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The Reubenites and Gadites NUMBERS, XXXII. sue for an inheritance. 49 And they said unto Moses, Thy B. C. 1452. 9 For when they went up unto the servants have taken the sum of the

valley of Eshcol, and saw the land, men of war which are under our hand. they discouraged the heart of the 7 charge, and there lacketh bot one s found. children of Israel, that they should man of us.

2 Ex.30.12,

not go into the land which the 50 We have therefore brought an

1 6. LORD had given them. oblation for the LORD, what every 9 heave

10 And I the LORD's anger was man hath 8 gotten, of jewels of affici, kindled the same time, and he gold, chains, and bracelets, rings,la Dei acelets, hugs, a Deut.20.14.

sware, saying, ear-rings, and tablets, to make z

| 11 Surely none of the men that an atonement for our souls before 1.00.10. came up out of Egypt, from twenty the LORD.

(CHAP. 32.) vears old and upward, shall see the 51 And Moses and Eleazar the 'a ver.35. land which I sware unto Abraham, priest took the gold of them, even Jaazer. unto Isaac, and unto Jacob; heall wrought jewels.

ch.21.32. cause m they have not 2 wholly fol52 And all the gold of the 9 offer Jos. 13.25. lowed me: ing that they offered up to the 25 .2.5. | 12 Save Caleb the son of JephunLORD, of the captains of thousands, Is. 16.8.9. neh the benezite, and Joshua the and of the captains of hundreds, Jer.50.19. son of Nun ; for they have wholly was sixteen thousand seven hun M1.7.14. followed the LORD. dred and fifty shekels.

c Ge. 13.2,5. | 13 And the LORD's anger was 53 (For the men of war had a 17.1. kindled against Israel, and he made taken spoil, every man for himself. d Is. 15.2.4. them n wander in the wilderness 54 And Moses and Eleazar the

forty years, until o all the generapriest took the gold of the captains


tion that had done evil in the sight of thousands and of hundreds, and


of the LORD was consumed. brought it into the tabernacle of

11 And behold, ye are risen up in the congregation, for ba memorial T JU11.20. your fathers' stead, an increase p of for the children of Israel before g ver.3s, sinful men, to augment a yet the the LORD.

Shiimah. fierce anger of the LORD toward CHAPTER XXXII.

h ver.38, Israel. The Reubentes and Gadites sue for Baul-meon. 15 For if r ye turn away from after

their inheritance on that side Jordan.lach.21.21.31. him, he will yet again leaves them N OW the children of Reuben, renk in the wilderness; and ye shall I and the children of Gad, had Acts 21.13. destroy

cts 21.13. destroy all this people. a very great multitude of cattle:

Cate:k ch.13.3-26.

16 And they came near unto and when they saw the land of


him, and said, We will build sheep

Deut. 1.22. Jazer, a and the land of b Gilead,

folds here for our cattle, and cities that, behold, the place was a placec

for our little ones: for cattle;

Ich. 14.11.29. 17 But wet ourselves will go 2 The children of Gad, and the Deut. 1.35. ready armed before the children of children of Reuben, came and I m ch.14.24, Israel, until we have brought thern spake unto Moses, and to Eleazar Jos. 14.8,9. unto their place: and our little the priest, and unto the princes of 2 fulled ones shall dwell in the fenced the congregationi, saying,

I after me.

cities, because of the inhabitants of 3 Ataroth, and Dibon, d and Jazer,

m ch.14.33–

the land. and Nimrah, e and Heshbon, f and


18 Weu will not return unto our Llealeh, and Shebam, 9 and Neo, o ch.26.64,65. have inherited every man his 11

houses, until the children of Israel and Beon, h

1Cor. 10.5. 4 Even the country i which the

He.3.16-19. heritance : LORD smote before the congrega

19 For we will not inherit with tion of Israel, is a land for cattle,

2 Ps.78.57.

them on yonder side Jordan, or forand thy servants have cattle:

9 Ne. 13. 18. ward; because v our inheritance is 5 Wherefore, said they, if we have Is. 65.6,7. fallen to us on thus side Jordan found grace in thy sight, let this Deut.30.17. eastward. land be given unto thy servants for

Jos.22.16, 20 T And w Moses said unto a possession, and bring us not over

18. them. If ve will do this thing, if Jordan.


ye will go armed before the LORD

15.2. 6 T And Moses said unto the

to war, children of Gad and to the children s ch.14.35. | 21 And will go all of you armed of Reuben, Shall your brethren got Jos.4.12.13. (over Jordan before the LORD, until to war, and shall ye sit here?

u Jos.22.4. he hath driven out his enemies 7 And wherefore 1 discourage ye

froin before him,

v ver.33.. the heart of the children of Israel

Jos, 13.8.

