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to two per centum of the whole amount of the
outstanding funded stock bearing a present in.
terest of six per centum: Thenceforth, Se-
condly, to the redemption of the said last men-
tioned stock, according to the right for that
purpose reserved to the United States, until the
whole amount thereof shall have been redeem-
ed: And Lastly, after such redemption, to the
purchase, at its market price, of any other
stock consisting of the debt of the United
States, which may then remain unredeemed :
and such purchase, as far as the fund shall at
any time extend, shall be made within thirty
days next after cach day, on which a quarter-
ly payment of interest on the debt of the Uni-
ted States, shall become due, and shall be made
by a known agent, to be named by the said
Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That all

c Purchases future purchases of public debt on account of how to be the United States, shall be made at the lowest made. price, at which the same can be obtained by open purchase, or by receiving sealed propofals, to be opened in the presence of the commissioners, or persons, authorized by them to make purchases, and the persons making such proposals.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That Quarterly quarter yeariy accounts of the application of an the faid fund shall be rendered for settlement, of faid fund

to be renas other public accounts, accompanies with der

I dered, &c. returns of the sums of the said debt, which shall have been from time to time purchased or redeemed ; and full and exact report of the proceedings of the said commissioners, including a statement of the disbursements, which shall have been made, and of the fums which shall have been purchased or redeemed under

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their direction, and specifying dates, prices,
parties, and places, shall be laid before Con-
gress, within the first fourteen days of each
féilion which may ensue the present, during
the execution of the faid trust.

of the House of Representatives. RICHARD HENRY LEE, Prefident pro

tempore of the Senate. APPROVED, May eighth, 1792:


President of the United States.


An AEt to provide for a Copper Coinage.
Sec. 1. PE it enacted by the Senate and House

Dy of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress asembled, That Director of the director of the mint, with the approbation the mint to purchase of the President of the United States, be au. copper and thorized to contract for and purchase a quanhave coined into tity of copper, not exceeding one hundred and cerits , &c. fifty tons, and that the faid director, as foon

as the needful preparations shall be made, cause the copper by him purchased to be coined at the mint into cents and half cents, pursuant to *56 the act establishing a mint, and regulating the coins of the United States ;' and that the faid cents and half cents, as they shall be coin

ed, be paid into the treasury of the United hence to States, thence to issue into circulation.

j Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That after Director the expiration of fix calendar months from the to publish

when a time when there shall have been paid into the certain fuin treasury by the faid director, in cents and half has been

paid into cents, a sum not less than fifty thousand dollars; the trealu: which time shall forthwith be announced by ry. the treasurer in at least two gazettes or tiewspapers, published at the seat of the government of the United States for the time being, no copper coins or pieces whatsoever, except the said cents and half cents, shall pass current as money, or shall be paid, or offered to be paid or received in payment for any debt; demand, clair, matter or thing whatsoever ; and all copper coins or pieces, except the said cents Penalty fog

offering to and half cents, which shall be paid or offered o to be paid or received in payment contrary to copper the prohibition aforesaid, shall be forfeited," and every person by whom any of them shall · have been fo paid or offered to be paid or re

ceived in payment, shall also forfeit the sum of fiten dollars, and the said forfeiture and penalty · Ihall and may be recovered with costs of fuit for the benefit of any perfoni or persons by whom information of the incurring thereof ithall have been given.

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of the House of Representatives. RICHARD HENRY LEE, President pro

tempore of the Senate. “APPROVED, May eighth, 1792:


President of the United States.
Vol. II.


An Act for making Compensations to the Commisioners of Loans for extraordinary Expenses.


Specific åppropriations.

An Ad making certain Appropriations therein

Sec. 1. D E it enacted by the Senate and House

D of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be granted and appropriated the following sums for the following purposes, to wit: For the discharge of a balance to the commisfioners appointed under the act of Congress of the fifteenth of March one thousand feven hundred and eighty five, two thousand seven hundred and eighty seven dollars and eighty eight cents; For additional salary to the first clerk of the commissioners for fettling accounts between the United States and individual ftates, one hundred and eighty seven dollars and ninety one cents; For defraying the expense of ftating and printing certain public accounts, pursuant to the order of the House of Representatives of the thirtieth of December one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, eight hundred dollars; For discharging the accounts of officers of the courts of the United States, jurors and witnefses, in aid of the fund heretofore appropriated, seventeen thousand dollars; For making good deficiencies in former appropriations, for defraying the expense

of the enumeration of the inhabitants of the

Specific United States, four thousand fix hundred and approprias ninety five dollars, and fifty nine cents; For tious. discharging certain accounts against the treasury department, to the end of the year oile thousand feven hundred and ninety one, including a sum of fix hundred dollars, for furnishing the supervisors of the revenue with screw-presses, seals, and other articles, one thousand nine hundred and fifty five dollars, and fixty one cents; For a balance due to lieu. tenant John Freeman of the late Maryland line, on account of subsistence for the years one thousand seven hundred and eighty two and one thousand seven hundred and eighty three, forty one dollars and seventy five cents; For compensations to the clerks of the acting commissioner of army accounts, and contingencies of his office, one thousand three hundred and twenty nine dollars and fixteen cents; For additionalcompensationstothedoorkeepers of the House of Representatives, pursuant to a resolution of the House, of the twenty fourth of March last, seven hundred dollars; For the | discharge of such demands against the United States, not otherwise provided for, as shall have been ascertained and admitted, in due course of settlement at the treasury, and which are of a nature, according to the usage thereof, to require payment in specie, five thousand dollars: All which said sums, amounting together, to thirty four thousand four hundred aud ninety seven dollars and ninety cents, shall and may be paid out of the funds following, any, or all of them; namely; the surpluses which may out of whak

funds paya remain of appropriations heretofore made, af- able ter satisfying the purposes of such appropriauons ; monies which have been paid into the

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