17. Plam. W. March, March 10.


Whitehead, J. York, Feb. 23. Freeving. J. Blackwater, Feb. 94. Lockwood, G. Whitby, Mar.!!. Whitehead, J. and Co. Cateator. Jean, J. Parliament-street, Feb. 91. Laycock, T. and Co. Bradford, street, March 7. Fisher, R. B. Southampton, place, March 21.

Walton, J. Broad-street, Feb. 91. March jo.

Martindale, J. St. James's-street, Williams, J. Coleman-surért, Feb. Poster, S. Leicester, March 27. Feb. 21.

21. Foster, W. Leicester, March 27. Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross- Wagstaffe, E. Bridport, March 10. Poster, T. and E. S. Yalding, Mara street, March 16.

Whateby, W. Lawrence PountneyV.Brair, R. Fen court, Feb. 7. hill, Marche Garner, J. Worcester, Feb. 19. Manton, J. Birmingham, Feb. 23. Whittle, J. Liverpool, March 13. Glennie, A. and Co. New Broad-st. Moore, H. Ironmonger-lane, Pub. Woodward, J. Aylesbury, Barch 16. Peb. 19. 28.

Young and Co. Water-lane, March Gilbee, N. Denton, Feb. 24. M'Loughtan and Co. Great St, He Greases, A. Queen streel, Feb. 14. len's, Feb 44,

Aa Europ. Mag. Vel LXXIII, Feb, 19!.

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Arnold, D. and N. Bristol, March 3. Foster, J. Liverpool, March 7. Payant, C. Manchester, March 7. Alberstone, H. Nottinghham, Mar.s. Grisbrock, G. Sloane.terrace, Feb. Pilgram, T. South Mims, March 7. Battye, J. Staffordshire, feb. 17.

Pearson, J. Westoe, March 10. Bishop, J. Wacton, Feb. 17. Greenley:

w. Tenbury, Feb. 01. i'ark, J. Wallcott, March 10. Barnes, w. Blackheatb, March 9. Gitton, T. Bridgenorui, March 10. Redhead, N. Penrith, Feb. 2). Barnard, T. Cheltenbam, March 7. Gedge, W. Angel-court, March 14. Rodgers, c. Melcon Mowbray, Barnes, A. Cirencester, March 7. Hatheld, J. Eccles, Feb. 17.

March 14. 'Bayly, J. Pitsea, March 7. Haigh, A. Halifax, Feb 21. Smith, T. Chepstow, Feb.ct. Brewer, S.K. Henrietta-street, Mar. Hodgson, f. L. Stroud, Feb. 28. Sorgenfrey, A.W. Savage Gardens,

Hill, w. Kidderminster, March 14. Feb. 08. Burrows, R. Broken Wharf, March Hazell, G. Saltford, March 14. Slater, J. Wakefield, Feb. es. 14.

Jarvis, M. Purton, Feb. 21. Sheffield, J. Bath, March 10. Cowdroy, W. Manchester, Feb. 17. Jackson, J. Dowgate Wharf, Feb. Smith, T. Middleton, March 14. Cloud, J. Hammersmith, Feb. 17. 28.

Shiffner, G. St. Michael's-alley, Collinson, J. Huddersfield, Feb.21. Jackson, J B. Liverpool, March 7 Marcia 14. Clements, s. Roughton, Lincoln, Jacobs, J. Woodbridge, March 10. Sambell, P. East Stonellouse, March Feb. 84.

Kershaw, S. Oldham, March 7. Cooper, R. Tilbury, March 3. Kent, E. Lincolnshire, March 10. Thwaites, H. Walbrook, Feb. 21. Coilver, J. Gosport, March 10. Leader, B. Bristol, March s. Thorp, J. Ely, Feb. 2i. Cunningham, D. Winchester-st. Langhorn, J. Manchester, March7. Thieson, A. H. Bernard-street, Feb. March 10.

Lyon, J. London street, March 10. 21, Denham, F. jun. King-street, Feb. Marriott, G. Melton Mowbray, Mar. Tideswell, T. Shelton, March 7. 17.


Tonge, J. C. Stockbridge. Mar. 10. Dyson, J. Mitham Mill, Feb. 91, Mickle, J. King-street, March 7. Wilson, J. Lancaster, Feb. 84. Daniel, G. Birmingham, Feb. 21. Matthieson, W, Bishopsgate-street, Wroe, J. Tong, Feb. 24. Davy, W. Norwich, Fob. 94.

March 10.

