Compilation of Laws and Ordinances (enacted Since January 1, 1860.): Relating to Railroads and Other Corporations (including Ferries) in the City of New York. Prepared in the Office of the Counsel to the Corporation

Evening Post Job Printing Office, 1888 - 463 páginas
Compilation of laws and ordinances enacted since January 1, 1860. Relating to railroads and other corporations including ferries in the city of New York. Prepared in the office of the counsel to the corporation.

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Página 50 - From time to time to borrow such sums of money as may be necessary for completing and finishing or operating their railroad, and to issue and dispose of their bonds for any amount so borrowed, and to mortgage their corporate property and franchises to secure the payment of any debt contracted by the company for the purposes aforesaid...
Página 216 - An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes...
Página 45 - ... in all statements and reports of the company, to be published, this stock shall not be stated or reported as being issued for cash paid into the company, but shall be reported in this respect according to the fact.
Página 19 - And it is hereby made the duty of the said Mayor, Common Council and other officers to do such acts within their respective departments as may be needful to promote the construction, and protect the operation of the said railroad as provided in this law; any act or thing done in violation hereof shall be inoperative and void. All actions relating to, affecting or arising under this act, or the authority herein given, shall be commenced in the Supreme Court of the First Judicial District.
Página 406 - ... No corporation constructing and operating a railroad under the provisions of this article, or of chapter two hundred and fifty-two of the laws of eighteen hundred and eightyfour, shall charge any passenger more than five cents for one continuous ride from any point on its road, or on any road, line or branch operated by it, or under its control, to any other point thereof or any connecting branch thereof within the limits of any incorporated city or village.
Página 191 - An act to provide for the transmission of letters, packages, and merchandise in the cities of New York and Brooklyn, and across the North and East rivers, by means of pneumatic tubes to be constructed beneath the surface of the streets, squares, avenues, and public places in said cities, and under the waters of said rivers...
Página 44 - District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes, and may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, have a seal, and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the provisions of this act.
Página 45 - Any corporation formed under this act may purchase mines, manufactories or other property necessary for its business, or the stock of any company or companies owning, mining, manufacturing or producing materials, or other property necessary for its business, and issue stock to the amount of the value thereof in payment therefor...
Página 228 - ... be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof in the police court of the District of Columbia shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or by both such punishments, in the discretion of the court. SEC.
Página 394 - Resolved, that permission be and hereby is granted to the New York Electric Lines Company, to lay wires or other conductors of electricity in and through the streets, avenues and highways of New York City and to make connections of such wires or conductors underground by means of the necessary vaults, test boxes and distributing conduits, and thence above ground with points of electric illuminations or of telegraphic or telephonic signals in accordance with the provisions of an ordinance . . . approved...

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