The Threatening Eye

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 12 de abr de 2016 - 278 páginas
"[...] Even as wise as this great author was Mr. Grimm. At the commencement of his career he too had been a gambler, a dabbler on the stock exchange-with clients' money sometimes; but perceiving that the fierce anxiety was turning his hair grey, he forswore gambling: not for literature though, but for quiet safe swindling. Swindling doesn't age one like play, and so far as results to oneself are concerned, is the most innocent vice of the two. A thief is as often as not a dear amiable fat jovial fellow, with the lightest of consciences. Is your gambler ever anything but the reverse? Mr. Grimm was not a lovable man. He was that perhaps lowest of all creatures that crawl the earth-a pettifogging attorney, capable of any [...]".

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