A Digest of the Laws of England Respecting Real Property, Volume 6

A. Strahan, 1818

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Página 554 - Thurlow said, that to set aside a conveyance, there must be an inequality, so strong, gross and manifest, that it must be impossible to state it to a man of common sense without producing an exclamation at the inequality of it.
Página 369 - ... preferred, and to take before, the younger of such sons, and the heirs male of his and their body and...
Página 584 - ... profits, and produce of such property, so directed to be accumulated, shall, so long as the same shall be directed to be accumulated, contrary to the provisions of this act, go to, and be received by, such person or persons as would have been entitled thereto, if such accumulation had not been directed.
Página 419 - ... equally to be divided between them, share and share alike, as tenants in common and not as joint tenants...
Página 574 - Princess; and for default of such issue to the Princess Anne of Denmark, and the heirs of her body ; and for default of such issue to the heirs of the body of the said Prince of Orange.
Página 24 - ... an intention, that such a thing shall take place ; without reference to the circumstance, whether the testator had any knowledge of the extent of his power, or not. Nothing can be more dangerous than to speculate upon what he would have done, if he had known one thing or another. It is enough for me to say, he had such intention; and I will not speculate upon what he would have intended in different cases put There is an error in Cull v.
Página 268 - Jacob to have and to hold to him and his heirs for ever. Item I give to my Son...
Página 363 - To THE USE of the said (settler) for and during the term of his natural life, without impeachment of waste, and from and after his decease TO THE USE of the said...
Página 584 - ... and in every case where any accumulation shall be directed otherwise than as aforesaid, such direction shall be null and void, and the rents, issues...
Página 584 - ... grantor, devisor, or testator, or during the minority or respective minorities only of any person or persons who, under the uses or trusts of the...

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