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The object of this little volume is to briefly but accurately define the duties and liabilities of bank directors, and to give such other information as may be of use to them in the administration of the affairs of a bank. Directors are sometimes called upon

to make good the losses sustained by their bank, not by reason of any intentional wrong or neglect upon their part, but simply because of their ignorance of the duties and responsibilities devolving upon them.

That part of the text relating to the duties and liabilities of the directors is based upon actual court decisions; but as the book is not intended to be used as a text book for students and lawyers, case citations have been omitted.

Free use has been made of the Comptroller of the Currency's “Digest of National Bank Decisions” and Mr. Albert S. Bolles' excellent work, “Bank Officers; Their Authority, Duty, and Liability.”

It is hoped that the book will not entirely fail of its purpose, notwithstanding its crudity of style, and illogical arrangement, and that it may have some little influence towards making directors more sensitive as to their duties and obligations to depositors and stockholders.

EDGAR G. ALCORN. Hopedale, Ohio, August 13, 1908.


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