Michigan Reports: Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan, Volume 47


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Página 621 - Such exemption shall not extend to any mortgage thereon, lawfully obtained ; but such mortgage or other alienation of such land by the 2 Gray 334.
Página 19 - To deny the injured party the right to recover any actual damages in such cases, because they are of a nature which cannot be thus certainly measured, would be to enable parties to profit by, and speculate upon, their own wrongs, encourage violence, and invite depredation. Such is not, and cannot be the law, though cases may be found where courts have laid down artificial and arbitrary rules which have produced such a result.
Página 140 - State, the printing and binding the laws and journals, all blanks, paper, and printing for the executive department, and all other printing ordered by the Legislature, shall be let by contract to the lowest bidder or bidders, who shall give adequate and satisfactory security for the performance thereof.
Página 621 - The homestead of a family, after the death of the owner thereof, shall be exempt from the payment of his debts contracted after the adoption of this Constitution, in all cases during the minority of his children.
Página 621 - If the owner of a homestead die, leaving a widow but no children, the same shall be exempt, and the rents and profits thereof shall accrue to her benefit during the time of her widowhood, unless she be the owner of a homestead in her own right.
Página 621 - ... shall be equal thereto, and the dwelling house thereon, and its appurtenances, owned and occupied by any resident of the State, not exceeding in value fifteen hundred dollars, shall be exempt from forced sale on execution or any other final process from a court, for any debt contracted after the adoption of this Constitution.
Página 602 - The principle is believed to be universal, that a prior lien gives a prior claim, which is entitled to prior satisfaction, out of the subject it binds...
Página 519 - That nothing in this act shall prevent any court of competent jurisdiction from making and enforcing any siich order or orders as it may deem just and proper as to the care and custody of such minor children in the same manner and with like effect as it could if this act had not been passed.
Página 140 - The Legislature shall prescribe by law 'the manner in which the State printing shall be executed, and the accounts rendered therefor; and shall prohibit all charges for constructive labor.
Página 488 - Administration of the estate of a person dying intestate, shall be granted to some one or more of the persons hereinafter mentioned, and they shall be respectively entitled to the same, in the following order.

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