22 And the land be subdued befrom going over into the land which

is. fore the LORD ; then afterward y the LORD hath given them?

&c. ye shall return and be guiltless be8 Thus did your fathers, when kl Jos.18.1. fore the LORD, and before Israel; sent them from Kadesh-barnea toy Jos.22.4,9. and this land shall be your possessee the land.

-sion before the LORD.

Moses assigneth the land. NUMBERS, XXXII. Journeys of the Israelites. 23 But if ye will not do so, behold, B. C. 1452. 39 And the children of Machir the ye have sinned against the LORD:

-- son of Manasseh went to Gilead, and be sure yonr sin z will find you z Ge.4.7. and took it, and dispossessed the out.

44.16. Amorite which was in it. 21 Build a you cities for your lit- Ps.90.8. 40 And Moses gave Gilead q unto tle ones, and folds for your sheep; 139.11. Machir the son of Manasseh; and and do that which hath proceeded Pr. 13.21. he dwelt therein. out of your mouth.

Is.59.12. 41 And Jair the son of Manasseh 25 And the children of Gad and Cor.4.5. went and took the small towns the children of Reuben spake unto a ver.16,31,

thereof, and called them HavothMoses, saying, Thy b servants will


jarr do as my lord commandeth.

12 And Nobah went and took 26 Our little ones, our wives, our"

. Jos. 1.13,14.

Kenath, and the villages thereof, flocks, and all our cattle, shall be c Jos.4.12 and called it Nobah, after his own there in the cities of Gilead : la

name, 27 But cthy servants will pass over,

CHAPTER XXXIII. every man armed for war, before e De.3.12-17. Two and forty journeys of the Israel the LORD to battle, as my lord sath. 29.8.

ites. 28 So concerning them Moses com- Jos. 12.6. THESE are the journeys of the manded Eleazar the priest, and

1 children of Israel, which went Joshua the son of Nun, and the

forth out of the land of Egypt with chiet fathers of the tribes of the gch.33.45,16. their armies, under the hand of children of Israel :

h Deut.2.36.

Moses and Aaron, 29 And d Moses said unto them, If

2 And Moses wrote their goings the children of Gad and the child-li ver. 1,3, out according to their journeys, by ren of Reuben will pass with you Jazer. the commandment of the LORD: over Jordan, every man armed to ver 3 and these are their journeys acbattle, before the LORD, and the Nimrah.

cording to their goings out. land shall be subdued before you;

3 And they departed a from Rathen ye shall give them the land of 2 ver.24.

meses in the first month, on the Gilead for a possession :

m ch.21.27.

fifteenth b day of the first month; 30 But if they will not pass over

on the morrow after the passover with you armed, they shall have n is.46.1. the children of Israel went out possessions among you in the land och.22.41. with can high hand in the sight of of Canaan.

all the Egyptians. 31 Aud the children of Gad and 1 they called | 4 For the Egyptians buried all the curen of Reuben answered, by names their firstborn, which d the LORD saying, As the Lord hath said unto the names han si

had smitten among them: upun thy servants, so will we do.

of the ci

their gods e also the LORD executed 32 We will pass over armed before

judgments. the LORD into the land of Canaan, p See ver.3. | 5 And the children of Israel rethat the possession of our inherit- Ex.23. 13. moved from f Rameses, and pitched ance on this side Jordan may be Jos. 23.7. in Succoth. our's.

