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William Wilson, Ezra Osborn, Ezra Dean,'
John Thompson, George P. Torrence, Joseph R. Swan,
Benjamin Ruggles, John M’Dowell, John W. Price.
Joseph A. Crane, Gustavus Swan, Joshua Collett,
Peter Hitchcock, Ebenezer Lane, Reuben Wood,
George Tod, Benjamin Tappan,



Edward Tiffin, Pres. Francis Dunlavy, Rudolph Bear, Bazaleel Wells, Jeremiah Morrow, Charles W. Byrd, Michael Baldwin, John Kitchell, John M’Intire, Samuel Huntington, John Paul, James Grubb, Elijah Woods, George Humphreys, James Sargeant, John Smith, James Caldwell, Philip Gatch, Thomas Kirker, David Abbott, Henry Abrams. Joseph Darlington, Adam Betz,

Thomas Scott, Secretary of the Convention.

The following embraces the names of all the Senators, and all the members of the House of Represeаtatives who have from time to time been elected, and have represented this State in the Congress of the United States to 1836.


In. Out.

' In. Out. (1803–1807 Joseph Kerr, 1814-1815 T. Worthington, 1810_1814. Benjamin Ruggles, 15-33 John Smith, 03-08 William A. Trimble, 19–22 Edward Tiffin, 07-09 Ethan A. Brown, 22-25 Return J, Meigs, 08–10 William H. Harrison, 25-28 S. Griswold,

09-09 Jacob Burnet, . 28-3] Alexander Campbell, 09–13 Thomas Ewing,

31-37 Jeremiah Morrow, 13–19 Thomas Morris, 33-39


W. H. Harrison, 1816–1819

John Thompson,

In. Out.

In. Out. 1799–1800 David Jennings, 1825_1826

(25-27 William M Millan, 00-01

{29–37 Paul Fearing, 01-03 John Woods,

25-29 Jeremiah Morrow, 03-13 Thomas Shannon, 26-27

(13-17 John Davenport 27-29 William Creighton,

327-33 William Russels 27-33 John Alexander, 13–17 William Stanberry, 27-33 Benjamin Beall, 13–15 Francis Muhlenberg, 28-28 James Caldwell, 13-17 Joseph H. Crane, 29_37 James Kilbourne, 13-17 John M. Goodenow, 29-31 John M’Lean, 13-16 William W. Irvin, 29-33 David Clendenen, 15-17

(29_33 William Kennon. $17-19

35-37 Levi Barber, . 121-23 James Shields,

29-31 (17–21 Eleutherus Cooke, 31-33 Philemon Beecher.

ner. 23-29 Thomas Corwin, 31-37 John W. Campbell, 17-27 Humphrey H. Leavitt, 31-34 Samuel Herrick, 17-21 William Allen,

33–35 Peter Hitchcock, 17-19 James M. Bell, 33-35 Henry Brush, 19-21 John Chaney, 33–37 Thomas R. Ross, 19–25 Thomas L. Hamer, 33-37 John Sloan,

19–29 Benjamin Jones, 33-37 David Chambers, 21-23 Robert T. Lytle, 33-35 Joseph Vance, 21-25 Jeremiah M'Lene, 33–37 Mordecai Bartley 23-31 Robert Mitchell,

33–35 James W. Gazlay, 23–25 William Patterson, 33-37 Duncan M'Arthur, 23-25 Jonathan Sloane,

33-37 William M'Lean 23-29 David Spangler,

33-37 John Patterson, 23–25 Taylor Webster, 33–37 Samuel F. Vinton, 23–37 Daniel Kilgore, 34-37 Elisha Whittlesey, 23–37. Bellamy Storer, 35-37 William Wilson, ....

23–27 William K. Bond, 35–37 John C. Wright, 23–29 Sampson Mason, 35-37 James Findlay, 35-37 Elias Howell. 35-37

Members of the General assembly, who passed the first effi:: cient act, for making our canals. The session commenced December 3rd, 1821.

From the counties of ..