Wylie, H. Abchurch-lane, Feb.28. Dodd, T. Liverpool, March 3. Maxfeld T. Halstead, March 10. Walker, C. W. Brightlelmstone, Davis, T. Bibury, March ?. Mayor, J. Camomile-street, Mar. Feb. 28. Etchells, J. Stockport, Feb. 17. 10.

Ward, J. Liverponl, Feh. 28. Elliot, G. Woodchurch, Feb. 91. Northcote, M. J. Limestreet, Feb. Wood, J. J. South Hamlet, Marcha Elliot, J. jun. Ilminster, Feb. 94. 84. Edwards, J. Knighton, Feb. 84. Northall, W. K. Wolverhampton, Willis, G. Bath, March 7. Elliott, J. Southampton, March 7.

March 14.

Young, W. W. Glamorgan, Feb. Ellis, J. A. Creat Yarmouth, March Poolton, J. Bilster, Feb. 24.

17. (Parsons, J. Whitechapel, Feb. 28. Yandall, E, Earl-street, March 14.



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ALIEN, J. E. and Bell, W. Alderagate-st. druggists. Copp, W. Alfred, H. and Copp, A. Exetes, lines. Andrews, W. Wailes, J. Blakiston, J. and her. drapers.

vokes, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, iron-founders. Cookshank, C. and Strelley, T. Shoreditch. Allen, T. and Allen, W. Dover, rope-makers. Cooke, F. and Mann, H. Sunderland, mercers. Applegarth, A. Cowper, E. and Mitton, H. Nelson. Coke, R. and Soow, W. E. Gainsburgh, Liccoln. sq. stereotype-sounders..

shire, surgeons. Allday, E. and Lamb, J. Birmingham, saddlers. Cull, M. and J. Appledore, Devonshire, ladies'. ironmongers,

hoarding-school-keepers. 'Brooke, J. and Bowstead, C. Nantwich, Cheshire, Chipchase, 1. and Proct T, W. G. Albemarle-st. brewers.

upholsterers. * Batson. W. Reed, J. Reed, A. Batson, T. R. Berry, Crowe, J. Richmond F. R. Botherby R. and Clark,

W. and Reed, W. Berwick-upon-Tweed, bankers. T. Stockton-upon-Tees, Durham, iron.merchants. Brown, R. and Mawe, J. London, vase-manufac Chilton, J. Sharto, L. Dixon, J. and Gregson, J. turers.

New Elvitt, Durham, brewers. Bowen, T. and Holland, T. Milton, near Gravesend, Couterill, E. M., E. C. and C. G. Vine-st. Liquor. watermen.

pond-st. provision-merchants. Brookes, S. Flight, B. and Spratley, U. Fountain-co. Davis, C. and Matthews, J. Bristol, warehousemen. axletree-makers.

Dawson, J. and Scott, A. Durham, earthenwareBrade, W. and Fowler, E. Preston, Lancashire, manufacturers. liquor-merchants.

Denziloe, J. and Denziloe, M. K. Bridport, Dorset, 'brown, E. Smith, G. sen. and Smith, G. jun. flax-spinnors. Greenwich, lightermen.

Dearden, J. Hartley, J. and Frith, G. Sheffield, Benbow, J. and Benbow, C. Taplory Mills, Bucks, York, Aax-spinners. mealmen.

Dobson, J. and Wailes, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Brooke, J. and Anderson, M. Rotherhithe-wall, Sur upholsterers. sey, ship-chandlers.

Dwyer, G. and Rooke, J. 'Change-alley, protisionBrierley, T. Harrison, J. and Unsworth, T. and R. brokers. Manchester, cotton-Inerchants.

Pigerion, J. and Dickens, F. Gray's- inn, attornjesa Blakey, R. and Allen, J. Liverpool, vinegar-makers. Evamy, R. and Nicholas, W. Southampton, hop. Brown, P. Hay, J. and Green, s. Upper North-pl. merchants. Gray's-inn-la. coach-makers.

Elley, W. and Reed, E. Stafford. boot-makers. Bland. A. and Weller, E. Oxford-st. music-sellers. Pield, M. and Field, B. Poto'pla-la. wine-merchants. Conke, T. and Longdon, J. Liverpool, mustardo Fletcher, C. and Scarr, J. Kirby woorside Yorkshire, manufacturers.





Farrand, F. and Farrand, M. Bermondsey-st, cabi. Murton, W. and Murton, R. Malling, Kent, far.

nei manufacturers.
Firth, T. and Firth, J. Northwich, Chester, iron Mace, J. and Evans, C. Reading, gun-makers.

