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bad been his fellow clerk at Mr. Bulkley's for Journal of August 29, 1889: " Ed. G. J. Lauer four years, was deemed sufficient to attend to is in New York now, purchasing a mammoth the business, but it grew so rapidly that in stock of fall and winter goods for his two less than two months he engaged the services stores. The trip of Ed. G. J. Lauer to New of Mr. George J. Ohr, and two months later a York calls to mind some of the brilliant enthird in the person of Miss Annie Baier, who terprises he has undertaken and carried forremained with him until her marriage two ward to a full success. Notably among these years after, when her place was supplied by is his branch store in this village. Realizing Miss Nula Nagel, who four years later married that Petersburgh was about midway between his head salesman, Mr. Schmidt, her place being Adrian and Monroe, and thinking to concentaken in the store by Miss Rose Wallinger. trate the trade which before was divided among Six months after Miss Baier's engagement with several small towns, he started a branch storo him, George C. Kirschner entered his employ, here, and under the efficient management of his and in 1887 Willie Peppler began his clerkship. brother, E. S. Laner, the object sought was Mr. Lauer, while opposed to partnerships, be accomplished and he has a large and increaslieved in giving his clerks an interest beyond ing trade. Men with push always find kickers, their regular salary, and has adopted the plan and Mr. Lauer was no exception to the rule, of giving them a percentage of the profits as for it was prescribed by that class that 'three compensation for faithful service, by which months' would be the limit of his ability to means he holds them firmly to his interests, make things work; but he was a “stayer' as never having had occasion to discharge an well as a 'pusher,' and from February 14, 1887, employe.

his business has continued to increase.” Mr. Lauer's proud and independent spirit, While Mr. Lauer is of full German descent hatred of cant and humbug, with a genial, (for many years an active member of the affable temperament, and his frankness, made Arbiter Unterstuetzungs Verein) he is thormany friends and keeps them, among whom oughly American in his views and principles, was Matilda, the accomplished and beautiful and believes the same to be fully embodied in daughter of George F. and Wilhelmina (Stoeck- the doctrines of the Democratic party. He bas ert) Finzel, to whom he was married January not been what might be termed a politician, 3, 1882. Her father has long been known as although taking an active interest in anything one of the most popular hardware merchants that may tend to advance the welfare of his in Monroe. Mr. Lauer is justly proud of his native city, from 1885 to 1888 serving as a two daughters, Nora, born October 4, 1882, and member of the board of education, and his Bertha, born November, 1884.

popularity is shown by bis having been in In March, 1887, Mr. Lauer, not satisfied with 1888 elected alderman for two years from the his almost phenomenal success in building up a strong Republican ward (the second) in which large mercantile business from the smallest be- he resides. ginning, started a branch store at Petersburgh, In every movement of public interest Mr. placing it in charge of his elder brother, Lauer not only stands ready to take a leading Emanuel S. Lauer, which from its inception part in advice and suggestions, but unlike has proved an eminent success, has been well many who pose before the public with empty patronized and is highly complimented by the words as an advocate of improvement, he Petersburgh press and people in that section makes it a rule to advocate no measure wbicb of the county. In speaking of it the Peters. he is not willing to support his argument by a burgh Journal says:

generous contribution from his bank account. “ This branch enables Mr. L. to buy more In fact, whenever any object which might tend, largely and gives him the advantages always directly or indirectly, to advance the interests possessed by large buyers, by which his cus- or promote the general prosperity of his nativo tomers are in turn benefited, as he can carry city is suggested or proposed, he is among the a much larger stock, of which he proposes first to advocate and support it. always to have the best and choicest in the While Mr. Lauer is much sougbt after by market.”

the representatives of wholesale houses, he We copy the following from the Petersburgh largely deals directly with trade centers, to do which nocessitates several trips to New York enviable position of one of the representative each year, thus enabling him to take advan business men of Southern Michigan, Mr. Lauer's tage of markets to which otherwise he would career shows in a most remarkable manner be a total stranger.

what can be accomplished by earnest applicaAs an example of a self-made man, rising tion, integrity and honest dealing, and he well from the bumblest walks in life by his own merits the verdict rendered by an appreciative unaided energy and pushing qualities to the public.


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THE connection of Governor Lewis Cass prepared a constitution for the future State,

I with the gubernatorial office ceased by his which was adopted by popular vote in Octoresignation in 1831. He was appointed Secre- ber, 1835. tary of War by President Jackson and imme- In this year occurred the memorable controdiately entered upon the duties at Washing- versy with Ohio in reference to the southern ton. His administration as governor was one boundary line, a controversy which greatly of decided success, and while it secured great excited the public mind on both sides of the results to the Territory, it bound him to the line, and made conspicuous the governors both people by the strongest bonds of respect and of Ohio and Michigan. The subject of the love. Nor did his connection with them cease controversy was really very simple, but the in after years. He represented the State in prospective importance of Toledo and its posithe Senate of the United States for two suc- tion on navigable waters, prompted the almost cessive terms; was Minister to France and Sec- frantic efforts of Ohio to secure it for that retary of War under President Jackson, and State. The disputed territory lay within the Secretary of State under President Buchanan. recognized limits of Monroe county, a county His was a long life spent in public service, and which was organized in 1817, and had conhe well deserved the rewards due to a faithful, tinued from the first to exercise uninterrupted honest and able public servant. The statue jurisdiction over it in every respect as a part ordered by our legislature and placed in the of its territory, until the adverse claims to capitol at Washington during this year among possession were urged in 1835. Resistance to the statues of the most eminent men of other lawful authority assumed an alarming aspect, States of the Union, is a just tribute to his the particulars of which are fully given under memory. Michigan honors herself in thus the chapter entitled “The Toledo War.” bonoring her most illustrious statesman.

The national authorities at Washington were The next person appointed governor of the alarmed with the threatened collision. The Territory was George B. Porter, of Pennsyl. president referred the question of legal rights vania. He was commissioned in August, 1831, to the attorney-general, and that officer on the but died after a short incumbency of the office. 21st of March, 1835, in an exhaustive and lucid

He was succeeded in the performance of the opinion, concluded as a result “that the Terriexecutive duties by Stevens T. Mason, secre- tory in dispute must be regarded as forming a tary of the Territory, who became acting gov- part of the Territory of Michigan, and that it ernor on the death of Governor Porter. He was the duty of the President so to regard it, continued to perform the duties of the office and to protect and maintain it; that the act of until September 8, 1835, when he was removed the legislature of Ohio extending the jurisdicby President Jackson.

tion of that State over it, was repugnant to the This period of the last four years of Territo- acts of Congress on the subject, and its enforcerial government is one of note in the history ment would involve a most serious violation of of Michigan. During the time population was the laws of the United States." He held also rapidly pouring into the Territory and spread that the act of the legislative council of Michiing itself widely through the interior, building gan making it a criminal offense, punishable up towns and villages and beautifying the by fine and imprisonment, in any person who country with cultivated farms. Near the close should exercise or attempt to exercise any of this period was held the convention which official functions, or officiate in any office or

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