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Rehoboan's death.

Reign of Abijah. because of Shishak, and said unto B. C. 975.1 CHAPTER XIII. them, Thus saith the LORD, Yef

Abijah succeeding, iketh war against have forsaken me, and therefore fch. 15.2.

Jeroboam. have I also left you in the hand of

N OW a in the eighteenth year of


8 Je. 13.15, 18. Shishak.

I king Jeroboam began Abijah 6 Whereupon the princes of Israel Ja. to reign over Judah. and the king humbledg them- h Ex.9.27. | 2 He reigned three years in Jeruselves, and they said, Theh LORD i IKi.21.28, salem. (His mother's name also is righteous.

29. wasb Michaiah the daughter of And i when the LORD saw that': 25.1120 Uriel of Gibeah.) And there was thev humbled themselves, the word

war between Abujah and Jeroboam. of the LORD came to Shemaiah. Por, a little

3 And Abijah I set the battle in

3 And saying, They have humbled them while.

array with an army of valiant men selves, therefore i I will not destroy k Ne 9.36,37. of war, even four hundred thousand them, but I will grant them I some 1s.26.13. chosen men: Jeroboam also set deliverance; and iny wrath shall i De.28,47,48. the battle in array against him with not be poured out upon Jerusalemm

II m ch.9.15,16. Cel

516 eight hundred thousand chosen by the hand of Shishak.

men, being mighty men of valour. o Nevertheless they shall be his k » 292.0.10. | 49 And Abivah stood up upon servants; that they may know my och.33.12, 13. mount Zemarum, c which is in service, and the service of the king- Is.57.15. mount Ephrain, and said, Hear me, domsl of the countries.

1 Pet.5.6. thon Jeroboam, and all Israel; 9 So Shishak king of Egypt came 2 or, and yet 5 Ought you not to know that the up against Jerusalem, and took in Judah LORD God of Israel gave the kinga way the treasures of the house there were dom over Israel to David for ever, of the LORD, and the treasures of good things, even to him and to his sons d by a the king's house; he took all :

covenant e of salt? he carried away also the shields


6 Yet Jeroboam the son of Nebat, of gold which m Solomon had

the servant of Solomon the son of male.

3 fixed. David, is risen up, and hath rebel10 Instead of which king Reho- p De.5.29. led fagainst his lord. boam made shields of brass, andEze.33.31. 7 And there are gathered unto committed them to the hands of words. him g vain men, the children of the chief n of the guard, that kept

Belial, and

q ver.5. the entrance of the king's house.

have strengthened ?

themselves against Rehoboam the 11 And when the king entered r ch.9.29. son of Solomon, when Rehoboam into the house of the LORD, the slKi. 14.31, was youny h and tender-hearted, guard came and fetched them, and Abijam. and could not withstand them. brought them agam into the guardWe guardsmum

8 And now ye think to withstand charaber.

the kingdom of the Lord in the 12 And when o he humbled him- (CHAP. 13.) h

13.) hand of the sons of David ; and ve self, the wrath of the LORD turned a lKi.15.1, be a great multitude and there are from him, that he would not de

&c. with you golden calves, which i strov him altogether : 2 and also b ch.11.20. Jeroboam made you for gods. in Judah things went well.

1 bound to

| 9 Have ye not cast k out the 13 So king Rehoboam strength


priests of the LORD, the sons of ened himself in Jerusalem, and

Aaron, and the Levites, and have reigned: for Rehoboam was one c Jos. 18.22.

made you priests after the manner and forty years old when he begand 2 Sa.7.12-16. of the nations of other lands? So to reign, and he reigned seventeen

that whosoever cometh to 2 conFears in Jerusalem, the city which N .10.19.

secrate himself with a young bulthe LORD had chosen out of all the fiKi. 11.26. lock and seven rams, the same inay tribes of Israel, to put his name 12.20. be a priest of them that are no gods. there. And his mother's name g Ju.9.4. 10 But as for us, the LORD is our was Naamah an Ammonitess. h ch.10.16. God, and we have not forsaken him; 14 And he did evil, because he

and the priests, which minister 3 prepared not his heart p to seek

i 1Ki. 12.28.

unto the LORD, are the sons of

Ho.3.5,6. the LORD.

