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Sec. 10. It shall be the duty of the board of inspectors, once a me month, to visit the prison and inspect the same, and they shall connce de annually, on the first Monday of January, report to the legisla- Patur ture of the state the condition of the prison and of the persons confined therein ; and they shall make a statement of the moneys expended in the support and maintenance of the prisoners, and of all moneys received on sale of manufactures or other articles, and for the labor of prisoners; and generally of all their proceedings during the last year.

Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of the inspectors to furnish to the To furnish legislature, with their annual report, copies of the monthly returns with month; which may be made to them by the agent, on his oath.

Sec. 12. The inspectors of said prison shall have stated meetings, To have stato be appointed by them, as often at least as once a month, and a adopt rules majority shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business ; &c.; furnish they shall adopt rules and regulations for the government of the pies to ofiofficers of the prison, and all orders, rules and regulations adopted of agenharity by them and the entries of their proceedings as a board at each mak meeting, shall be recorded by the clerk of the prisort, who shall attend their meetings for that pnrpose ; a printed copy of the general rules and regulations shall be furnished to each of the officers of the prison on his appointment; the agent of the prison may make and issue general and special orders and rules, to be in force till the next meeting of the board, and no longer ; all · general orders and rules for the government of the subordinate officers of the prison, made by the agent, shall be in writing, and entered by him in a book kept by him for that purpose. The Agent to keep agent or deputy keeper shall also keep a daily journal of the pro-&c. ceedings of the prison, in which shall be entered a note of every infraction of the rules or regulations of the prison, by any officer thereuf, which shall come to his knowledge, and a memorandum of every complaint made by any convict, of bad or insufficient food, want of clothing, or of cruel and unjust treatment from his keeper, and this journal shall be laid before the inspectors at every stated meeting.

Sec. 13. No inspector of the state prison shall be agent thereof, No inspector, or be concerned in the business of such agency, or hold any other appointment connected with the prison.

Sec. 14. The inspectors shall be allowed for their services, a Compensasum' not exceeding two dollars each, for each day necessarily inspectors.

daily journal,

to be agent.

tion to

Officers of prison.

Appointment ot clerk.


and actually employed in inspecting the prison, and two dollars for each and every twenty miles travel to and from the same, to be audited by the auditor general, and paid out of the treasury on his warrant, but the sum allowed to said board shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum.

Sec. 15. The officers of the prison shall be as follows: one agent, who shall be the principal keeper, and shall reside at the

prison ; one clerk, one chaplain, one physician and surgeon, one Appeintment deputy keeper, and not exceeding one assistant keeper. The

clerk shall be appointed by the governor and senate, and hold his office two years, and in case of the death, resignation or removal of the clerk during the recess of the senate, the said inspectors may supply the vacancy until a successor be appointed and qualified : Provided, only so many of said officers as shall from time to time be considered necessary by the inspectors, shall be

appointed. Clerk to give Sec. 16. The said clerk, before entering on the duties of his

office, shall execute a bond to the people of the state, in the penal sum of five thousand dollars, with two or more sufficient sureties, to be approved of by the inspectors, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office according to law, and said clerk shall hold his office till another be appointed and qualified ;

which bond shall be filed in the office of the auditor general. Appointment Sec. 17. The agent, physician and chaplain shall be appointed physician... by the inspectors, and shall hold their respective offices during

the pleasure of the board of inspectors. Inspectors to Sec. 18. The inspectors shall, from time to time, employ, arm

and furnish such guards as the safety of the prison and prisoners may require, who shall be under the control of the agent of the

prison. Agent to give Sec. 19. The agent shall, before entering on the duties of his

office, execute to the people of the state, a bond, with two or more sufficient sureties, in the penal sum of twenty thousand dollars, to be approved of by the inspectors, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office, which shall be filed with the

auditor general. Agent, clerk, Sec. 20. The agent, clerk, deputy keeper and assistant keeper, assistant shall each, before entering upon the duties of their respective take oath offices, take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed in the constitution. constitution, before any judge or justice of the peace, and the

of agent,

employ guards.


deputy and

keeper to

prescribed by


same shall be filed in the office of the auditor general. Any wilful violation of such oath shall be perjury, and punishable by fine and imprisonment.

Sec. 21. It shall be the duty of the agent :

First. To attend constantly at the prison, except when per- Duty of forming some other duty connected with his office.

Second. To exercise a general superintendence over the government, discipline and police of the prison, and to superintend all the business concerns thereof.

Third. To give necessary directions to the keepers, and to examine whether they have been careful and vigilant in their respective duties.

Fourth. To examine daily into the state of the prison, and the health, conduct and safe keeping of the prisoners.

Fifth. To use every proper means to furnish employment to the prisoners most beneficial to the public, and the best suited to their various capacities.

Sixth. To superintend the manufacturing and mechanical business that may be carried on pursuant to law, within the prison ; to receive the articles manufactured, and sell and dispose of the same for the benefit of the state.