6 And y they departed from Suc33 And e Moses gave unto them. w w wcoth and even to the children of Gad, and to Jos. 13.29 lis in the edge of the wilderness. the children of Reuben, and unto

31. 7 And h they removed from Etham, half the tribe of Manasseh, the son', Ju. 10.4. and turned again untu Pi-hahuruth, of Joseph, f the kingdom of Sihon

which is before Baul-zephon: and kiner of the Amorites, and the king- C AP.00.) they pitched before Mindol dom orOg king of Bashan, the land, a Ex. 12.37. 8 And they departed from before with the cities thereof in the coasts,

Ex. 13.4.

Pi-hahiroth, and passed i through even the cities of the country round

the midst of the sea into the wilderabout.

c Ex. 14.8. ness, and went three day's journey 31 And the children of Gad built

d Ex.12.29.

in the wilderness of Etham, an Dibon, y and Ataroth, and Aroer, h

pitched in Marah. 35 And Atroth, Shophan. and i Ex. 12.12.

9 And they removed from Marah, Jazer, and Jogbehah,


and came k unto Elin: and in 36 And Beth-nimrah, k and Beth

Is. 19.).

1 Re. 12.7-9. Elm were twelve fountains of waharau, feuced l cities: and folds

ter, and threescore and ten palmfor sheep.

f Ex.12.37.

trees; and they pitched there. 37 And the children of Reuben' g Ex.13.20. | 10 And they removed from Elim, built lleshbon, m and Elealeh, and 1499. and encamped by the Red sea. Kirjathun,

11 And I they removed from the 38 And Nebo, n and Baal-meon. o' i Ex. 14.22.

1 (their names being changed,) and

Red sea, and encamped in 15.22,23.


wilderness of Sin. Shimah: and I gave other p k Ex. 1.27. 12 And they took their journey out names unto the cities which they (Ex. 16.1. of the wilderness of Sin, and the builded.

- camped m Dophkah.

erness n

lingues of much dwelt in the the Cana

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22 Anched atmoved from Librahim

Two and forty journeys NUMBERS, XXXIII.

of the Israelites. 13 And they departed from Doph-1 B. C. 1452. of the land of Egypt, in the first day kah, and encamped in Alush.

of the tifth month. 14 And they removed from Alush, m Ex. 17.1. 39 And Aaron was an hundred and and encamped m at Rephidim, 19.2. twenty and three years old when he where was no water for the people n Ex

the people n Ex. 16.1. died in mount Hor. to drink.


40 And king Arad z the Canaante,

40 15 And they departed from Rephi- that is, the which dwelt in the south, in the dim, and pitched in the wilderness n

land of Canaan, heard of the comof Sinai.

Ich ü.31. ing of the children of Israel. 16 And they removed from the de

p ch.11.35. 41 And they departed from mount sert of Sinai, and pitched at 1 Ki-1 ch.12.16. Hor, a and pitched in Zalmonah. broth-hattaavah.o

r Deut. 10.6, 42 And they departed froin Zal17 And they departed from Ki- Mosera. monal, and pitched in Punon. broth-hattaavah, and p encamped s IChr. 1.12. 43 And they departed from Punon, at Hazeroth

t Deut. 10.7, and pitched in both.b 18 And they departed from Haze- Grudgodah. 41 And they departed from Oboth, roth, and pitched in Rithmah.q u Deul, 10.7, and pitched in 2 lje-abarim,c in the 19 And they departed from Rith


border of Moab. mah, and pitched at Rimmon-pa

v Deut.2.8.

| 45 And they departed from lim, rez.

and pitched in Dibon-gad.d 20 And they departed from Rim

16 And they removed from Dibon

gebet. mon-parez and pitched in Libnah. iki 22.48. Igad, and encamped in Alipondibia

21 And they removed from Libnah, l w ch.20.1. thaime and pitched at Rissah.

27.14. 17 And they removed from Almon22 And thev journeved from Ris- 2 ch.20.22, diblathain, and f pitched in the sah, and pitched in Kehelathah.

