A Century of Population Growth from the First Census of the United States to the Twelfth, 1790-1900, Band 900

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909 - 303 Seiten

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Seite 8 - In the United States of America, where the means of subsistence have been more ample, the manners of the people more pure, and consequently the checks to early marriages fewer, than in any of the modern states of Europe, the population has been found to double itself in twenty-five years.
Seite 14 - On the other hand, the magnitude and difficulty of the trust, to which the voice of my country called me, being sufficient to awaken in the wisest and most experienced of her citizens a distrustful scrutiny into his qualifications...
Seite 41 - If any citizen of the United States, or other person not being an Indian, shall attempt to settle on any of the lands allotted to the Wyandot and Delaware nations in this treaty, except on the lands reserved to the United States in the preceding article, such person shall forfeit the protection of the United States, and the Indians may punish him as they please.
Seite 89 - If the foregoing views are true, or contain any considerable degree of truth, foreign immigration into this country has, from the time it first assumed large proportions, amounted, not to a re-enforcement of our population, but to a replacement of native by foreign stock.
Seite 31 - And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that every town within this province, having the number of fifty householders or upwards, shall be constantly provided of a schoolmaster to teach children and youth to read and write...
Seite 19 - Resolved, That it be earnestly recommended to the State of Virginia to reconsider their late act of assembly for opening their land office; and that It be recommended to the said State, and all other States similarly circumstanced, to forbear settling or issuing warrants for unappropriated lands, or granting the same during the continuance of the present war.
Seite 90 - Their numbers are not augmented by foreign emigrants ; yet, from their circumscribed limits, compact situation, and natural population, they are filling the western parts of the state of New York, and the country on the Ohio, with their own surplusage.
Seite 23 - I should touch the post line upon my return. But, these directions not arriving in Richmond in time, as I conjecture, the letters of that interval agreeably to the superscriptions which I am informed were on them, were forwarded from that place to Taylor's Ferry, in expectation of meeting me there.
Seite 42 - RANDOLPH'S propositions be postponed, in order to consider the following, " that in order to ascertain the alterations that may happen in the population and wealth of the several States, a census shall be taken of the free white inhabitants, and three-fifths of those of other descriptions on the first year after this government shall have been adopted, and every year thereafter ; and that the representation be regulated accordingly.
Seite 48 - I enclose you also a copy of our census, written in black ink, so far as we have actual returns, and supplied by conjecture in red ink, where we have no returns ; but the conjectures are known to be very near the truth. Making very small allowance for omissions, which we know to have been very great, we are certainly above four millions, probably about four millions one hundred thousand.

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