Aaron, and the Levites wait upon 15 Now the acts of Rehoboam. Ik ch.11.14,15. their business first and last, are they not written 2 fill his 11 And I they burn unto the LORD in the book of Shemaiahthe hand,

every moruing and every evening prophet, and of Iddor the seer Ex. 29.1.

burnt-sacrifices and sweet incense: coucerning genealogies? And there


the show-brend m also set they in were wars between Rehoboam and 1 ch.2.4.

order upon the pure table, and the Jeroboam continually.

m Le.21.5-9. candlestick of gold with the lamps 16 And Rehoboam slept with his n Ex.27.20. thereof, to burn n every evening : futhers, and was buried in the city


for we keep the charge of the LORD of David : and Abijah s his son Le.24.2,3. our God; but ye have forsaken him. reigned in his stead.

- 12 And, behold, God o himself is

Abuah's wives.

2 CHRONICLES, XIV, XV. Asa destroyeth idolatry. with us for our captain, p and his B. C. 957. | 5 Also he took away, out of all the priests with sounding trumpets al

cities of Judah the high places and to cry alarm against you. O child-lo Is.8.10.

the 2 images: and the kingdom was ren of Israel, r fight ye not against

quiet before him. LORD God of vanr fathers for p Jos.5. 14, 15. 6 T And he built fenced cities in ye shall not prosper.

Nu.10.8. Judah: for the land had rest, and he 13 T But Jeroboam caused an Jos.6. 13-20. had no war in those years; becaused ambushment to come about be

the LORD had given him rest. hind them: so they were before wore hofer Job.9.4.

| 7 Therefore he said unto Judah, Judah, and the ambushurnent was


Let us build these cities, and make behind them.


about them walls and towers, gates 11 And when Judah looked back, 's ch.14.12. and bars, while the land is yet be. behold, the battle was before and

fore us; because we have sought e behindand they cried unto the

et ICh.5.20.

the LORD our God, we have sough.

Ps. 22.5. LORD, and the priests sounded with


him, and he hath given us rest on the trumpeis.

Na. 1.7.

every side. So they built and pros15 Then the men of Judah gave a

pered. shout: and as the men of Judah u Ps.18.37,38.8 And Asa had an army of men shouted, it came to pass, that Gods. 1s, 28

ne that bare targets and spears, out smote Jeroboam and all Israel be

of Judah three hundred thousands fore Abijah and Julah.

3 or, com and out of Benjamin, that hare 16 And the children of Israel fled mentary. shields and drew bows, two hur before Judah : and God delivered 20 ch 19 15 dred and fourscore thousind: all them into their hand.

these were mighty men of valour. 17 And Abijah and his people slew (CHAP. 14.) 9 And f there came out against them with a great slaughter: Sol : 158 them Zeral the Ethiopian, with an there fell down slain of Israel five

host of a thousand thousand, ani

. &c hundred thousand chosen men.

three hundred chariots; and caine 18 Thus the children of Israel b ch.15.17. unto Mereshahg were brought under at that time, liki. 11.7. | 10 Then Asa went out against and the children of Judah prevailed, 1 statues.

him, and they set the battle in because t they relied upon the

array in the valley of Zephathah LORD God of their fathers.

c Ex.34.13. at Vareshah. 19 And Abijal pursued after Jero

| 11 And Asa cried h unto the LORD boam, and took cities from him.

um his God, and said, LORD, it is noBeth-el with the towns thereof,

thing with thee, to help, whether i and Jeshanah with the towns there un udges. with many, or with them that have of, and Ephrain with the towns d Jos.23.1. no power: help us, O LORD our thereof.

God; for we rest on thee, and in 20 Neither did Jeroboam u recover

e Ps. 105.3,4.

thy name k we go against this mulstrength again in the days of Abi

Je.29. 13.

titude. O LORD, thou art our Gul; jah: and the LORD struck v him, I ch.16.8. let not 3 man prevail against thee. and he died.

g Jos. 15.44. | 12 So the LORD Smotel the Ethiop21 T But Abijah waxed mighty, hch.13.14.

ians before Asa, and before Judah; and married fourteen wives, and EX 14.10. and the Ethiopians fled. begat twenty and two sons, and

| 13 And Asa and the people that sixteen daughters.