23. mountains of Abarim, before Nebo. 23 And they went from Kehela

21.4. 48 And they departed from the thah, and pitched in mount Sha-y ch.20.23

mountains of Abarim,g and pitched pher.


in the plains of Moab, by Jordan 24 And they removed from mount


near Jericho. Shapher, and encamped in lara

49 And they pitched by Jordan, dah.

from Beth-jesimotheuen unto 25 And they removed from Hara- z ch.21.1.&c. Abel-shillimin n the plans 01 dah, and pitched in Makheloth. a ch.21.1. Moab.

26 And they removed from Mak-b ch.21.10. | 50 | And the LORD spake unto heloth, and encamped at Tahatlı. 2 or, heaps of Moses in the plains of Moab by Jor

27 And they departed from Ta- Avarim. dan near Jericho, saying, hath, and pitched at Tarah.

c ch.21.11. 51 Speak into the children of Is28 And they removed from Tarah. d ch.32.34.

rael, and say unto them, When ? and pitched in Mithcah.

e Jer.48.22.

ye are passed over Jordan, into the 29 And they went from Mithcah,

h! Eze.6.14.
f Deut.32.49.

land of Canaan; and pitched in Hashmonah.

g ch.22.1.

52 Then k ye shall drive ont all 30 And they departed from Hash-3

13 or, the

the inhabitants of the land from monah, and encamped at Mose- plains of before you, and destroy all their roth.r

Shittim. pictures, and destroy all their 31 And they departed from Mose-h ch.25.1. molten images, and quite pluck roth, and pitched in Bene-jaakan, Jos, 2.1. down all their high places: 32 And they removed froin Bene-i Deut.9.1. 53 And ye shall cuspossess the injaakan, s and encamped at Hor- Jos.3.17.

habitants of the land, and dweil hagidgad.t

k Ex.23.24,

therein: for I have given you the

33. 33 And they went from Hor

land to possess it.

34.13. hagidgad, and pitched in Jotba

54 And l ye shall divide the land thai.14


by lot for an inheritance among 31 And they removed from Jotba- Jos Ju. your families; and to the more ve thah, and encamped at Ebronah. Ju.2.2. shall 4 give the more inheritance,

35 And they departed from Ebro-lich.26.53-55. and to the fewer ye shall give 5 the nah, and vencamped at Ezion-4 multiply less inheritance: every man's ingaber.

his inherit- heritance shall be in the place 36 And they removed from Ezion-lance. where his lot falleth ; according to gaber, and pitched in the wilder-15 diminish the tribes of your fathers ye shall

ho K ness w of Zin, which is Kadesh.


his inherit- inherit. 37 And they removed from a

55 But m if ye will not drive out Kadesh and pitched in mount Hor,

Jos. 23. 12,

the inhabitants of the land froin bein the edge of the land of Edom.

fore you; then it shall come to 13

) 38 And y Aaron the priest went up Ju. 1.21-36. pass, that those which ve let reinto mount Hor, at the command

Ps. 106.31 mam of them shall be pricks in your ment of the LORD, and died there,

36. eyes, and thorns in your sides, and in the fortieth year after the Eze.28.24. shall vex you in the land wherein children of Israel were come out

- ye dwell.

Borders of the land. NUMBERS, XXXIV, XXXV. Those who shall divide it. 56 Moreover, it shall come to pass, B. C. 1452. of their fathers, and the tribe of that I shail do unto you, as I thought

the children of Gad according to to do unto then.

the house of their fathers. have CHAPTER XXXIV.

received their inheritance, and half

The (CHAP. 34.) The borders of the land. 16 The

the tribe of Manasseh have renames of the men which shall divide

ceived their inheritance: the land.

15 The two tribes and the half

Eze.47.13, AND the LORD spake unto Moses,

tribe have received their inherit

&c. A saying,

ance on this side Jordan near Jeri2 Command the children of Israel,

cho eastward, toward the sunand say unto them. When ve come b Ge. 14.3.

rising into the land of Canaan: (this is the

| 16 And the LORD spake unto land that shall fall unto you for an cch. 13.26. Moses, saying, inheritance, even the land of Ca- 32.8. | 17 These are the names of the naan, with the coasts thereof:)

men which shall divide the land 3 Then a your south quarter shall

d Ge. 15.18.

unto you;n Eleazar the priest, and be from the wilderness of Zin,


Joshua the son of Nun. along by the coast of Edom, and is 27.12. 18 And ye shall take one prince o your south border shall be ihe out

of every tribe, tu divide the land by most coast of the sait sea b east

inheritance. ward :

e ch.33.37.

