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A Chaldean peasant was conducting a goat to the city of Bagdat. He was mounted on an ass, and the goat followed him, with a hell suspended from his neck. "I shall sell these animals," said he to himself, “ for thirty pieces of silver ; and with this money I can purchase a new turban, and a rich vestment of taffety, which I will tie with a sash of purple silk. The young damsels will then smile more favourably upon me, and I shall be the finest man at the mosque.” Whilst the peasant was thus anticipating in idea his future enjoyments, three artful rogues concerted a stratagem to plunder him of his present treasures. As he moved slowly along", one of them slipped off 4 the bell from the neck of the goat, and fastening it, without being perceived", to the tail of the ass, carried away his booty. The man riding

From, a.--2 To plunder him of, pour lui dérober. 13 As he....., comme il avançait tentement.

Slipped off, détacha. --- Without being perceived,


the loss which he had sustained. Happening, however, a short while afterwards, to turn about his head, he discovered, with grief and astonishment, that the animal was gone which constituted so considerable a part of his riches?; and he inquired with the utmost anxiety after his goat, of 9 every traveller whom he met.

The second rogue now accosted him, and said, “I have just seen in yonder fields "o, a man in great haste, dragging along with him a goat.” The peasant dismounted with precipitation, and requested the obliging stranger to hold his ass, that he might lose no time in overlaking the thief. He instantly began the pursuit, and having traversed in vain the course" that was pointed out to him, he came hack fatigued and breathless to the place from whence he set out; where he neither found his ass nor the deceitful informer to whose care he had intrusted him. As be walked pensively onwards, overwhelmed with shame, vexation, and disappointment, his attention was roused by the loud complaints and lamentations upon

the and hearing the sound of the bell, continued to muse without the least suspicion of.



sans être

aperç Happening, venant d._? Construisez : that the animal, which constituted....., was gone.-: To inquire after, demander des nouvelles de.—'Of, d.-10 I have just..., je viens de voir, la bas, dans les champs.-11 Traversed the course, parcouru

of a poor man, who sat by the side of a well. He turned out of the way to sympathize with a brother in affliction, recounted his own misfortunes, and inquired the cause of that violent sorrow which seemed to oppress him. “ Alas !” said the poor man, in the most piteous tone of voice, “ as I was resting here to drink, I dropped into the water a casket full of diamonds, which I was employed to carry to the caliph at Bagdat; and I shall be put to death on the suspicion of having secreted so valuable a treasure 5."-"Why do not you jump into the well in search of s6 the casket?” cried the peasant, astonished at's the slupidity of his new acquaintance. Because it is deep,” replied the man, " and I can neither dive nor swim. But if you will undertake this kind office for me, I will reward you with 18 thirty pieces of silver.” The peasant accepted the offer with exultation, and whilst he was putting off his cassock, vest, and slippers, poured out his soul in '9 thanksgivings to the holy prophet for his providential succour. But the moment ko he plunged into the water in search of the pretended

la route.—12 By the side, à côté.-13 He turned out of, il se détourna de.- 14 Employed to, chargé de.-15 of having..., d'avoir distrait un trésor si précieux, 16 In search of, pour chercher.-17 At, de.—18 I will..., je vous promets en récompense.~19 Poured out his soul in, se répandait en.--20 The moment, au moment.

casket, the man, who was one of three rogues that had concerted the plan of robbing him, seized upon his garments, and bore them off in security 25 to his comrades.

Thus, through inattention, simplicity, and credulity, was the unfortunate Chaldean duped as of all his little possessions; and he hastened back to his cottage 23, with no other covering for 24 his nakedness, than a tattered garment which he borrowed on the road.


01.–21[In security, sans danger.- 22 Was the...., le malheureux Chaldėen fut fraudė.—23 He hastened back to, il se hâta de regagner sa cabane.—24 With no...., n'ayant pour recouvrir.


ATHENS, long after the decline of the Roman Empire, still continued the seat of learning, politeness and wisdom. Theodoric, the Ostrogoth, repaired the schools which barbarity was suffering to fall into decay', and continued those pensions to men of learning which avaricious governors had monopolized.

In this city, and about this period, Alcander

Was suffering to fall into decay, laissait tomber and Septimius were fellow-students together : the one, the most subtile reasoner of all the Lyceum, the other the most eloquent speaker in the academic


Mutual admiration soon hegot a friendship. Their fortunes were nearly equal, and they were natives of the two most celebrated cities in the world; for Alcander was of Athens, Septimius came from Rome.

In this state of harmony they lived for some time together, when Alcander, after passing a the first part of his youth in the indolence of philosophy, thought at length of entering into the busy world?; and, as a step previous to this, placed his affections on Hypatia, a lady of exquisite beauty. The day of their intended nuptials was fixed; the previous ceremonies were performed, and nothing now remained but her being conducted 4 in triumph to the apartment of the intended bridegroom.

Alcander's exultation in his own happiness, or being unable to ; enjoy any satisfaction without making his friend Septimius a partner, prevailed upon him to introduce? Hypatia to his fellow

en décadence.--After passing, après avoir passé.3 Thought at length....., pensa enfin à se lancer dans le monde.-4 And nothing now..., et il ne restait plus qu'à la conduire.— 5 Or being unable to, ou la répugnance qu'il avait à.~ 6 Without...., suns la faire partager à son ami Septimius.-?To introduce, présenter.

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