120.1. were with him pursued them unto 22 And the rest of the acts of Abi-liis, 6 Gerar: m and the Ethiopians were jal, and his ways, and his sayings,

overthrown, that they could not are written in the 3 story of the

recover themselves; for they were prophet Iddo.w

4 destroyed before the LORD, and CHAPTER XIV.

3 or, morial betore his host; and they carried Asa destroyeth idolatry.

man. away very much spoil. Qoa Abijah slept with his fa- 1 ch.13.15. 14 And they smote all the cities Dthers, and they buted him mm Ge. 20.1.

round about Gerar; for the fear ni the city of David : and Asa his son

of the LORD came upon them: aud reigned in his stead. In bis days


they spoiled all the cities, for the land was quiet ten years. n ch.17.10. there was exceeding much spoul

2 And Asa did that which was Ge.35.5. in them. good and right in the eyes of the Jos.2.9,21. 15 They smote also the tents of LORD luis God:

Is.31.9. cattle, ani carried away sheep and 3 For he took away the altars of CHAP 15. canuels in abundance, and returned the strange gods, and b the high

to Jerusalem. places, and brake down the

a ch.20.14.


21.20. Images, and cut cdown the groves:

Asa and Judah make a covenant with

Nu.21.2. 4 And commanded Judah to seek


Ju.3.10. the LORD God of their fathers,

LAND the Spirit a of God came and to do the law and the com- ' before. A upon Azariah the son of Oded mandment.

- 2 And he went out i to meet Ass,

s. And the ways; story of

est of the ihis sayings: k 192:8.10.

4 dest

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A covenant with God. 2 CHRONICLES, XVI. Hanan reproveth Asa. and said unto him, Hear ye me, B. C. 941. | 16 Andt also concerning MaaAsa, and all Judah and Benjamin ;

chah the 5 mother of Asa the king, The b LORD is with you, while ye Ja 4.8. The removed her from being queen, be with him; and if c ye seek him,

m, c ver.4,15.

because she had made an 6 idol in he will be found of you; but if ye


a grove: and Asa cut down her forsake d him, he will torsake you.


idol, and stamped it, and burnt il at 3 Now for e a long season Israel Ch.28.9. the brook Kidron. hath been without the true God, and Je.29,12,13. 17 But the high places u were not without a teaching f priest, and Mat.7.7,8. taken away out of Israel: neverwithout law.

d ch.24.20. theless the heart of Asa was per4. But when other in their trou- He. 10.38. fect all his days. ble did turn unto the LORD God of Ho.3.4. | 18 T And he brought into the Israel, and sought him, he was

house of God the things that his found of them.

f Le. 10.11.

father had dedicated, and that he 5 And in those timesh there was


himself had dedicated, silver, and no peace to him that went out, nor & De.4.29. gold, and vessels. to him that came in, but great vexa- Ps. 106.44. 19 And there was no more war tions were upon all the inhabitants h Ju.5.6. unto the five and thirtieth year of of the countries.

Sa. 13.6. the reign of Asa. 6 And nation was 2 destroyed of 2 beaten in

CHAPTER XVI. nation, i and city of city : for God pieces. Asa diverteth Baasha from building did k vex them with all adversity. ; 7 Be ye strong I therefore, and let

Hi Mat.24.7.

of Ramah.

TN a the six and thirtieth year of not your hands be weak : for your

k Am.3.6.

I the reign of Asa, Baasha king of work shall be rewarded.

Jos. 1.7.9. Israel came up against Judah, and 8 And when Asa heard these ICh.23.20. built Ramah to

built Ramah, to the intent b that he words, and the prophecy of Oded 3 alomina might let none go out or come in to the prophet, he took courage, and tions.

Asa king of Judah. but away the 3 abominable idols out m ch.13.19. 2 Then Asa brought out silver and of all the land of Judah and Benja- nch, 11.16. gold out of the treasures of the min, and out of the cities which he 4 in that day, house of the LORD and of the king's had taken m from mount Ephraim,

house, and sent to Ben-hadad king and renewed the altar of the LORD,

of Syria, that dwelt at 1 Damascus, that was before the porch of the P LORD.

