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Volume X., April, 1897, to September, 1897.

Are Catholic Authors Discriminated Against. Thomas O'Hagan, Ph. D 240

Brother Noah. [Frontispiece.]

Brother Noah, of the Christian Brothers B. Potamian 14

Change of Light, A. [Poem] Rev. William Livingston 103

Colonial Days, Social Life in Mary O. Bonesteel 86, 168

Current Notes and Opinion 31, 110

Dupanloup Rev Reuben. Parsons, D. D 231

Electricity from Carbon Brother Potamian, X>. SC. 17

Electricity: Its Place in a College Course...Brother Potamian, D. SC. 254

Hardy, Professor George E. [InMemoriam] 155

Hawthorne, The Educational Value of Margaret S. Hart 178

Heart Tones—The Coinage of a Soul Leslie Allan Pease, LL. B 104

Historical Picture Gallery, An Rev. George J. Reid 258

Meynell, Mrs., The Essays of Isabel Whileley 100

Mountain Chapel, The. [Poem] Elizabeth A. tully 307

Persecutions, History of the Jean Mack 25, 95, 174, 244

Poetry: Its Characteristics and Mission Brother Noah 1

Puritan New England Rev. Peter J. O'Callaghan, C. S. P 75

Savonarola vs. Luther Rev. John Walsh 157

Screeds, Six Summer Helena T. Ooessmann, M. Ph 19

Shall "We Appraise Our Books? Brother Chrysostom 249

. . Sursum Corda.. JyEoem] Edith R. Wilson 35

.•..WitBAIy,Mutfe...K(fcm] Michael Earls, A. M. 287

Teachers' Council.—TEdited by Marc F. Vallette, LL. D.)

EdMcafipnjiJ Tntjughts 41, 119, 188

EflneartcTn, Christian vs. Pagan r 112

'JitarfPotsertt—C 43

VIlo3ntji;art TOli) the School, How the 42

* EiBrary Mky Supplement the Work of the School, How the 186

Query Box,*Teachers' Council 44, ]89

Parent and Teacher, The Work of 183

Teaching, Some Thoughts on 36

Teacher, The "Know-All" and the "Seek-All" 117

Teacher, Moral Obligations of the 185

Reading Circle Union.

Chronicle, Local Circle 60, 138, 290

College, Trinity, for Women 307

History, American, Studies in Marc F. Vallette, LL. D 45, 121, 192, 264

Literature, American Thomas O'Hagan, Ph. D 54, 129, 200, 272

University Extension for Catholics Joseph H. McMahon 14]

Sisters' Institute 307

Social Problems—IV Rev. Morgan M.Sheedy 56

Study and Review, Weekly, Outline for 58, 136, 211, 288

Study Class, The Work of the Thomas O'Hagan, M. A., Ph. D 208

Study Club, Detroit. [Portrait] 61

Catholic Summer Schools.

Catholic Summer School of America 70, 144, 213,309

Columbian Catholic Summer School 72, 154, 225,374

Catholic Winter School 73

Book Reviews 190, 229

Copyrighted By Wabkkn I. Moshkr, 1397.

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