Senate Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Public Documents and Executive Documents: 14th Congress, 1st Session-48th Congress, 2nd Session and Special Session, Volume 1


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Página 6 - An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof...
Página 77 - ... thereupon. Nothing, however, herein contained shall be construed to extend to any incorporated company, where such contract or agreement is made for the general benefit of such incorporation or company, as provided In section 116 of the act of Congress approved March 4, 1909 (35 Stat.
Página 77 - In witness whereof the said parties of the first and second parts have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above mentioned.
Página 6 - An act granting lands to the State of Oregon to aid in the construction of a military wagon road from the navigable waters of Coos Bay to Roseburg, in said State...
Página 4 - An act for establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States,
Página 2 - An act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and for deficiencies, and for other purposes," approved February twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, is hereby revived and continued in force.
Página 4 - An act making appropriations for the consular and diplomatic expenses of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, and for other purposes.
Página 1 - Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations and ordered to be printed. To the Senate of the United States : I transmit herewith, in response to the resolution of the...

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