13 There is a league between me 9 And he gathered all Judah and

Ne. 10.29.

and thee, as there was between my Benjamin, and the strangers n with 9 AC.2

bq Ac.24.14.

father and thy father: behold, I them out of Ephraim and Manas-r Ex.22.20.

have sent thee silver and gold; go, sch, and out of Simeon: (for they De. 3.5.15. break thy league with Baasha fell to him out of Israel in abun- 17.2-5. king of Israel, that he may depart dance, when they saw that the s ver. 12. from me. LORD his God was with him.)

| 4 And Ben-hadad hearkened unto 10 So they gathered themselves

king Asa, and sent the captains of together at Jerusalem in the third t 1Ki. 15.13, 12 his armies against the cities of month, in the fifteenth year of the

&c. Israel; and they smote ljon, and reign of Asa.

Si. e. grand-Dan, and Abel-maim, and all the 11 And they offered unto the LORD mother, store-cities of Naphtali. 4 the same time, of the spoil o iKi. 15.2, 10. 5 And it came to pass, when which they had brought, seven hun- 6 horror Baasha heard it, that he left off dred oxen, and seven thousand

building of Ramah, and let his

uch.14.3,5. sleep.

work cease. 12 And they entered into a cove (CHAP. 16.)1 6 Then Asa the king took all Junant p to seek the LORD God of SK 11'dah; and they carried away the their fathers with all their heart

stones of Ramah, and the timber

b ch.15.5. and with all their soul;

thereof, wherewith Baasha was 13 That r whosoever would not

1 Darmesek. building, and he built therewith seek the LORD God of Israel should ? armies Geba and Mizpah. be put to death, whether small or which. 17 And at that time Hananic the ureat, whether man or woman.

were his.

seer came to Asa king of Judah, 11 And they sware unto the LORD ch.19.2.

and said unto him, Because d thou with a loud voice, and with shout- Ki. 16.1.

hast relied on the king of Syria, ing, and with trumpets, and with a Ps.146.3,6. and not relied on the LORD thy cornets.

Is.31.1. God, therefore is the host of the 15 And all Judah rejoiced at the Je. 17.5.

king of Syria escaped out of thine oath: for they had sworn with all e ch.12.3. hand. their heart, and sought him with 14.9. 8 Were not the Ethiopians e and their whole desire is and he was 3 in abun. the Lubims a huge host, with very found of them: and the LORD gave dance. many chariots and horsemen ? yet, them rest round about.

I because thou didst rely on the


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Death of Asa.

2 CHRONICLES, XVII, XVIII. Jehoshaphat's reign. LORD, he delivered them into thine B. C. 911. Ito Michaiah, to f teach in the cities hand.

of Judah. 9 Forf the eyes of the LORD run Job 34.21. 8 And with them he sent Levites, o to and fro throughout the whole Pr.5.21. even Shemaiah, and Nethaniah, and earth, 4 to show himself strong in 15.3. Zebadiah, and Asahel, and Shemithe behalf of them whose heart Je. 16.17. ramoth, and Jehonathan, and Adois perfect toward him. Herein 32. 19. nijah, and Tobijah, and Tob-adonithou hast done foolishly : therefore Zec.4.10. jah, Levites; and with them Elifrom henceforth thou shalt have 4 or wronglu shama and Jehoram, priests.h wars.

to hold

9 And they taught in Judah, and 10 Then Asa was wroth with the with them. had the book of the law of the seer, and put him in a prison

LORD with them, and went about house : h for he was in a rage with 8 ki, 15.32. throughout all the cities of Judah. him because of this thing. And hch. S. 26. and taught the people. Asa 5 oppressed some of the people je.20.2. | 10 And the fear i of the LORD 4 the same time.

fell upon all the kingdoms of the

lands that were round about Judah, first and last, lo, they are written 6 digged.

so that k they made no war against in the book of the kings of Judah

Jehoshaphat. and Israel.

(CHAP. 17.) 11 Also some of the Philistines 12 And Asa, in the thirty and

the thirty and a Ki. 15.2: brought Jehoshaphat presents. I ninth year of his reign was diseas

and tribute-silver, and the Arabied in his feet, until his disease was b ch.15.8. ans brought him flocks, seven thouexceeding great : yet in his disease 1 or of his sand and seven hundred rams, and he sought not to the LORD, but to father and seven thousand and seven hundred the physicians.

of David. The-goats. 13 T And Asa slept with his fa

Ki 12.2012 T And Jehoshaphat waxed thers, and died in the one and

great exceedingly; and he built in fortieth year of his reign.

