Parliamentary Debates on the Subject of the Confederation of the British North American Provinces, 3rd Session, 8th Provincial Parliament of Canada

Hunter, Rose & Company, parliamentary printers, 1865 - 1032 páginas

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Página 27 - The best interests and present and future prosperity of British North America will be promoted by a Federal Union under the Crown of Great Britain, provided such Union can be effected .on principles just to the several Provinces.
Página 41 - Notwithstanding anything in this Act the Parliament of Canada may make provision for the uniformity of all or any of the laws relative to property and civil rights in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and of the procedure of all or any of the courts in those three provinces...
Página 33 - ... given the General Legislature all the great subjects of legislation. We have conferred on them, not only specifically and in detail, all the powers which are incident to sovereignty, but we have expressly declared that all subjects of general interest not distinctly and exclusively conferred upon the local Governments and local Legislatures shall be conferred upon the General Government and Legislature. We have thus avoided that great source of weakness which has been the cause of the disruption...
Página 56 - Canada, acceding to this confederation, and joining in the measures of the United States, shall be admitted into, and entitled to all the advantages of this Union. But no other colony shall be admitted into the same, unless such admission be agreed to by nine states.
Página 4 - The establishment, maintenance and management of public and reformatory prisons in and for the province; 7. The establishment, maintenance and management of hospitals, asylums, charities and eleemosynary institutions in and for the province other than marine hospitals ; 8.
Página 121 - It is worth while to quote his own statement of the principles which actuated him as it occurs in the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the session of 1721.
Página 3 - Rendering uniform all or any of the laws relative to property and civil rights in Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, and rendering uniform the procedure of all or any of the Courts in these Provinces...
Página 3 - Assembly, to make laws for the peace, welfare, and good government...
Página 3 - Sea coast and inland fisheries. 18. Ferries between any province and a foreign country, or between any two provinces. 19. Currency and coinage. 20. Banking, incorporation of banks, and the issue of paper money. 21. Savings banks. 22. Weights and measures. 23. Bills of exchange and promissory notes. 24. Interest. 25. Legal tender. 26. Bankruptcy and insolvency. 27. Patents of invention and discovery. 28.
Página 1 - That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, praying that She may be graciously pleased to cause a measure to be submitted to the Imperial Parliament, for the purpose of uniting the Colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, in one Government, with provisions based on certain Resolutions', which were adopted at a Conference of Delegates from the said Colonies, held at the city of Quebec, on the 10th October, 1864.

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