The Moulder's and Founder's Pocket Guide: A Treatise on Moulding and Founding ... With an Appendix Containing Receipts for Alloys, Bronze, Varnishes, and Colours for Castings, Also Tables on the Strength and Other Qualities of Cast Metals

H.C. Baird, 1878 - 240 páginas

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Página 251 - Long-Span Railway Bridges, comprising Investigations of the Comparative Theoretical and Practical Advantages of the various adopted or proposed Type Systems of Construction, with numerous Formulae and Tables giving the weight of Iron or Steel required in Bridges from 300 feet to the limiting Spans ; to which are added similar Investigations and Tables relating to Short-span Railway Bridges.
Página 252 - BLINN.— A Practical Workshop Companion for Tin, SheetIron, and Copper-plate Workers : Containing Rules for describing various kinds of Patterns used by Tin, Sheet-Iron and Copper-plate Workers; Practical Geometry; Mensuration of Surfaces and Solids ; Tables of the Weights of Metals, Lead-pipe, etc.
Página 251 - Metallurgy of Iron. A TREATISE ON THE METALLURGY OF IRON : containing Outlines of the History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay, and Analyses of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, &c. By H. BAUERMAN, FGS, Associate of the Royal School of Mines.

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