2 gave. Judah 5 castles, and cities of store. 14 And they buried him in his own 3 i.e. was en 13 And m he had much business sepulchres, which he had 6 made couraged. in the cities of Judah: and the men for himself in the city of David, and Ps. 13.21. 22. ot war, mighty men of valour, were laid him in the bed which was fill

in Jerusalem. ed with sweet odours and diverse ch.19.3.

| 14 And these are the numbers of

29.33. kinds of spices prepared by the

them, according to the house of apothecaries' art : and they made

their fathers: Of Judah, the capa very great burning for him.

tains of thousands; Adnah the chief, CHAPTER XVII.

sch.15.3. and with him mighty men of valour Jehoshaphat succeeding Asa, reigneth g ch.35.3. three hundred thousand. and prospereth.

Ne. 8.7.

15 And 6 next to him was JehoAND a Jehoshaphat his son reign

on reign. h Mal.2.7.

hanan the captain, and with him A ed in his stead, and strengthen

two hundred and fourscore thoued himself against Israel.

lịch.14.14. sand. 2 And he placed forces in all the 4 was.

16 And next him was Amasiah fenced cities of Judah, and set k Ex.34.24. the son of Zichri, who n willingly garrisons in the land of Judah, and Pr. 16.7. offered himself unto the LORD; and in the cities of Ephraim, which bliver

with him two hundred thousand Asa his father had taken.

2Sa.8,2. .

mighty men of valour. 3 And the LORD was with Jehosha

17 And of Benjamin; Eliada a phat, because he walked in the first Sor, pal 10s.

S. mighty man of valour, and with ways l of his father David, and m ch.26, 10, Thim armed men with bow and sought not into Baalim;

15. shield two hundred thousand. 4 But sought to the LORD God of the LORD cool Ch.27.25

18 And next him was Jehozabad. his father, and walked in his com

and with him an hundred and fourmandments, and not after the 6 at his hand. score thousand ready prepared for doings c of Israel.

n Ju.5.2,9. the war. 5 Therefore the LORD stablished 2C0.8.5. 19 These waited on the king. bethe kingdom in his hand, and all over. 2. side those whom the king put in the Judah 2 brought to Jehoshaphat

fenced citieso throughont all Judah. presents; and he had riches and (CHAP. 18.)

CHAPTER XVII. honour in abundance.

a ch.17.5. Jehoshaphat goeth with Ahab against 6 And his heart 3 was lifted up in Oxis

Ramoth-gilead. the d ways of the LORD: moreover

over 200.6.14.

NOW a Jehoshaphat liad riches he e took away the high places and

W and honour in abundance, and

1 at the end groves out of Judah.

joined b affinity with Ahab. Also in the thind vear of his

2 And after certain years che reign he sent to his princes, even to, c Iki 22.2, went down to Ahab to Samana. Ben-hail, and to Obadial, and to

And Ahab killed sheep and orien


at saison of imla.e same is Nice,

Ahnb deceived

by his prophets. people that he had with him, and B. C. 914. they shall be delivered into your persuaded him to go up with him to

- hand. Ramoth-gilead.

la Sa.23.2.4, 15 And the king said to him, How 3 And Ahab king of Israel said un

'9many times shall I adjure thee that to Jehoshaphat king of Judah, Wilt 25a.2.1. thou say nothing but the truth to thou go with me to Ramoth-gilead? Je u m e in the name of the LORD? And he answered him, I am as thou 28.1.&c. 16 Then he said, I did see all Isart, and my people as thy people;

rael scattered k upon the mounand we will be with thee in the yet, or, tains, as sheep that have no shepwar.


herd; and the LORD said, These 4T And Jehoshaphat said unto f Ps.34 21. have no master;l let them return the king of Israel, Inquire, d I pray 55.3. therefore every man to his house m thee, at the word of the LORD 10


peace. day.