! 19 And the names of the men are 4 And your border shall turn from

these: of the tribe of Judah, Caleb the south to the ascent of Akrab- fch, 13.21. the son of Jephunneh. bim, and pass on to Zin: and the 2K1.14.25. 20 And of the tribe of the children going forth thereof shall be from Eze.47.16. of Simeon. Shemuel the son the south to c Kadesh-barnea, and

Ammihud. shall go on to Hazar-addar, and g Eze, 47.15. 21 Of the tribe of Benjamin, Elidad pass on to Azmon.

the son of Chislon. 5 And the border shall fetch a

! 22 And the prince of the tribe of compass from Azmon unto the

the children of Dan, Bukki the son river of Egypt, d and the goings out

of Jogli. of it shall be at the sea.

i 2Ki.23.33. 23 The prince of the children of 6 And as for the western border, Je.39.5,6. Joseph, for the tribe of the children ye shall even have the great sea

of Manasseh, Hanniel the sou of for a border: this shall be your 1 shoulder.

Ephod. west border.

21 And the prince of the tribe of 7 And this shall be your north,

the children of Ephraim, Kemuel

k Deut.3.17. border: from the great sea ye shall

Jos. 11.2.

the son of Shiphtan. point out for you mount e Hor:


25 And the prince of the tribe of 8 Froni ruount Hor ye shall point Lu.5.1.

the children of Zebulun, Elizaphan out your border unto the entrance

the son of Parach. of Hamath; f and the goings forth

26 And the price of the tribe of of the border shall be to gledad : 1

the children of Issachar, Paltiel

Jos. 14.2. 9 And the border shall go on to

the son of Azzan. Ziphron, and the goings out of it

27 And the prince of the tribe of shall be at Hazar-enan: h this m ch.32.33. the children of Asher, Ahihud the shall be your north border.

son of Sheloni. 10 And ye shall point out your

28 And the prince of the tribe of east border from Ilazar-enan to w

the children of Naphtali, Pedahel Shepham:

the son of Annihud. 11 And the coast shall go down

29 These p are they whom the LORD from Shepham to Riblah. 2 on the n Jos, 14.1. commuanded to divide the inheriteast side of Ain: and the border 19.51. ance unto the children of Israel in shall descend, and shall reach unto

the land of Canaan. the 1 side of the sea of Chinnerethk o ch.1.4-16.

CHAPTER XXXV. eastward.

1 Eight and forty cities given to the 12 And the border shall go down

Levitrs: 6 six of them to be cities to Jordan, and the goings out of it P ve

of refuge. 9 The laws concerning shall be at the salt sea : this shall

murder. be your land, with the coasts

AND the LORD spake unto Moses thereof round about.

(CHAP. 35.) A in the plains of Moab, by Jor13 And Moses commanded the

dan near Jericho, saying, children of Israel, saving, This is a Jos. 14.3.4. 2 Command a the children of Isthe land which ye shall inhent by 21.2,&c. rael, that they give unto the Lelot. / which the LORD commanded Eze.45.1, vites, of the inheritance of their to give unto the nine tribes, and to

&c. possession, cities to dwell in ; and the half tribe:

48.8,&c. ye shall give also unto the Levites 14 Form the tribe of the children

suburbs for the cities round about of Reuben according to the house

I them.

The cities of the Levites. NUMBERS, XXXV.

The laros of murder. 3 And the cities shall they have to B. C. 1452. he is a murderer: the murderer dwell in; and the suburbs of them

shall surely be put to death shall be for their cattle, and forb 2Chr. 11.14.1 17 And if he smite him with their goods, and for all their beasts.

4 throwing a stone, wherewith he 4 And the suburbs b of the cities, c ver. 13, 14. may die, and he die, he is a murwhich ye shall give unto the Le

derer: the murderer shall surely vites, shall reach from the wall of


be put to death. the city and outward, a thousand

P5.62.7.8. 18 Or if he smite him with an enbits round about.

hand-weapon of wood, wherewitn 5 And ye shall measure from with

he may die, and he die, he is a out the city on the east side two 1 above them murderer: the murderer shall thousand cubits, and on the south ye shall

surely be put to death side two thousand cubits, and on give.

