The Gulf Crisis and its Global Aftermath

Routledge, 5 de fev de 2016 - 304 páginas

The crisis in the Gulf of 1990-1 affected more than just the regional powers in the area. Rippling outward, its military, economic and political effects were felt throughout the international political system, testing US steadfastness in the face of Saddam Hussein’s political survival, European ability to form a united front on foreign policy issues and the effectiveness of the UN in confronting international aggression. The rationale behind this book, first published in 1993, is to investigate and analyse the various aspects of the crisis, especially in regard to the interactions between internal and international prospects for a new order in the Middle East. It also examines the wider effects of the war, and includes analysis of Europe, America and the Soviet Union. Each one of the essays chosen for this volume has been written by an expert in their field. This collaboration between historians, regional specialists and political scientists, integrating a variety of research methods in the framework of one book, will be useful to a wide range of readers.


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List of figures
A changing AmericanIsraeli relationship
the threatened marginality of the Gulf
2Continuity and change in the interArab system
Saddam Hussein as crisis manager
Saudi Arabias Desert Storm and winter sandstorm
from Intifada to war and back
the human toll
Strategic consequences for Israel
Origins of the new world order
Soviet policy during the Gulf Crisis
European reactions to the Gulf challenge
Third World arms exports to Iraq before and after the Gulf
Petroleum prices politics and
The Gulf War and the media
the Middle

the Israeli case

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Aharon Klieman is professor of international relations and senior researcher at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University.

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