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amend and reform, we must leave to God, and his own Soul. My present Design doth direct me to Examine; What is now to be done further by a Sick and Dying Person, to evidence the Truth and Sincerity of his Repentance.

And herein I shall observe the Direction of the Church of England.

- In the Rubrick of the Order for the Visitation of the Sick, The Minister is to Examine ; Whether the Sick Person do Repent him truly of his Sins

And as an Evidence of the Truth of his Repentance, he is to Admonish him, to be in Charity with all the World. And is then further to exhort him ; to express this Charity in the following Particulars. ',, ,

1. In Forgiving from the Bottom of his Heart all Persons that have Offended him.

2. And if he hath Offended any Other, to ask them Forgiveness.

.-3. And where he hath done Injury or Wrong to any Man, that he make amends to the uttermost of his Power.

And as a further Instance of Charity,

4. The Minister should not omit earnestly to move fuch Sick Persons as are of Ability, to be liberal to the Poor.

From these Directions of our Church, the Sick Person is instructed , how to examine the Truth of his Repentance. And the Duties he is now to perform, may be reduced to these Two Generals.,

I. Charity 2. Reftitution..

Of which I shall discourse distinctly..

Charity is expressed, i 1. In Forgiving. 2. Giving."

Of Charity in Forgiving.
Uch is the Uncertainty of

the Affairs of this World, and so great are the Mistakes which often happen in the hurry of Business; and so different are the Humours and Interests of Men with whom we Converse; that it is impossible for the most Pious and Prudent Perfon, to please and oblige all Sorts of Men. And those who are not pleased and obliged, will pretend to be out of Humour ; and, in plain Terms, will be your Eneinies,

From hence it is ; That no Man in this captious World, can be fo Good or so Cautious, as to live without Enemies.

ay, many times because he is Good, he is sure to find Ene


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David complains of fome that were his Enemies, for that very Reason, because he was a follower of that which was good. Pfal. 38. 20. And our Saviour foretold his Disciples, that they should be hated of all men for his names sake. Matth. 10. 22. .

A Good Man therefore must expect to find Enemies." E cially if he is Great as well as Good, and hath the Ornaments of Nature, or the Blessings and Accommodations of this World, which others may want.

For such is the Malignant Temper of fome Men, that like the Spider, they draw Poison out of the most fragrant Flowers ; they envy and malign the Worth and Prosperity of their Neighbours; and because Others are Happy , they make themselves Miserable.

I have mentioned these Passages, that the Sick Man may not be discouraged, nor condemn himself too much, because he hath Enemies. :

Only let him exantine, how he hath behaved himself towards them.

Whether he hath observed the Command of our Blessed Saviour ? I say unto you, Love your Enemies, Bless them that Curse you , Do good to them that hate you, and Pray for them that deSpitefully use you and Persecute you. Matth. 5:44.

· And though the Sick Man may think this à difficult Task, to be kind and obliging to those, who have not only affronted him, but perhaps have designed his Ruin; yet he must Sacrifice his Revenge to his Religion. He must pardon and forgive them, if he will flew himself a Chri

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