Adams, George R. Fitzgerald...
Ashtabula, Robert Harper.
Athens, Elijah Hatch,
Belmont and Monroe, Wm. Dunn, Alexander Armstrong and

Thomas Shannon.
Brown, George Edwards.
Butler, James Shields, Robert Anderson and Joel Collins.
Clark, John Dougherty. .
Champaign, Aaron L. Hunt.
Clermont, Gideon Minor,
Clinton, James Harris,
Columbiana, Wm. Blackburn, Peter Musser and Daniel Har.

Cosbocton, James Robinson.
Cuyahoga, Josiah Barber.
Delaware, Joseph Eaton. .
Darke and Shelby, Jacob Miller.
Fairfield, Robert F. Slaughter and George Sanderson.
Fayette, James Carothers.
Franklin, John R. Parish. . .
Greene, William M. Townsley.
Guernsey, Lloyd Talbott,
Hamilton, Clayton Webb, M. T. Williams, J. C. Short and S.

R. Miller.
Harrison, John Patterson.
Highland, Richard Collins.
Huron and Sandusky, David Abbott.
Jefferson, James Wilson and Samuel McNary.
Knox, Royal D. Simons.

Licking, William W. Gault.
Logan and Wood, John Shelly...
Madison and Union, William Lewis.
Meigs, Gallia and Jackson, David Boggs and George House.
Miami, Thomas W. Furnas.
Montgomery, George Grove and Samuel Archer..
Morg in and Washington, William M. Dawes and Timothy


• Muskingum, William H. Moore and Alexander Harper.
Perry, Roswell Mills.
Pickaway and Hocking, Caleb Atwater and Valentine Keffer.
Portage and Medina, Jonathan Sloane, and James Moore.
Preble, Daniel Saylor.
Richland, James Hedges.
Ross, Thomas Worthington, Archibald M'Lean, William Vance.
Scioto, Pike and Lawrence, William Kendall and Caleb Hitch-

cock.. .
Stark, John Myers.
Trumbull, Thomas Howe.
Tuscarawas, George Richardson.
Warren, John Bigger and Thomas Corwin.
Wayne, Benjamin Jones.


From the counties of
Fairfield, Elnathan Scofield.
Hamilton, Eprhaim Brown.
Butler, James Heaton.
Warren, Nathaniel M'Lean...
Green and Clinton, William R. Cole. .,
Franklin, Delaware, Madison and Union, Joseph Foos.
Licking and Perry, John Spencer.
Wayne, Thomas M’Millan.
Portage and Medina, Jonathan Foster. '
Harrison, James Roberts.

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"mam Blodget.

Meigs, Gallia and Jackson, Daniel Womeldorf.
Scioto, Pike and Lawrence, Robert Lucas.
Trumbull, Eli Baldwin.
Brown, Nathaniel Beasly
Stark, Michael Ozwalt.
Cuyahoga, Huron and Sandusky, Alfred Kelly.
Jefferson, David Sloan.
Montgomery, William Blodget.
Columbiana, Gideon Hughes.
Belmont, David Jennings..
Adams, Thomas Kirker.
Champaign, Clark, Logan and Wood, James Cooley.
Pickaway and Hocking, John Barr.
Geauga and Ashtabula, Samuel W. Phelps.
Richland and Knox, John Shaw.
Muskingum, Thomas Ijams.
Washington, Athens and Morgan, Sardine Stone.
Clermənt, Thomas Morris.
Highland and Fayette, Allen Trimble.
Ross, Duncan M'Arthur. ..
Guernsey, Tuscarawas and Coshocton, William M'Gowan.
Preble, Miami, Darke and Shelby, Walter Buell, (one year.)

Members of the General Assembly of 1824–5 who passed the necessary laws for making our canals; for adopting a system of education for common schools, and changing the mode of taxation. · The ycas and nays are also given, as follows, to wit:


Yeas. Messrs. Isaac Atkinson, John Bigger, Jacob Blickensderfer, William Cary, Leonard Case, William Collings, Isaac Cook, William Coolman, Matthias Corwin, John Cotton, Samuel Coulter, Edmond Dorr, John Dougherty, Jeremiah Everett, Richard Fallis, Thomas Flood, Jacob Frederick, Thomas Gatch, John M. Gray, Thomas Hanna, Robert Harper, Batteal Harri

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