Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania: From Its Organization to the Termination of the Revolution. [Mar. 4, 1777 - Dec. 20, 1790]


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Página 542 - January then last past, and the overseers shall keep the said list, to be perused by any person, without payment of any fee, at any time between the hours of ten of the clock in the forenoon and four of the clock in the afternoon...
Página 771 - The declaration of the political rights and privileges of the inhabitants of this state, is hereby declared to be a part of the constitution of this commonwealth, and ought not to be violated, on any pretence whatsoever.
Página 524 - British posts, or in maintaining forts or garrisons within and for the defence, or in acquiring any part of the territory that may be ceded or relinquished to the United States, shall be reimbursed. That the said lands shall be granted or settled at such times, and under such regulations, as shall hereafter be agreed on by the United States, in Congress assembled, or any nine or more of them.
Página 601 - An act to settle and adjust the accounts of the troops of this State in the service of the United States, and for other purposes therein mentioned was brought in engrossed and compared at the table.
Página 672 - An Act for the attainder of divers Traitors if they render not themselves by a certain day, and for Vesting their Estates in the Commonwealth, and for more effectually discovering' the same, and for ascertaining and satisfying the lawful Debts and Claims thereupon...
Página 689 - Register for the probate of Wills, and granting letters of administration, and Recorder of Deeds...
Página 126 - WHEREAS by depositions taken according to law, it appears that several evil-disposed persons have conspired to obstruct the execution of the Laws in the County of Luzerne, and have violently seized and carried off the person of Timothy Pickering, Esquire, an officer of government, whom they...
Página 782 - An Act for the better support of the public credit, by an immediate sale of the lands therein mentioned, and fully securing the purchasers thereof in their titles, and also for preserving the common lands appurtenant to the city of Philadelphia and other towns in this State, from unwarrantable encroachment...
Página 401 - ... will be extremely hazardous and expensive, unless the further demands of Congress and their committee, for provision, are punctually complied with : Therefore, Resolved, That the said states be requested explicitly, and without the least delay, to inform Congress how far they may rely upon their furnishing the several supplies of men, money and provisions, called for by Congress or their committee at headquarters.
Página 212 - Congress; that possession forcibly taken be restored to the original possessors, and things be placed in the situation in which they were at the Commencement of the present War, without prejudice to the claims of either Party.