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And he hopes he shall not be impertinent, if he thus far Commends it to Publics Acceptance. nK.

'Hat Books of this Subject, if given at Funerals, may be of great Advantage to the Living: And would be much more seasonable Expressions, of Respect and Kindness, to the Memory of the Dead , than some •ther Distributions.

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A Vraytr beforeTaking ofPhysick.p.iO.'

Of fending for tfk Minister. p. it,

Qf Pdtk*eeii*a\r Sickness, p. 14.

Motives to Patience, p. 16, to p. 48.

Scriptures concerning Patience. 'p. 49.

Prayers for Patience. P. fy.

Of Repntance on a Sick Bed) p. 18.
Not \hen to be begun, bnt finished and

compleated. p- g.

How this must be done. JfoJ

Of Confestion of Sins. p. 66.'

Smptures concerning Confession, p. 67.

F*ms of Confession 3 with Prayers for

P'*rdin. p. ?2j to 86.

The Sick Man to Examine the Truth of

his Repentance. p. go

Tim to be done by Charity and Resti-



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