Original Letters, Illustrative of English History: To 1586

Harding, Triphook, and Lepard, 1825
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Página 180 - Majesty (said she) shall come to such years that he may be able to judge these things himself, his Majesty shall find me ready to obey his orders in religion...
Página 26 - Maundy there, in our Lady's chapel, having fifty-nine poor men whose feet he washed and kissed ; and, after he had wiped them, he gave every of the said poor men twelve pence in money, three ells of good canvass to make them shirts, a pair of new shoes, a cast of red herrings, and three white herrings; and one of these had two shillings."!
Página 272 - ... the sixe and twentieth yeare of King Henry the eight, gathered out of the Chronicle of Crackeropes, and (as they terme it) the Legend of Lossels.
Página 19 - North than my Lord Cardinal (God have his soul) before he was amongst them ? Who better beloved after he had been there awhile ? We hate ofttimes whom we have good cause to love. It is a wonder to see how they were turned ; how of utter enemies they became his dear friends. He gave bishops a right good example, how they might win men's hearts.
Página 35 - Lee cited to appear by a day, she utterly refused the same, saying, that inasmuch as her cause was before the pope, she would have none other judge; and therefore would not take me for her judge.
Página 65 - She said that she was come to die, as she was sentenced, by the law : she would accuse none, nor say any thing of the ground upon which she was judged. She prayed heartily for the king...
Página 181 - ... as for the emperor (said she) if he were dead, I would say as I do : and if he would give me now other advice, I would not follow it. Notwithstanding (quoth she), to be plain with you, his ambassador shall know how I am used at your hands.
Página 260 - Highnes was environed with a nosmber of Rooges. One Mr Stone a footeman cam in all hast to my Lord Maior, and after to me, and told us of the same. I dyd the same night send warrants owt into the seyd quarters and in to Westminster and the Duchie : and in the mornyng I went a brood my selff, and I tooke that daye Ixxiiij. roogs...
Página 37 - ... pagiantes thereunto belongyng, repayred and wayted all together upon the Mayre of London, and so, well furnysshed, cam all vnto Grenewiche, where they taryed and wayted for the Queenes commyng to her barge; which so done they brought her unto the tower, tromppets, shambes, and other dyverse instrumentes all the wayes playng and makyng greate melodie, which, as ys reported, was as combly donne as neuer was lyke in any tyme nyghe to our rememberaunce: and so her grace cam to the tower on Thursdaye...
Página 261 - I suppose we have gotten so much as at this time is likely to be had, yet to-morrow do we intend to bring a couple of them to the rack, not in any hope to get anything worthy that pain and fear, but because it is so earnestly commanded to us.

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