Works, Volume 2

J. Newbery, 1761

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Página 171 - English chronicler who lived at the end of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth century, was a canon-regular of the order of St.
Página 226 - Satan, anger, pride, luxury ; and it says, that it is necessary the number of electors should be Seven, in order to oppose the Seven mortal sins. It speaks of the fall of...
Página 53 - ... do give unto the church of Rome, and to pope Innocent III. and his successors, the kingdoms of England and Ireland, together with all the rights belonging to them ; and...
Página 53 - III. and his successors, the kingdoms of England and Ireland, together with all the rights belonging to them; and will hold them of the pope, as his vassal. I will be faithful to God, to the church of Rome, to the pope my lord, and to his successors lawfully...
Página 72 - The pope, however, did not confine himfelf to thefe meafures only, but engaged in confpiracies againft the life of an emperor who had dared to refift the decree of, a council, and oppofe the whole body of the monks and zealots. Frederic's life was...
Página 124 - Louis IX seemed a prince destined to reform Europe, had it been capable of being reformed, to render France triumphant and civilized, and to be in every respect a model for the rest of mankind. His piety, which was that of an anchorite, did not deprive him of any of the virtues of a king; nor did his liberality break in upon the bounds of a prudent economy. He knew how to reconcile the profoundest politics with the strictest justice, and perhaps was the only sovereign who deserved this praise: in...
Página 160 - Sicilian vefpers was a premeditated confpiracy. If there had been any plot formed, it muft have been put in execution chiefly in the kingdom of Naples *, and yet not one Frenchman was killed there.
Página 30 - Vol. 25-3 the emperor without the consent of the senate and the people; and on the other hand, Pope Adrian, by all his letters, declared that he had conferred the benefice of the Roman Empire on Frederick ; "Beneficium imperil Romani; " this word beneficium literally signified a fief. Moreover, he publicly exhibited in Rome a picture of the emperor Lotharius II. on his knees before Pope Alexander II., holding both his hands joined between those of the pontiff, which was the distinguishing mark of...
Página 72 - Meanwhile the landgrave of Thuringia dying, the same prelates who had taken the liberty of creating one emperor made another; namely, William count of Holland, a young nobleman of twenty years of age, who bore the same contemptuous title as his predecessor.(l) Fortune, which had hitherto favoured Frederic, seemed now to desert him.
Página 53 - Ireland, in order to expiate my sins, from my own free will, and the advice of my barons, give to the church of Rome, to pope Innocent, and his successors, the kingdom of England, and all other prerogatives of my crown. I will hereafter hold them as the pope's vassal.

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