Seventh. To take charge of the real estate attached to the prison.

Sec. 22. All the transactions and dealings on account of said Agent may prison, shall be conducted by and in the name of the agent, who sued by his shall be capable in law of suing and being sued in all courts and office. places, in all matters concerning the prison, by his name of office, and by that name the agent shall be, and is authorized to sue for and recover any money or property that shall be due or belong to the people of this state ; and any agent after the first that may be appointed, shall have the like power to sue for and recover any property due to any prior agent.

Sec. 23. The prisoners confined in prison, shall be supplied Supplying with provisions by contract, unless the inspectors shall otherwise with providirect, to be made by the agent under the direction of the inspectors, upon the cheapest and best terms, at a fixed price per day for each prisoner.

Sec. 24. The articles of food and the quantities of each kind, Ib. shall be specified by the agent, and inserted in the contract; and so many rations shall be delivered at the prison daily, or at such

sue and be

name of


hospital stores.

other times as may be agreed on, as there are convicts confined therein : Provided, That until the number of prisoners shall ex. ceed fifty in number, the agent, with the assent of the inspectors, in writing, may make such other arrangements for the supply of the prisoners with provisions, as will be most for the benefit of the state.

Sec. 25. Before any contract for the supply of rations shall be made, except as is mentioned in the proviso in the next preceding section, a notice, stating the number of rations and the quantity and quality of each part of the ration shall be given by publication in two or more newspapers, one in the state paper, and one in the county of Jackson, and the others, if any, where the inspec. tors shall direct, and the time at which proposals will be received for furnishing the same; and the contracts shall be made with those persons who offer the most advantageous proposals to the state, provided satisfactory security be offered, unless the inspectors think proper to deliver up all the proposals and advertise

anew. ne and Sec. 26. The necessary medecine and hospital stores for the

use of the prison, shall be furnished from time to time, as may be requisite, by the agent of the prison, with the advice of the physician and under the direction of the inspectors ; and such

agent may purchase such raw materials as may be manufactured rials to be by the convicts in the prison under his charge, which shall be ed in prison. paid for by such agent, out of any money in his hands belonging

to the state.

dtop Sec. 27. No inspector, agent or any other officer of the prison, So ifificers too shall be directly or indirectly interested in any contract, purchase act, or sale, for, by, or on account of said prison, under the penalty of

two thousand dollars for each and every offence.

Sec. 28. Whenever any supplies or materials for the prison erk tor take shall be purchased, it shall be the duty of the agent to take bills account thereof at the time of the purchase, and the clerk shall compare

such bills with the articles delivered at the prison, and if found correct, shall enter them in books to be provided for the purpose ; and whenever any service shall be rendered for the said prison, it shall in like manner be the duty of the agent to take bills thereof at the time of making payment therefor; every such bill shall be entered by the clerk, in the books of the prison.

Raw materials to be manufactur

No inspector or officer to

in contract.

Duty of agent and

bills, and

of supplies.

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keep account

Sec. 29. All moneys in the treasury of this state, appropriated Moneys apfor the use of the said prison, shall be drawn by the agent thereof, for use of by drafts upon the treasurer. The agent may draw monthly in dr advance, such amount of money as the inspectors shall certify to be necessary, over and above the amount of the accounts audited and allowed.

Sec. 30. Every such draft shall be signed by the agent and Praft there. countersigned by the clerk of the prison, and shall express in signed, &c. some general terms, the articles or the services and the numbers of the vouchers, for which the same is drawn.

Sec. 31. It shall be the duty of said agent to keep a regular Agent to and correct account of all moneys received by him, from any of all moneys source whatever, by virtue of his office, including all moneys taken from convicts, or received as the proceeds of property taken from them; and of all sums paid by him, and the persons to whomi, and the purposes for which the same were paid, and to make out and deliver to the inspectors or one of them, monthly, on oath, a return of all moneys received and paid by him, on account of the prison, during the preceding month, specifying from whom received, and to whom paid, and on what account, and stating also the balance in his hands at the time of rendering such account.

Sec. 32. The agent shall annually, on the last day of October, To render acin every year, close his account, and on or before the first day of ally to auditDecember thereafter, shall render to the auditor general, a full and true account of all moneys received by him on account of the prison, and of all the moneys expended by him, for the use thereof, with sufficient vouchers for the same, and also an inventory of the goods and materials and other property of the state, on hand, exhibiting a complete detail of the transactions of the prison for the year.

Sec. 33. To the several returns, accounts and inventories Agent and required to be rendered by the preceding section, there shall be fy same by annexed an affidavit of the agent and clerk of the prison, stating that the same are correct and true in every respect to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Sec. 34. It shall be the duty of the auditor general to examine Auditor to and audit the accounts of the agent, and annually to lay a state-ment of ac. ment thereof before the legislature.

count annu.

clerk to veri.


lay state

count before legislature.

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