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And Kate, the light butterfly Kate, ever gay:
Will choose the first blossom that comes in her

The cistus will please her a moment, and then
Away will she flutter, and settle again.

But Julia for me, with her heart in her eyes,
The child of the summer, too warm to be wise:
Is the passion-flower near her, with tendrils close

She can smile whilst she suffers ; 'tis hers for the


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All are lovely, all blossom of heart and of mind;
All true to their natures, as Nature design'd;
To cheer and to solace, to strengthen, caress,
And with love that can die not to buoy and to


With gentleness might, and with weakness, what

Revelations from Heaven in form and on face;
Like the bow in the cloud, like the flower on the

They ascend and descend in my dreams as from





BEFORE thy leaves thou com’st once more,

White blossom of the sloe!
Thy leaves will come as heretofore ;
But this poor heart, its troubles o'er,

Will then lie low.

A month at least before thy time

Thou com'st, pale flower, to me; For well thou know'st the frosty rime Will blast me ere my vernal prime,

No more to be.

Why here in winter? No storm lours

O'er nature's silent shroud !
But blithe larks meet the sunny showers,
High o'er the doom'd untimely flowers

In beauty bow'd.

Sweet violets in the budding grove

Peep where the glad waves run; The wren below, the thrush above, Of bright to-morrow's joy and love

Sing to the sun,

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And where the rose-leaf, ever bold,

Hears bees chant hymns to God,
The breeze-bow'd palm, moss'd o'er with gold,
Smiles o'er the well in summer cold,

And dasied sod.

But thou, pale blossom, thou art come,

And flowers in winter blow,
To tell me that the worm makes room
For me, her brother, in the tomb,

And thinks me slow.

For as the rainbow of the dawn

Foretells an eve of tears,
A sunbeam on the sadden'd lawn
I smile, and weep to be withdrawn

In early years.

Thy leaves will come! but songful spring

Will see no leaf of mine ;
Her bells will ring, her bridemaids sing,
When my young leaves are withering

Where no suns shine.

Oh, might I breathe morn's dewy breath

When June's sweet Sabbaths chime !
But, thine before my time, oh, death!
I go where no flow'r blossometh,

Before my time.

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