Metrall, J. and Kent, W. B. Dean-st. dobo, brushFletcher, S. and Sharralt, s. Wallsall, Stafford, manufacturers. merchants.

Neilson, A. and Barnett, R. Austin-friars, merchants. Fox, J.J. Leicester, and Watson, W. jun. Ketter. Obe, E. L. and Oke, W. Southampton, merchants. ing, Northampton, coal merchants.

Onion, J. Hawkley, T. and linnes, J. Binning. Terguson, G. and J. and Ashton, J. Carlisle, hat. Perry. S. and Bernall, E. Manchester, calico-prin

manufacturers. Gaddis, A. and Wilkinson, D. St. Michael's-alley, Plummer, W. and Daries, G. H. Fenchurch-bu.' Cornbill, ship-brokers.

sugar. brokers. Gretton, P. and Woodthorpe, R. Colchester, sur Parker, N. Betheme, H. and Cheeveer, W. London, geons.

merchants. Gar side, P. and Gartside, W. B. Smithy-place, Perkins, M. and Kempson, J. Birmingham, builders.' York, dyers.

ariridge, J. jun. and Partridge, J. Bow-bridge, Gould, -s. Edwards, C. A. and Gould, J. Isleworth, Gloucester, dyeis. calico printers.

Parker, J. Dean, J. Gibson, H. Baron, H. and ElliGraveley, T. S. and Wallis, R. Basingstoke, South son, J. Lancaster, cotton-spinners. ampton, coal-merchants.

Perl, R. and Pfeiler, J. Liverpool, merchants. Hessle, C. Robinson, J. and Ashbridge, R. Carlisle, Paulden, J, and Cookson, R. Manchester, coachwhip-masofacturers.

makers. Hankinson, G, and Hankinson, C. Hale, Cheshire, ' Parker, J. Ellison, J. and Baron, H. Belmont, Lan

cashire, calico-printers. Honi, W. and Hunt, S. Liverpool, hardwaremen. Pye, D. Pye, T. and Raine, T. King-st. Covent-garHolcombe, W. and Viner, C. Worthing, Sussex, den, wholesale-perfumers. grocen.

Rushton, J. and Rushton, J. Bolton-le-Moors, LanHa, A. Russell, E. Corbitt, T. and Greensisl, E. caster, inn-keepers. Stourport, Worcestershire, corn-dealers,

Roddam, S. and J. North Shields, bookbinders. Harrison, J. and Shields, C. London.

Rees, w.and J. M. Little Russell-st. Drury-la. vic-. Hitchin, J. and Piper, W. jun. Cockley, Worcester, tuallers. vorsted-yarn-spinners.

Ranford, J. and Pilcher, J. Coleman's-ya. BermondHalne, J. Rostron, T. and Cooke, W. Grea Lower scy, fellmongers. Works, Lancashire.

Smith, W. and Parrott, J. Nottingham, builders. Harrisen, R. and A. Latham, W. Harrison, H. and Sheldrake, H. and Stephens, R. Goswell-st. saddlers, Latham, R. Bahia, Brazils.

Singleton, G. and Whitfield, W. Thorne, York, Hoyle, J. Dyson, I. and Sicad, W. Sayland, York, common-brewers. cotton-manufacturers.

Stoue, W. and Scholefield, W. Goswell-street-ro." Hopwood, J. and P. Wigan, Lalicaster, linen-mang tip-plate-workers. facturers.

Scrivener, C. and Terrey, J. West Smithfield, beast.' Hatfirld, W. and Weston, R. Great New-st. Gough salesmen,

stevens, T. and Stevens, W. Shaftebury, Dorset, sq. printers. Jederys, H, and Ham, J. Salisbury-sq. watch drapers. makers.

Smith, J. and Cocker, J. jun. Lancaster, cotton., Jones, T. W. and Simons, W. Leicester-sq. silk waste-dealers.

Short, A. and M. Ratcliffe-highway, slopsellers. Jent, T. and Sharpus, R. Piscadilly, chinamen. Sharpus, R. and Just, T. Sunderland, mercets. Kitson, T. and Chew, W. Kırklication, Lincolnshire,

Sleward, T. and Steward, E. Billingley, Shropshire, card-makers.

farmers. Knigbi, J. and Blood, T. Tamworth, Warwick, Stephensori, E. and Smith, J. Liverpool, haberbutchers.

dashers. Keightley, R. and Atherstone, J. Leicester, timber. Speur, R. and Heron, J. H. Manchester, cottonmerchants,

merchants. Langshaw, J. and Rowland, D. Liverpool, mer.