19 The o revenger of blood himthe west side two thousand cubits, d Jos.21.41. self shall slay the murderer: when and on the north side two thousand

e Jos.21.3.

he meeteth hun, he shall slay him. cubits; and the city shall be in the

| 20 But if he thrust him of hatred, midst : this shall be to them the f ch.26.54. p or hurl at hum by laying g of suburbs of the cities.

2 they in wait, that he die; 6 And among the cities which veherit.

21 Or in enmity smite him with shall give unto the Levites, there

here & Deut.19.2.

Dent his hand, that he die: he that shall be six cities c for refuge, which Jos.20.2. smote him shall surely be put to ye shall appoint for the man-slayer,

death; for he is a murderer: the that he may flee thither: and I to h Ex.21.13.

revenger of blood shall slay the them ye shall add forty and two 3 by error. murderer, when he meeteth him. cities.

i Deut.19.6. 22 But if he thrust him suddenly 7 So all the cities which ye shall Jos.20.3-6 without enmity, or have cast upon give to the Levites shall be forty

him any thing without laying of and eight d cities: them shall ye

wait, give with their suburbs.

" Deut.4.41.

| 23 Or with any stone, wherewith 8 And the cities which ye shall Jos a man may die, seeing him not, and give shall be of the possession e of mch.15.16. cast it upon him, that he die, and the children of Israel: from f them Lev.24.22. was not his enemy, neither sought that have many ye shall give many ; 'n Ex.21.12, his harm: but from them that have few ye

14. 24 Then the congregation r shall shall give few: every one shall

judge between the slayer and the give of his cities unto the Levites, Deut. 19.11, revenger of blood according to according to his inheritance which

12. these judgments: 2 he inheriteth.

25 And the congregation shall de9. And the LORD spake unto

liver the slayer out of the hand of Moses, saying,

4 a stone of the revenger of blood, and the con10 Speak unto the children of Is- the hand. gregation shall restore him to the rael, and say unto them, When yo ver.21.24. city of his refuge, whither he was ye be come over Jordan into the

27. fled: and he shall abide in it unto land of Canaan;

De. 19.6,12. the death of the high priest, which 11 Then h ye shall appoint you Jos.20.3.5. was anointeds with the holy oil. cities to be cities of refuge for you; Ge 458. 26 But if the slayer shall at any that the slayer may flee thither, 2Sanı.3.27. time come without the border of which killeth any person 3 at una

20.10. the city of his refuge, whither he wares.

IK1.2.31, was fied ; 12 And they shall be unto you

32. | 27 And the revenger of blood find cities for refuge from the avenger; il Pr.26.24. him without the borders of the that the man-slayer die not, until Ex.21.14. city of his refuge, and the revenger he stand before the congregation De.19.11. of blood kill the slayer; 5 he shall in judgment.

rver. 12. not be guilty of blood : 13 And of these cities which ye Jos. 20.6. | 28 Because he should have reshall give, six k cities shall ye have

& Ex.29.7.

mained in the city of his refuge for refuge.

until the death of the high priest; 14 Ye shall give three l cities on


but after the death of the high this side Jordan, and three cities 5 no blood

priest the slayer shall return into shall ye give in the land of Canaan,

shall be

the land of his possession. which shall be cities of refuge.

to him,

29 So these things shall be for a 15 These six cities shall be a re


statute of t judgment unto you, fuge, both for the children of Israel. t ch.27.11.

throughout your generations, in all and for the stranger, m and for the u Deut. 17.6. your dwellings. sojourner among them; that every 19.15. 30 Whoso killeth any person, the one that killeth any person una Mat. 18.16. murderer shall be put to death by wares may flee thither.

2Cor.13.1. the mouth of witnesses: u but one 16 And n if he smite him with an

Heb. 10.28. witness shall not testify against any instrument of iron so that he die,

person to cause him to die.

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