Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature

Verity Smith
Routledge, 26 de mar de 1997 - 950 páginas
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A comprehensive, encyclopedic guide to the authors, works, and topics crucial to the literature of Central and South America and the Caribbean, the Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature includes over 400 entries written by experts in the field of Latin American studies. Most entries are of 1500 words but the encyclopedia also includes survey articles of up to 10,000 words on the literature of individual countries, of the colonial period, and of ethnic minorities, including the Hispanic communities in the United States. Besides presenting and illuminating the traditional canon, the encyclopedia also stresses the contribution made by women authors and by contemporary writers. Outstanding Reference Source Outstanding Reference Book

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Encyclopedia of Latin American literature

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An honorary research fellow at the Univeristy of London, Smith has collected short essays on authors, books, and themes related to the literature of Latin America and the Caribbean. The essays range ... Ler resenha completa


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Verity Smith was not born blind but gradually, from age 8. her sight deteriorated until she was registered blind at 16. Without a hint of self pity, anger at her lack of sight or insistance that people make allowances for her she has never compromised in what she wishes to achieve be it riding dressage at International level, writing and recording her own music. swinging on a trapeze in a theatre production or travelling alone to explore the world. From the moment you look at her beautiful green eyes and hear her delightful giggle you are welcomed into a world of incredible achievement and possibility. Nothing stands in her way and she moves through life at the same pace as her handsome four legged Guide Dog partner Uffa who has learned to cope with Verity's choice of high heels, her agonies over wardrobe selections and sessions at the hairdressers. She is as multi faceted as a brightly lit disco ball and whether she is working on her books, creating and recording her music, training at Dressage or arguing the case for both disabled and sighted counterparts her mind is always engaged. She has the ability to draw you into her world and lets you share the delights, fight alongside her, roar with laughter and allow the tears to flow. Far from being disabled, Verity enables people to look beyond the obvious and enter a world that is very far from everything that they previously could have imagined The sequel to 'The Groper's Guide' - 'The Must Have Accessory' will be available to buy in 2015. It explores the chaos of Verity's adult life involving 2 dogs, 2 horses, a trapeze show, several record companies, several countries and an abundance of impractical shoes.

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