Steel, s, and J. Rotherham, York, mercers. chanus.

Thompson, J. Thoner, Yorkshire, and Thompson, Large, W. S. and Large, J. Bath, hosiers.

J. jun. Percival-st. Clerkenwell, cotton manufac. Lamb, T. and Lamb, J. Purion, Wilts, general turers. dealers.

Trusted, B. and Trusted, T. Wellington, Somerset, Linsley, J. and Linsley, J. jun. Leeds, merchants. tanners. Littlefield, A. and J. Portsea, Hampshire, plumbers. Taylor, B. and Taylor, A. Hart-st. Crutched-friars, Lewis, H. and Page, G. A. Prince's-st. Bedford.row, stationers. attornies.

Terry, H. and W. Bath, furnishing-ironmongen. Lazenby, H. and E. F. Edward-st. Portman-sq. Taylor, J. and Harper, C. Red Cross-st. Southwark, oilmen.

blacking manufacturers. Linthwaite, T. Linthwaite, E. Wallis, J. and Hunt, Wilson, J. and Caurtauld, G. Braintree.

J. Loughborough, Leicester, luce-manufacturers. Williams, J. and Turner, N. J. Beer-la. Tower-st. Linghwaite, T. and Hunt, d. Rothley, Leices:er, Custom-house agents. lace-manufacturers.

Watts, J. and Atkinson, J. Cheapside, warehouse Lomer, W. Lomer, J. and Lomer, W. jun. South men. ampton.

Wriglat, w Astbury, J. and E. Davison, S. and Langloy, w, and Roper, C. Lee's Mews, Grosve. Emnery, J. Stone, Staffordabire, brewers. nor-sq. carpenters.

Wells, G. and J. G. Long-acre, auctioneers. Lloyd, 'T. and Rudolph, G. Old Gravel-la. com. Walker, J. and Walker, J. F. Wolverhampton, dealers.

Statford, japanners, Marrack, W. and Thomas, W. Madron, Cornwall, Wilson, A McLellan, J. and Bowdon, R. Greenock, lath-makers.

merchants. Meynell, T. and Meynell, C. Kingston-upon-Hull,

Wilson, S. andA. Sheffiel I, spoon inanufacturers chemists,

Waring, E. and Frank, A. Bristol, cutlers. Mackintosh, J. and Mackintosh, D. Glasgow, çlo. Woodhouse, J. sen. Taylor, T. and Haynes, J. Bris thiers.

tol, tobacconists. M'Crea, A. and Richardson, M. Manchester, letter

Wright, W. Coxon, R. and Hall, A. Durham, lalo press printers.

low-chandlers. Marton, J. sen. Morton, J. jur. and Morton, M. Westphal, J. G. Seedorf, H. and Seemy, J. Flyiogo Dronfield, Derby, coal-dealers.

horse-yard, Spital-fielde, scum-boileri. Moor, C. and Wray, J. T. Leybourn, York, mer.

Yaule, W. and Alderson, w, Conisbrough, York. chants.

shire, grocers. Maitland, W. Smith, W. and Forsyth, T. Liverpool. Young, J. and Wells, J. St. James's-st. cailors.




(Continued from page 83.) DWARD COW PER, of Nelson-square, Surrey, effectual decomposition of salt water, and to render

printer; for improvements in printing presses, the said salt water more useful to the general pure or machines used for printing. Dated January 7, poses of ship's crews, &c. at sea, without any extra 1818.

apparatus, except the said cooking machine, or, in JOHN COLLIER, of Frocester, Gloucestershire, other words, its structure will answer the end of engineer; for improvements on a machine for the worm or condenser and worm-lub, &c. &c. Daced purpose of crop, ing or sharing woollen cloths of January 15, 1818. every description. Dated January 15, 1818.

CHARLES BRIGHTLY, of Bungay, Saffolk, JOHN LEWIS, Clothic, WILLIAM LEWIS, Printer, and BRYAN DOUKIN, of Grange-road, Dyer, and WILLIAM DAVIES, Engineer, all of Bermondsey, Surrey, Engineer; for a maciune ar Brimscomb, Gloucestershire; for improvements in printing-press, for printing from types, plalet, or shearing machines for shearing or cropping woollen blocks. Dated January 17, 1816. and other cloths that may require such a process : MARC ISAMBARD BRUNEL, of Lindsay-row, the same being further improvements on a patent Chelsea, Middlesex, Civil Engineer; for a method of obtained by JOHN LEWIS for an improved sbear methods for forming tunnels or driits under ground. ing machine, dated the 27th day of July, 1815. Dated January so, 1818. Dated January 15, IR18.

