Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture, Volume 3

Vols. for 1889-1894, 1906-1912 issued with the Annual report of the Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station; vols. for 1895-1905 issued with the Annual report of the Hatch Environment Station of the Massachnusetts Agricultural College.

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Página 269 - Observe the rising lily's snowy grace, Observe the various vegetable race; They neither toil, nor spin, but careless grow, Yet see how warm they blush ! how bright they glow ! What regal vestments can with them compare 1 What king so shining? or what queen so fair?
Página 89 - England the importance of adopting some method to shorten the labor of harvesting grain was early seen, and efforts were made to accomplish this end at the close of the last, and the beginning of this century. The first patent granted for a reaping machine was that to Boyce, of London, in 1799. Then followed the patent of Meares in 1800, that of Plucknett in 1805, and that of Gumming in 1811, clearly foreshadowing some of the useful improvements of subsequent patents. Smith, of...
Página 91 - Paris, each machine having about an acre to cut. Three machines were entered for the first trial, one American, one English, and a third from Algiers, all at the same time raking as well as cutting-. The American machine did its work in twenty-two minutes, the English in sixty-six, and the Algerian in seventy-two. At a subsequent trial on the same piece...
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Página 185 - This town has been distinguished many years for a very fine breed of cattle. Two oxen, presented by some of the inhabitants to General Washington, furnished a dinner for all the officers of the American army at Valley Forge, and all their servants. These oxen were driven almost five hundred miles, through a country nearly exhausted of its forage ; yet one of them, a steer, five years old, weighed two thousand two hundred and seventy pounds.
Página 42 - Board be, and he is hereby requested to forward a copy of this Resolution to each member of the congressional delegation from this State.
Página 89 - Corn, etc., but having been unable to obtain the Patent till too late to give it a general inspection in the field with safety, he is induced to take advantage of his Theatrical Profession and make it known to his Friends, who have been anxious to see it, through that medium.
Página 55 - SECT. 10. Seven or more proprietors of a library may form themselves into a corporation, under such corporate name as they may adopt, for the purpose of preserving, enlarging, and using such library...
Página 92 - The contest was finally narrowed down to three machines, all American. Two machines were afterwards converted from reapers into mowers, one making the change in one minute, the other in twenty. Both performed their task to the astonishment and satisfaction of a large concourse of spectators, and the judges could hardly restrain their enthusiasm, but cried out "Good, good!

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