T 17 (and the king of Israel said to 5 Therefore the king of Israel

Am.5. 10. Jehoshaphat, Did I not tell thee gathered together of prophets four


that he would not prophesy good hundred men, and said unto them, 3 or,eunuchs. unto me, 8 but evil?) Shall we go to Ramoth-gilead to 4 Fasten. 18 Again he said, Therefore hear battle, or shall I forbear? And en

the word of the LORD; I saw m the they said, Go up; for God will de- ot, 7290r. LORD sitting upon his throne, and liver it into the king's hand. Ig Je.28.10.11. all the hosts n of heaven standing

6 But Jehoshaphat said, is there 6 thou con. on his right hand and on his left. not here a prophet of the LORD sume them. 19 And the LORD said, Who shall 2 besides, that we might inquire of 1 mouth. entice Ahab king of Israel, that he lum!

h Is.30.10.

may go up and tall at Ramoth-gi7 And the king of Israel said unto l' And the king of Israel suid unto M1.2.6.

lead! And one spake saying after Jehoshaphat, There is yet one man, in

this manner, and another saying by whom we may inqnire of the


after that manner. LORD : but I hate f him; for he 23.12.26. 20 Then there came out a spirit. o never prophesied good unto me, 24.13. and so

and stood before the LORD, and said, but always evil: the same is Mica

I will entice p him. And the LORD iah the son of Imla. And Jehosha w ww said unto him, wherewith? phat said, Let not the king say so.

| 21 And he said, I will go out, and 8 And the king of Israel called for *

k Je.23.1,2.

be a lying spirit in the mouth of all one of his 3 officers, and said, 4

Zec. 10.2.

* his prophets. And the LORD said, Fetch quickly Micaiah the son of 13. Thou shalt entice him, and thou Imla.


shalt also prevail : go out and do 9 And the king of Israel and Jeho

12Ki. 10.3.

even so. shaphat king of Judah sat either of

| 22 Now therefore, behold, the

for evil. them on his throne, clothed in their

LORD hath put q a lying spirit in robes, and they sat in a 5 void place

m Is. 6.1,&c. the mouth of these thy prophets, at the entering in of the gate of Sa

Da.7.9, 10.

and the Lord hath spoken evil r maria; and all the prophets prophe

Re. 1.10. 12. against thee. sied before them.


| 23 Then Zedekiah the son of Che10 And Zedekiah the son of Che

n Ge.32.2.

naanah came near, and smotes Minaanah had made him horns of

Ps. 103.21.

caiah upon the cheek, and said, iror, and said, Thus g saith the

Which way went the Spirit of the LORD, With these thou shalt push

o Job 1.6.

LORD from me to speak unto thee? Syria until 6 they be consumed.

p Job 12.16.

24 And Micaiah said, Behold, thou 11 And all the prophets prophe

2 Th.2.11,

shalt see on that day when thou

12. sied so, saying, Go up to Ramoth

shalt go 9 into 10 an inner chamber golead, and prosper: for the Lord 1918,19.14.

to hide thyself. shall deliver it into the hand of the

Eze, 14.9.

25 Then the king of Israel said, hing.

Ir Je. 18.11.

Take ye Micaiah, and carry him 12 And the messenger that went 1.2.8.

back to Amon the governor of the to call Micaiah spake to him, says Je.20.2.

city, and to Joash the king's son; ing, Behold, the words of the pro- Mar. 14.65.26 And say. Thus saith the loin phets declare good to the king with

| Ac.23.2.

Put this t fellow in the prison, and one 7 assent; let h thy word there- ot, from feed him with bread of affliction fore, I pray thee, be like one of chamber to a

°, and with water of affliction, until I theirs, and speak thou good.

return in peace. 13 And Micaiah said. As the LORD a chamber 27 And Micaiah said. If u thou cerliveth, even i what my God saith, tha cham- tainly return in

m tainly return in peace, then v hath

not the LORD spoken by me. And 14 And when he was come to the

he said, Hearken, all ye people. king, the king said unto him, Mica-1 ch.16. 10. 29 So the king Terban iah, shall we go to Ramoth-gilead u Am.9. 10. shaphat the king of Judah went up wo battle, or shall I forbear? And v Nu.16.29. to Ramoth-gilead. he said, Go ye up, and prosper, and

29 And the king of Israel said unto

bil And w speak at my Goue LORD / 10 chamber."anda him willoro in taith ille synny

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