HUGH RONALDO, of Hammersmith, Middlesex, PHILIP TAYLOR, of Bromley, Middlesex, Ope. Gentleinan; for improvements in the art of making rative Chemist; for a method of applying heat in leather. Dated January 23, 1818. certain processes, to which the same method hath JOSEPH CORTZ, of Harley-street, Cavendish not hitherto been applied; likewise improvements square, Middlesex, Merchant; for iniprovements on, in refrigerators. Dated January 15, 1818.

and additions to, stills, or the apparaius used for dis WILLIAM MOULT, of Bedford-square, Middle tilling, and also in ihe process of disuilling, and sex; for improvements in steam-engines. Dated refining. Communicated to him by a foreigner January 15, 1616.

residing abroad. Dated January so, 1818. JOHN KOLWORTHY PALMER, of Regent BENJAMIN WILSON, of Abbey.street, Berstreet, St. John's, Westminster, Middicsex, Gentle mondsey, Surrey, flax.manufacturer; for a machine man ; for a nod: of purifying certain description of for breaking, twingling, and preparing flax or hemp gusesDated January 15, 1818.

Date! January 23, 1818. JOAN THEODORE KOSTER, Lancashire, Mer. RICHARD BANKS, of Hadley, Wellington, Sa. chant; for a method of building or constructing lop, Engineer; for further improvements on wheelwhceled carriages, and also for making wheels for carriages. Dated Jan. 23, 1818. carriages. Dated January 15, 1818.

THOMAS CALDERBANK, of Liverpool, LancaJAMES FRASEK, of Long-acre, St. Martin's-in shire, Plumber; for improvements in the working of the-Fields, Middlesex, Engineer and Coppersmith; pumps and other macbinery. Dated January 23, for a cooking machine, for the more simple and 1818.



By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL. 1818 Barom Ther. Wind Obser. 1818 Barom Ther Wind Obser. Jan. 27 29.74 | 43 SW

Feb. '10 29.95 27 NE

Fair 28 29.5846 SW

11 30.14 35 E

Ditto 29 29.71 35 SSW


12 30.12 33 SW Ditto 30 29.02 47 SW Rain

13 29.97 35 W Ditto 31 29.30 48 W Fair

14 29.75 32 S Ditto Feb. 1 29.10 38 SW Suow

15 29.85 30


Ditto 2 28.94 30 SE Fair

16 29.87 | 38 S Ditto 9 28.96 31 SE Ditto

17 29.92 44 S Ditto 4 29.07 30 NE

18 29.85 48

SSW Ditto *5 29.47 30 S Dilto

19 29.92 45 SE Ditto 6 29.87 36 S


20 30.00 43 S Ditto 7 30.00 32 SW Dillo

21 29.62 46


Ditto 29 95 | 28 W Fair

221 29.23 43 S Rain 29.97 27 W

23 29.71 33


LONDON MARKETS, Feb. 20, 1818. COTTON.- We mentioned the renewed 200 Bourbon. The purchases of cotton in inquiry for cotton on the forenoon of Tues London for the weck, Chnsist of -1,200 day last ; it has led to very extensive pur. Pernambuco, 2s. 01 d. to 2s. 14d. ; 280 Ba. clases; the sales since our last exceed 3.CCO hia, 234d. to 25. ; 130 Vina, 22d. to 224d.; packages : there has been much speculation, 95 Demerara and Berbice, 2140. to 83 d. ; both in this market and in Liverpool, in 51 Surinam, 29d. to 28. 040. ; and excluPernambuco cotton, in anticipation that the sive of duty, 600 Bengals were sold, 10d. supplies of Sea Island will inis season be to 12 d. ; the greater proportion of the lat. very deficient, and tbat they will be substi ter for exportation : and 750 Surats realized tuted in the manufactures for the American an advance of td. to jd. per Ib. on the East Sea Islands; no good Pernams now offer India sale prices, selling from 144d. to 1540. poder 28. 2d. The East India colton sale on There is again a great renewal in the de. the 20th, will consist of 13,000 Beogals, and mapd for cotton this foredood; several con,

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