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dily as may be out of the coins which shall have been made of the bullion for which the

monies so furnished shall have been exchanged; the half per and the faid deduction of one half per cent Thall cent to con- constitute a fund towards defraying the expenftitute a fund, &c. ses of the said mint.

er of Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That the delivering bullion which shall be brought as aforesaid to coins to

the mint to be coined, shall be coined, and the bringing equivalent thereof in coins rendered, if debullion and

altyaon manded, in the order in which the said bullion giving un- shall have been brought or delivered, giving due preference, &c.

priority according to priority of delivery only, and without preference to any person or persons; and if any preference fhall be given contrary to the direction aforesaid, the officer by whom such undue preference shall be given, shall in each case forfeit and pay one thousand dollars ; to be recovered with costs of fuit. And to the end that it may be known if such preference shall at any time be given, the arsayer or officer to whom the faid bullion shall be delivered to be coined, shall give to the person or persons bringing the same, a memorandum in writing under his hand, denoting the weight, fineness and value thereof, together with the day and order of its delivery into the

mint. Coinsmade Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That all

the gold and silver coins which shall have been tender.

struck at, and issued from the said mint, shall be a lawful tender in all payments whatsoever, those of full weight according to the respective values herein before declared, and those of less ihan full weight at values proportional to their Jespective weights.

Sec. 17. And bc it further enalied, That it

a lawful


er to re

Mhall be the duty of the respective officers of dosta the laid mint, carefully and faithfully to use made contheir best endeavours that all the gold and fil

to the ver coins which thall be struck at the said mint standard thall be, as nearly as may be, conformable to wci

&c. the several standards and weights aforesaid, and that the copper whereof the cents and half cents aforesaid may be composed, thall be of good quality.

Sec. 18. And the better to secure a due con- The treaformity of the said gold and silver coins to their

ferve not, relpective standards, Be it further enacted, That less than 3 from every separate mass of standard gold or p

each coin filver, which shall be made into coins at the to be assaylaid mint, there shall be taken, fet apart by the Trealurer and reserved in his custody a certan number of pieces, not less than three, and

at once in every year the pieces fo set apart and relerved, shall be affayed under the inspection of the Chief Justice of the United States, when and he Secretary and Comptroller of the Treasury, by whom, ne Secretary for the Department of State, and the Attorney General of the United States (Who are hereby required to attend for that purpose at the said mint, on the last Monday in July in each year) or under the inspection of any three of them, in such manner as they of a majority of them fhall direct, and in the prelence of the director, assayer and chief coin. ef of the said mint; and if it shall be found that the gold and silver so affayed, shall not be inferior to their respective standards herein before declared more than one part in one hundred and forty four parts, the officer or officers of the said mint whom it may concern shall be held excusable ; but if any greater inferiority ihall appear, it shall be certified to the President of the United States, and the said officer

or officers shall be deemed disqualified to hold their respective offices.

Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That if Penalty on debaling - any of the gold or silver coins which shall be the coins. ftruck or coined at the said mint, shall be de

based or made worse as to the proportion of fine gold or fine silver therein contained, or shall be of less weight or value than the same ought to be pursuant to the directions of this act, through the default or with the connivance of any of the officers or persons who shall be employed at the said mint, for the purpose of profit or gain, or otherwise with a fraudulent intent, and if any of the said officers or persons shall embezzle any of the metals which shall at any time be committed to their charge for the purpose of being coined, or any of the coins which shall be struck or coined at the said mint, every such officer or person who shall commit any oreither of the said offences, shall be

deemed guilty of felony, and shall suífer death. Money of Scc. 20. And be it further enacted, That the account to money of account of the United States shall be be exprel

in dol- expresied in dollars or units, dismes or tenths, Lais, &c. cents or hundredths, and milles or thousandths,

a disme being the tenth part of a dollar, a cent the hundredth part of a dollar, a mille the thoufandth part of a dollar, and that all accounts in the public offices and all proceedings in the courts of the United States shall be kept and had in conformity to this regulation. JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Speaker

of the House of Representatives. JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President of the United

States and President of the Senate.
APPROVED, April the second, 1792 : -


President of the United States.



An Act supplementary to the Act for the establish-
ment and Support of Light-Houses, Beacons,
Buoys, and Public Piers.

Sec. 1. D E it enacted by the Senate and Expenses
D House of Representaiives of the oi beacons,

&c. to be
United States of America in Congress assembled, børne till
That all expenses which shall accrue from the July 1793.
firit day of July next, inclusively, for the ne-
cessary support, maintenance, and repairs of
all light-houses, beacons, buoys, the stakeage
of channels, on the sea coast, and public piers,
thall continue to be defrayed by the United
States, until the first day of July, in the year
one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three,
notwithstanding such light-houses, beacons, or
public piers, with the lands and tenements
thereunto belonging, and the jurisdiction of
the fame, shall not in the mean time be ceded
to, or vested in the United States, by the state
or states respectively, in which the same may
be, and that the said time be further allowed,
to the states respectively to make such cession.

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Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the ti Secretary of the Treasury be authorized to beacons to cause to be provided, erected, and placed, a bo

at Charlesfloating beacon, and as many buoys, as may ton harbor

ot and Chciabe necessary for the security of navigation, at,

peak bay. and near the entrance of the harbor of Charleston, in the state of South-Carolina. And also to have affixed three floating beacons in the bay of Chesapeak; one at the north end of Willoughby's Spit, another at the tail of the

Horse Shoe; and the third on the shoalest place of the middle ground.


: of the House of Representatives. JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President of the United

States,,and President of the Senate.
APPROVED, April twelfth, 1792:


President of the United States.

An Act to crcet a Light-House on Montok Point

in the State of New-York.


on M.

D E it enacted by the Senate and House of ReLight D preseniatives of the United States of Amerihouse on

ca, in Congress assembled, That as soon as the conditions jurisdiction of such land on Montok point in to be built

ok the state of New York, as the President of the Point in United States shall deem sufficient and most State of Neiy. Fork. proper for the convenience and accommoda

tion of a light-house shall have been ceded to the United States, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury, to provide by contract, which shall be approved by the President of the United States, for building a light-house thereon, and for furnishing the same with all necessary supplies, and also to agree for the falaries or wages of the person or persons who may be appointed by the President for the su

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President is hereby authorized to make the faid
appointments. That the number and disposi-

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