Annual Report

Wright and Potter, state printers, 1872

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Página 445 - ... that the lessor may enter to view, and make improvements, and to expel the lessee, if he shall fail to pay the rent and taxes as aforesaid, or make or suffer any strip or waste thereof.
Página 97 - December, 1865, for the purpose of investigating the accounts and expenditures of said Company, and for deciding what sums are applicable to that part of the road lying in the State of Rhode Island, and...
Página 436 - ... enter into and upon the said premises or any part thereof, in the name of the whole, and repossess the same as of their former estate...
Página xxxviii - Whenever, in the judgment of the railroad commissioners, it shall appear that any railroad corporation fails in any respect or particular to comply with the terms of its charter or the laws of the state, or whenever in their judgment any repairs are necessary upon its road, or any addition to its rolling stock...
Página 153 - Roads and branches belonging to other companies, operated by this company under lease or contract: Name, description, and length of each: From to ; length (fc).
Página 438 - State, to merge and consolidate its capital stock, franchises and property with the capital stock, franchises and property...
Página 169 - ETC. 1. Miles run by passenger trains. 2. Rate of speed of express passenger trains, including stops. 3. Rate of speed of accommodation trains, including stops. 4. Miles run by freight trains. 5. Rate of speed of express freight trains, including stops. 6.
Página 7 - Average rate of freight per ton per mile to and from other roads.
Página 278 - Average rate of freight per ton per mile on roads operated by this company, . 26.
Página 443 - Then personally appeared the above named , of for the [city or town] of , and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be the free act and deed of said [city or town] of Before me, Justice of the Peace.

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