Popular traditions of England. Lancashire, Volume 1


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Página 441 - Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the man that shall be after me. And who knoweth whether he shall be a wise man or a fool...
Página xxv - Then came the Holy One, blessed be He ! And killed the Angel of Death, That killed the butcher, That slew the ox, That drank the water, That quenched the fire, That burned the staff, That beat the dog, That bit the cat, That ate the kid That my father bought For two pieces of money: A kid, a kid.
Página 376 - Thus nightly revelled to and fro; And for my pranks men call me by The name of Robin Goodfellow.
Página 342 - And slay them in a wood. He told his wife an artful tale : He would the children send To be brought up in fair London, With one that was his friend.
Página 164 - Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake it; And what the word did make it, That I believe, and take it.
Página 284 - At the close of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century...
Página 280 - Every old woman with a wrinkled face, a furred brow, a hairy lip, a gobber tooth, a squint eye, a squeaking voice, or a scolding tongue, having a rugged coat on her back, a skull-cap on her head, a spindle in her hand, and a Dog or Cat by her side, is not only suspected, but pronounced a witch.
Página 106 - This ballad is given from an old black-letter copy in the Pepys collection, collated with another in the British Museum, H. 263, folio. It is there entitled, " The Lady Isabella's Tragedy, or the Step-Mother's Cruelty; being a relation of a lamentable and cruel murther, committed on the body of the lady Isabella, the only daughter of a noble Duke, &c. To the tune of The Lady's Fall.
Página 137 - Not a penny. I have been content, sir, you should lay my countenance to pawn : I have grated upon my good friends for three reprieves for you and your coach-fellow, Nym ; or else you had looked through the grate, like a geminy of baboons.
Página 331 - Tell that insolent rebel he shall neither have persons, goods, nor house. When our strength and provisions are spent we shall find a fire more merciful than Rigby ; and then, if the providence of God prevent it not, my goods and house shall burn in his sight ; and myself, children, and soldiers, rather than fall into his hands, will seal our religion and loyalty in the same flame...

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